Quiz: Can You Name These Southern Foods From an Image?
Can You Name These Southern Foods From an Image?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: LauriPatterson/E+/Getty Images

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The food of the South is not only one of the best kinds of cuisine one can find in the United States, but it's also one of the most diverse. This food takes its influence from a number of continents, mostly Africa and Europe, with emphasis on countries like Spain, France and Ireland. It makes use of a variety of cooking techniques, which include but are not limited to frying, barbecuing and stewing. And although Southern food is known for its rich flavors, it's also known for not being one of the healthiest food options. Nonetheless, these foods are here to stay, and ingredients like corn, okra, rice and black-eyed peas will forever frequent the recipes. 

But it takes more than knowing what kind of foods are usually served to call yourself an expert when it comes to Southern food. First, you need to know what the dishes are called. And that's what we're here to find out today. Do you know enough about the food of the South to name all these dishes correctly?

We're going to show you some of the most popular Southern foods, and it's your job to name them correctly. Prove to us and everybody else that you know your stuff. Prove it to us in this quiz. 

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This meal does not contain one of the meats its name suggests. What is it called?
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What do you think this starchy side dish is called?
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A favorite meat at barbecues, can you tell us what this is?
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A New Orleans favorite, what name was this classic given?
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Said to have been created by Native Americans, what do you think this dish is?
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A worldwide favorite, what's the name of this comfort food?
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Also called pork knuckle, what is this dish?
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A liquid used to give meat moisture - what is it called?
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Also called butter-pop or long maize, what's the more common name of this food?
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Served with icing or without, what's the name of this dish?
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The shorter version of its name is "chitlins," but what is the more formal one?
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Often associated with the island of Jamaica, what is this meat known as?
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Leafy foods are a must in Southern cooking, but which one is this?
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The body part of an animal, it is more appetizing than it sounds. What is it?
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Also known as goat peas, what's the more popular name of this dish?
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Commonly called lady fingers in other parts of the world, what's the Southern name of this vegetable dish?
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It is an unleavened bread, but what is its name?
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A holiday favorite, what is this baked dessert called?
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This has the name of an animal in it, despite not having meat. What is this dish?
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Similar to kale, what is this leafy Southern food called?
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More of an ingredient than an actual dish, what is this Southern base called?
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Companies like KFC make money selling this dish. What is it?
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This is also called Carolina peas and rice. What is this favorite called?
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It is the mouth of an animal, but what is its name?
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A baked dish with a starchy base, what is this called?
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Often eaten with gravy or butter, what are these baked items called?
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One needs to be careful of bones when eating this classic. What is its name?
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It sounds very unhealthy and it probably is. What is this Southern dish called?
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This can be grilled, smoked or baked. What is it?
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It's not really a name because it can apply to so many things, but what is this liquid known as?
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Hushpuppies are a variant of this dish. What do you think its name is?
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What is this fruit dessert, topped with batter?
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Named after a measurement, what is this one called?
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Some people call this "Susquehanna turkey," but what is its actual name?
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What is this very popular side dish?
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The "national dish" of Louisiana, what do people call this?
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Some people see it as a really thick soup, but it's not. What is this food called?
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There's a condiment in its name. What is it?
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Made famous by the book "To Kill A Mockingbird," which food is shown in the picture?
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One of the most classic Southern drinks - what is this one called?
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