Can You Name All of These Vehicles in French?

By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Wiki Commons via Mcassonnet

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Bonjour! Calling all car lovers out there! Car lovers who are also French proficient, that is! Do you think you can challenge yourself enough to take on this special vehicles in French quiz? Try, try, try!

For travelers, this ought to be fun. Imagine traveling in France or in other French-speaking places. Of course, the very first things that you would try to learn there will be basic words and phrases. This is a basic survival guide skill needed for traveling to any foreign land! So learning a few French words pertaining to vehicles and to major public transportation details ought to be a high priority! 

For car enthusiasts, this is also a good time to test your knowledge of different vehicle types. Learn how they are said in French! Or learn how the French also name their car brands, makes, and even companies to reflect an interesting identity. Some of these brand names and trademarks have accompanying translatable words compounded with them, though. So it should be fun to guess what they mean, right?

So rev up and let's do this quiz! Allez!

A car is “la voiture” in French. Try to remember that, s’il vous plait!

This is a convertible. In France, it’s called a “cabriolet,” okay?

This is the Renault Captur. Yes, that means “to capture,” which is what this captivating car model does, perhaps…

A wagon in French is called “le wagon.” C’est easy!

This is a truck. Or as the French call it, "le camion."

"Le poids lourd" translates to lorry. Or technically, it actually means "heavy goods vehicle."

"Le tram" is a tram, literally. Tell Blanche Dubois it’s also the French term for "streetcar."

This is the Venturi Atlantique. Yeah, it’s like the Atlantic!

A typical race car is termed “voiture de course.” Or maybe they name it like a human later…

A sedan is called “le sedan.” It’s le simple!

This beauty is called the Citroën C-Triomphe. Yes, that last word means "triumph."

This is a "transporteur." Such a long term for a hauler…

"Autobus" is what they usually call a bus in France. Be aware, travelers!

This model is called the Berliet Dauphine. Dauphine is actually a female dolphin, or a female heir apparent, too.

De La Chapelle or DLC is a longtime French manufacturer of cars. Literally, it means “of the chapel.”

A van is a camionnette. The –ette suffix sometimes indicates a small version of something.

A scooter in French is “le scooter.” Simple enough, n'est-ce pas?

This is the Renault Espace. Yes, that means space, for those who need more of it.

Fire trucks are defined by who they carry. Since they carry firefighters or pompier, it’s called the “camion de pompier.”

This is actually the Venturi Buckeye Bullet. But it’s also known as La Jamais Contente, which means “never happy.” Strange!

Le tracteur is simple enough to understand. It’s a simple tractor.

The cute moped has a long French translation. They call it “vélomoteur.”

This is the Exagon Trophee Andros. It’s a trophy car for people who like such tokens.

La dépanneuse is a tow truck. Yes, it’s female!

This is the Citroën C4 Nouvelle. Yes, nouvelle means “new.”

A motorcycle is called “la moto.” Yeah, sometimes they just like to shortcut it.

"Le train” is what the French call trains. Easy enough to remember, no?

This is the DLC Parcours. It translates as “for the course.”

This is a snowmobile. They call it “motoneige.”

The French subway is called “le métro.” Like Zazie Dans Le Métro!

This is known as the Renault Scénic. It could drive you to scenic places indeed…

This is obviously a golf cart. Call it a “voiturette de golf” when in France.

This is a carriage. But they call it “le chariot.”

This is the De La Chapelle Atalante model. Yes, they named it after Atalanta.

The French call this "la berline." We call it a saloon.

This cute thing is called a Peugeot Bipper. Yes, it shares its name with the beeper…or maybe it’s beeper-inducing to drive?

Renault Iliade is named after Homer’s Iliad. It is indeed an epic vehicle!

This is a Microcar Virgo Luxe. Luxe means "luxury."

This is called the Citroën Traction Avant. Yes, the name implies that it’s a four-wheel drive.

This is a Renault Galion. Not exactly like a galleon, but it’s like something in between a truck and a van made during the 1940s.

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