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The 2000s saw groups like U2 and Coldplay score big hits. But how many of them did you sing along to? If we give you the lyrics, can you name the group?

Oh, people they don't understand%0DNo, girlfriends, they don't understand%0DIn spaceships, they won't understand%0DAnd me, I ain't ever gonna understand

This is the second refrain from The Strokes', 'Last Nite.' 'Last Nite' appeared on the band's debut album, 'Is This It.'

We'll choke on our vomit and that will be the end%0DWe were fated to pretend

This song is from MGMT's, 'Time to Pretend.' MGMT is a shortened version of the groups original name, 'The Management.'

See the world in green and blue%0DSee China right in front of you%0DSee the canyons broken by cloud%0DSee the tuna fleets clearing the sea out

These lyrics are from U2's, 'Beautiful Day.' U2 is one of the older bands in the lineup, having formed in 1976.

Pack up%0DI'm strayed%0DEnough

These are the first three lines of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs', 'Maps.' The song won several MTV video awards in 2004.

All the words are gonna bleed from me%0DAnd I will sing no more%0DAnd the stains coming from my blood%0DTell me go back home

These lyrics are the final lines from The White Stripes', 'Seven Nation Army.' The band broke up in 2011.

Hey Ya, I wanna get closer to you%0DHey Ya, I need to get closer to you%0DHey Ya, I got to tell you how I feel%0DHey Ya, O baby you are the only one for me

These lyrics are from OutKast's, 'Hey Ya!' OutKast consisted of rappers André Benjamin and Antwan Patton.

Maybe I'm crazy%0DMaybe you're crazy%0DMaybe we're crazy%0DProbably ooh hmm

These are the final lyrics from Gnarls Barkley's, 'Crazy.' Gnarls Barkley is collaboration between CeeLo Green and Danger Mouse.

And we'll all float on okay%0DAnd we'll all float on okay%0DAnd we'll all float on okay

No, this is not a song from Stephen King's IT. These are lyrics from Modest Mouse's, 'Float On.'

So you can survive when law is lawless %0DFeelings, sensations that you thought was dead%0DNo squealing, remember that it's all in your head

These lyrics are from Gorillaz', 'Clint Eastwood.' This virtual band was created in Essex, England.

I'm losing my edge to the art-school Brooklynites in little jackets and borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered Eighties

These are lyrics from LCD Soundsystem's, 'Losing My Edge.' The band broke up in 2011, but got back together in 2015.

I was speeding off the subway%0DThrough the stations of the cross%0DEvery eye looking every other way%0DCounting down till the pain will stop

These lyrics are from U2's, 'Moment of Surrender.' U2 is an Irish band led by Bono.

Look at the stars%0DLook how they shine for you%0DAnd everything you do%0DYeah they were all yellow

These lyrics are from Coldplay's, 'Yellow.' Coldplay's Chris Martin was once married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

One more time we're gonna celebrate%0DOh yeah all right don't stop the dancing%0DOne more time we're gonna celebrate%0DOh yeah all right don't stop the dancing

These are lyrics from Daft Punk's, 'One More Time.' The song is off the 2001 album, 'Discovery.'

So if you're lonely%0DYou know I'm here waiting for you%0DI'm just a cross hair%0DI'm just a shot away from you

These are the first few lines from Franz Ferdinand's, 'Take Me Out.' The group is from Scotland.

Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face%0DDo you realize we're floating in space,%0DDo you realize that happiness makes you cry%0DDo you realize that everyone you know someday will die

These lyrics are from The Flaming Lips', 'Do You Realize??' The group was founded in 1983 by two brothers.

I am thinking it's a sign%0DThat the freckles in our eyes%0DAre mirror images and when%0DWe kiss they're perfectly aligned

These are the first few lines from The Postal Service's, 'Such Great Heights.' The band broke up in 2013.

