95% of People Can't Figure out These 2000s Movies From Their All-star Cast List. Can You?

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Mutants, unite! Dreamgirls, unite! Transformers, unite!

During the 2000s, it seems like a lot of people and things were uniting, but we're interested to see if you can become one with this quiz!

The 2000s was a big decade in film. The science fiction world came to life with film series such as Harry PotterLord of the Rings, and X-Men. Movie musicals were all the rage with Dreamgirls and the 2002 Oscar's Best Picture winner Chicago. The decade also brought one of the highest grossing films of all time Avatar to the big screen.

These films are not only ingrained in our memories because of their exciting plot but who could forget the amazing actors and actresses who portrayed the characters? Of course, Harry, Ron, and Hermione came to life, but what if the Harry Potter directors had chosen a different trio? Who is Wolverine without Hugh Jackman? Would the mutants have come to life without the talented Halle Berry or James Marsden?

While many of these films are born with incredible plots, it's the actors and actresses that make it all believable. They transform themselves into their characters and their combined talent form a fantastic film.

The 2000s were filled with ensemble casts. Can you narrow down these blockbuster hits from their shining stars? Let's see if you're ready for the big screen!

"Gladiator" was released in 2000 and was one of the highest-grossing films of the year, with over $457 million. The film won 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor.

"Cast Away" tells the story of a FedEx employee who crashes a plane onto a deserted island. Another top movie of 2000, "Cast Away" made over $429 million at the box office.

After the success of "Meet the Parents," the film went on to have two sequels, including the popular "Meet the Fockers." The film also stars Owen Wilson. This is one of twelve films Wilson and Stiller have starred in together.

Alongside Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, these actors premiered in the first of 3 "X-Men" films. The film was a success, with a gross of over $296 million, and there have since been 8 films after the first.

When "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" hit theaters it was a major box office hit, grossing close to a billion dollars at $970 million. It went on to become the second highest grossing film series of all time with 8 films. The Marvel universe is first, with 14 films in its series.

A remake of a 1960s film, "Ocean's Eleven" grossed over $450 million at the box office. The film spawned two sequels, "Oceans Twelve" and "Ocean's Thirteen."

In addition to these leading actors, "Pearl Harbor" also stars Cuba Gooding, Jr., Jon Voight, and Alec Baldwin. After its release in 2001, the film grossed over $449 million.

When "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" was released in 2001, it was an instant success. The film was the second-highest-grossing film of the year, after "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."

"Spider-Man" was an immediate success at the box office, grossing over $821 million. At the time, it held the record for the largest opening week at the box office. It led to two sequels, released in 2004 and 2007.

"Men in Black II," released in 2002, was the sequel to the first 1997 film, based on the novel by Lowell Cunningham. The film did well at the box office, grossing over $441 million.

The 2002 film "Signs" tells the story of a priest who finds crop circles in his field. The film, by M. Night Shyamalan, was widely popular and grossed over $408 million.

"Die Another Day" was the fourth and final installment of the James Bond series starring Pierce Brosnan. The film grossed over $431 million.

"Bruce Almighty" tells the story of a television reporter who is given God's abilities for a few days. Although controversial in some countries, it went on to gross over $484 million.

"Bad Boyz II" was the sequel to the 1995 film. Although the film didn't receive many positive reviews, it still did well at the box office, with over $270 million.

The 2007 film, "Hairspray," is a remake of the original which was released in 1988, starring Ricki Lake. Both Ricki Lake and Jerry Stiller, who played Wilbur Turnblad in the 1988 film, make appearances in the most recent rendition.

Based on "Racer X" by Ken Li, "The Fast and the Furious" was initially released in 2001. After grossing over $207 million at the box office, the film has since inspired 6 sequels. In June 2016, it was rereleased for the 15th anniversary.

Based on the novel by H.G. Wells, "War of the Worlds" tells the story of a family during an alien invasion. The film grossed over $591 million.

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith" is a 2005 film about two married assassins who are hired to kill each other. The film grossed over $478 million.

The second installment of the Batman series starring Christian Bale, "The Dark Knight" grossed over $1 billion at the box office. Heath Ledger, who played The Joker, died six months before the film's release but went on to posthumously win Best Supporting Actor at both the Golden Globes and Academy Awards.

"Hitch" was released around Valentine's Day in 2005. The film went on to do well at the box office, grossing over $368 million.

Co-written by and starring Steve Carell, "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" was a massive success. The film helped shoot Steve Carell's career to stardom.

"Dreamgirls" is based on the Broadway musical that is based on the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes. The film grossed over $154 million and won Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes. Jennifer Hudson won Best Supporting Actress at both the Academy Awards and Golden Globes.

Another hit movie directed by Martin Scorsese, "The Departed" was released in 2006 with many positive reviews. The film grossed over $289.8 million and won four Academy Awards.

Since its release in 2005, "Brokeback Mountain" has received many accolades for the storyline and performance of the actors. The film went on to win three out of eight Academy Awards.

Another success by Judd Apatow, "Superbad" was a major success after its August 2007 release. The film went on to gross over $169 million.

Since its release in 2004, "Mean Girls" has grossed over $129 million. Although this may seem relatively low compared to the other box office hits from the year and decade, the film developed a cult following.

The first of the film series starring Shia LaBeouf, "Transformers" was released in July 2007. Retelling the story of the Autobots and Decepticons, the film grossed over $709 million.

The 2008 film "Mamma Mia!" is taken from the Broadway musical, based on the music of ABBA. The film also stars Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard and grossed over $609 million at the box office.

The first of the Marvel Universe movies, "Iron Man" was released in 2008 and was a major box office success. The film went on to gross over $585 million and has since had two sequels.

The first of three films, "The Hangover" was a major hit at the box office. Having won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, the film grossed over $467 million.

Known for being culturally significant, "Crash" had an exceptional response. The film won the Academy Award for Best Picture and was nominated for countless other awards.

"Chicago" did well at the box office, earning over $306 million in revenue. The film received many accolades, in addition to winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

"Blood Diamond" performed well at the box office, grossing over $171 million. Both DiCaprio and Hounsou received praise for their performances, as well as Academy Award nominations.

Although the movie only grossed $44 million at the box office, Halle Berry received critical acclaim for her performance in "Monster's Ball." She went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actress.

"Million Dollar Baby" received many positive reviews for the plot and performances of the cast. The film grossed over $216 million at the box office and won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Eastwood), Best Actress (Swank), and Best Supporting Actor (Freeman).

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