Quiz: Can You Name the '80s Artist From Their Lyrics?
Can You Name the '80s Artist From Their Lyrics?
By: Becky Stigall
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The '80s were an era of big hair, parachute pants and amazing music. If you were a child of the '80s, you likely sang along to each of these songs. Do you remember them all?

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"She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son"
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"Maybe I'm just like my father too bold"
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"Showin' how funky and strong is your fight"
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"Since you've gone I been lost without a trace"
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"My father yells what you gonna do with your life"
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"I say, too ra loo ra, too ra-loo rye aye"
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"Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet"
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"Turnaround bright eyes, every now and then I fall apart"
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"When your heart beats ... Next to mine"
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"Something evil's lurking from the dark"
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"And another one gone, and another one gone"
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"I wanna feel the heat with somebody "
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"Steam in the subway earth is afire"
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"Sway through the crowd to an empty space"
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"Close my eyes, feel the rhythm"
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"I hear your voice, it's like an angel sighing"
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"He turned to me as if to say, "Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you""
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"Insanity laughs under pressure we're breaking"
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"And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord"
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"And she'll tease you, she'll unease you"
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"You can't start a fire without a spark"
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"When I get there she's got incense, wine and candles"
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"I gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over"
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"Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down "
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"Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams "
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"Right round like a record, baby "
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"Number one with a bullet, I'm a power pack"
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"Give the past the slip"
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"They do the sand dance don't you know"
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"The twenty-first century's yesterday"
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"Around and round you're turning me"
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"Tommy used to work on the docks, union's been on strike"
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"Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling"
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"Feel it in your heart and feel it in your soul"
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"C'mon girls, let's go show the guys that we know"
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