The lights go out and I can't be saved%0DTides that I tried to swim against%0DHave brought me down upon my knees%0DOh I beg, I beg and plead, singing

These are the first few lines from Coldplay's, 'Clocks.' The band was first known as Pectoralz, then Starfish, before becoming Coldplay in 1998.

There are two colors in my head%0DWhat is that you tried to say

These are lyrics from Radiohead's, 'Everything in Its Right Place.' The song is from the band's fourth album.

Who want some? Don't come un-pre-pared%0DI'll be there, but when I leave there%0DBetter be a household name%0DWeather man tellin' us it ain't gon' rain

These lyrics are from OutKast's, 'B.O.B.' The group's original name was Two Shades Deep.

Was an honest man%0DAsked me for the phone%0DTry to take control%0DOh I don't see it that way%0DI don't see it that way

These are the first few lines from The Strokes', 'Hard to Explain.' The band was formed in 1998, in New York City.

Red hair with a curl%0DMello-Roll for the flavor%0DAnd the eyes were peeping%0DCan't keep away from the girl

These are lyrics from The White Stripes', 'Fell In Love With a Girl.' Jack and Meg White were married, not brother and sister, as some assume.

Turn me back into the pet%0DI was when we met%0DI was happier then%0DWith no mindset

These lyrics are from The Shins', 'New Slang.' The song was on the soundtrack for the 2004 rom-com "Garden State."

We're not scaremongering%0DThis is really happening%0DHappening%0DWe're not scaremongering%0DThis is…

These are the last lines of Radiohead's, 'Idioteque.' The band released its first commercially successful single in 1992.

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (oh), I am for real%0DNever meant to make your daughter cry%0DI apologize a trillion times

These are lyrics from OutKast's, 'Ms. Jackson.' The song is from the 2000 album, Stankonia.

Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry%0DYou don't know how lovely you are

These the first two lines from Coldplay's, 'The Scientist.' The song is from the album, 'A Rush of Blood to the Head.'

House of jealous lovers%0DOne hand ties the other%0DHouse of jealous lovers%0DHouse of jealous lovers

These lyrics are from The Rapture's, 'House of Jealous Lovers.' The band broke up in 2014.

Can't you hear me, I'm calling out your name?%0DCan't you see me, I'm pounding on your door?

These are lyrics from The Walkmen's, 'The Rat.' The band has released six albums.

Coming out of my cage%0DAnd I've been doing just fine%0DGotta gotta be down%0DBecause I want it all

These lyrics are from The Killers', 'Mr. Brightside.' The band has seven albums under their belts.

Don't wanna be an American idiot%0DDon't want a nation under the new media%0DAnd can you hear the sound of hysteria?

These are the first few lines from Green Day's, 'American Idiot.' The band was originally known as Sweet Children.

You were a child%0DCrawling on your knees toward him%0DMaking momma so proud%0DBut your voice is too loud

These are lyrics from MGMT's, 'Kids.' The song was from the album, 'Oracular Spectacular.'

She want neo-soul, this hip-hop is old%0DShe don't want no Rock n' Roll%0DShe want platinum or ice or gold

These lyrics are from The Roots', 'The Seed.' The song is from the 2002 album, 'Phrenology.'

Children wake up,%0DHold your mistake up,%0DBefore they turn the summer into dust.

These lyrics are from Arcade Fire's, 'Wake Up.' The band has released five albums.

You spent the first five years trying to get with the plan%0DAnd the next five years trying to be with your friends again

These are lyrics from LCD Soundsystem's, 'All My Friends.' The single was released in 2007.

Forgive, sounds good%0DForget, I'm not sure I could%0DThey say time heals everything%0DBut I'm still waiting

These are the first few lines from the Dixie Chicks', 'Not Ready to Make Nice.' The group consists of Natalie Maines and sisters, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire.

I've been roaming around%0DAlways looking down at all I see%0DPainted faces, fill the places I can't reach

These are the first few lines from Kings of Leon's, 'Use Somebody.' The song won a Grammy in 2010.

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