Quiz: Can You Name Each of these Desserts From an Image?
Can You Name Each of these Desserts From an Image?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

YUM! We hope you have a sweet tooth! In this quiz, we're taking you around the world for all the delicious desserts the countries have to offer. From brownies to tiramisu, can you name each of these desserts from an image?

While dessert commonly comes at the end of a meal, it is said to come from the French verb, "desservir," which means to clear the table. Since the 1600s, people have been serving dessert as one of the portions of a meal. Can you name all of the delicious treats from a picture?

In the world of dessert, there are the basics like cakes and pies. These delve into even smaller categories like cheesecake, carrot cake, and red velvet. Thanksgiving celebrations wouldn't be the same without pumpkin, apple, and sweet potato pies. The sweet-tasting world expands even more than that with custards, sorbets and ice cream.

These might be popular American desserts, but we can't forget the international ones that we have introduced to our menus. Baklava is a popular Grecian dessert while the Italians have given us tiramisu. Latin America has introduced us to tres leches cake while Austria is known for their apple strudel. While these areas have delicious treats, no one can beat out the French with their crepes, eclairs, madeleines, chocolate mousse, macarons and creme brulee. 

The world of dessert doesn't lack when it comes to treats to sample. How many of them can you recognize from an image?

Will this quiz allow you to enjoy a dessert at the end of your meal or will you be stuck eating a boring entree? Let's find out!

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