Quiz: Can You Name All of These Three-Wheeled Vehicles From an Image?
Can You Name All of These Three-Wheeled Vehicles From an Image?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: noktao / Pixabay

About This Quiz

Cars come in all weird shapes, sizes and designs. A particular favorite, especially post-World War II, was the three-wheeler, mostly in a microcar form.

But three-wheeled vehicles, which remain popular today, have a long history which dates back to the dawn of motoring. In fact, the vehicle that many describe as the first production vehicle made was a three-wheeler. Back then, in the 1880s, it must have seemed the most obvious design, with the front wheel effectively becoming the steering point and replacing the horse that would have accompanied a horse-drawn carriage.

Three-wheeled vehicles continued to be built and were again popular in the 1920s but most certainly the 1930s.

Following World War II, many Germany companies that had manufactured aircraft during the war now started to make cars, with tiny three-wheelers the most popular. And it's not difficult to see why. Small, low running costs and certainly looks played a part in their popularity.

But it didn't stop there either. Three-wheeled vehicles, although not mainstream, certainly were a niche market, with some even becoming popular in TV shows such as 'Only Fools and Horses' and 'Mr. Bean'.

But would you be able to identify a three-wheeler model just from an image?

Let's test your knowledge of these niche market vehicles!

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