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A pie is a baked dish which is made of a pastry casing which either partially or completely covers a sweet or savory filling. These ever-popular treats came about because of the need for food which was nutritious, easy to store and carry, and was able to last for long periods of time. The first evidence of pies were free-formed cakes known as galettes, but it wasn't until the Greeks allegedly created pie pastry that the true pie was created. 

Today there are countless pie recipes, some of the most common ones being apple, Key lime, pot, lemon meringue, steak and kidney, cherry, pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, minc, and the different cream/créme pies. People have also begun to put their own spin on the different recipes, some of which have become more popular than the original recipe. There are even regional variations on many pies based on locally available ingredients and culinary customs.

Pies can be found in almost every food store, one of the reasons why we eat them all the time, so it's only right that we could identify them. How well do you really know your pies? Take this quiz if you would like to find out!

The pie in the picture can either be open-faced or have​ a latticework crust. What is it called?

Peach pies are common sweet desserts which are composed of a peach filling made from combining cinnamon, nutmeg, flour, sugar, butter and peaches. It can be topped with a latticework pie crust or left open-faced.

Which of these pies is commonly served​ during Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Sweet potato pie is traditional Southern dessert which is commonly served between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It is an open-faced pie with a filling containing mashed sweet potatoes, sugar, spices, eggs and evaporated milk.

What is the name of the pie which is commonly served in Great Britain?

The chicken and mushroom pie is a savory pie which is very commonly served in Great Britain. The pie, which is completely surrounded by pastry, contains a filling made of pieces of chicken, slices of mushroom and a creamy sauce.

This custard-like pie originated in the United Kingdom. What is its name?

Buttermilk pies are a type of custard-like pies which originated in the United Kingdom but are now very popular in southern parts of the U.S. The basic filling, which can be altered, consists of a mixture of sugar, buttermilk, eggs, and wheat flour.

Which of these pies' origins can be traced​ back to 1880 Pennsylvania?

Shoofly pie is a type of molasses pie which originated in Pennsylvania sometime in the 1880s. It is made by combining molasses, flour, brown sugar, water and eggs, which are then baked in a pie crust.

What is the name of the pie which is usually served with ice cream or whipped cream?

Apple pies are pies or tarts whose filling is primarily made from an apple mixture. Most times, the pie is double crusted (on the top and the bottom) and it is occasionally topped with ice cream or whipped cream, and cheddar cheese.

Which of these pies was used to symbolize the harvest?

Pumpkin pies have a pumpkin-based custard filling and these pies are usually used to symbolize the harvest, during fall and winter. The filling usually contains cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and pumpkin.

What is the name of the pie which originated in France?

Chocolate cream pie is a decadent dessert pie which is thought to have originated in France. The pie is made by combining chocolate (usually semi-sweet), butter, heavy cream and vanilla extract, which is often topped with whipped cream and shaved or powdered chocolate.

One of these pies can be made from either the black or morello variety. What is it called?

Cherry pies are a popular type of pie which contains a cherry filling usually made from Morello cherries, but also black cherries. Because the cherry harvest occurs around Independence Day and Canada Day, they are often served during those holidays.

Which of these pies is referred to as the cottage pie?

Shepherd’s pie, sometimes called cottage pie, is a type of meat pie whose defining ingredient is a type of minced red meat, usually lamb. The pie is cooked in a gravy containing vegetables and is topped with a layer of mashed potatoes.

Which of these pies is commonly served around the holiday​ season?

Pecan pies are made up of a filling containing eggs, butter, sugar and pecans. Very popular during the holiday season, the pie is usually served with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or some sauce.

The pie seen here is usually served as a dessert. What is it called?

Lemon meringue pie is a baked pie served as a dessert. It contains a bottom pie crust which is filled with a lemon custard mixture and is topped with a fluffy meringue.

Which of these pies' recipes dates back to 1872?

Blueberry pies are baked pies whose filling is composed of a mixture which primarily contains blueberries. The recipe, which was first documented in 1872, included nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, butter, and flour.

Which of these pies is a classic custard pie?

The maple cream pie is a twist on the classic custard pie which includes maple syrup and, in some cases, nutmeg. These pies have been very popular in New York and are offered on many menus at different restaurants.

Which of these pies is a variation of a classic?

The apple crumb pie is a variation of the classic apple pie which has the same base, but also has a sweet and salty crumble topping composed of sugar, flour, butter and sea salt. It is often served with caramel sauce or ice cream.

Which of these dessert pies was brought from England to New England?

Chess pie is a Southern United States dessert pie which contains corn meal, vanilla, granulated sugar, eggs, flour and butter. They were brought from England to New England and later became very popular in the south.

Which of these pies' main ingredient is found in the filling and in the topping?

Coconut cream pie consists of a rich custard consisting of toasted coconut and/or coconut milk. Once the filling has been added to the pie base, and it has been cooked, it is then topped with additional toasted coconut flakes.

What is the name of the pie seen in the image?

Strawberry pies are a type of dessert which primarily consists of a strawberry filling made from sugar, gelatin and strawberries. It is often served with whipped cream and ice cream, and it can also be combined with other fruits.

Which of these pies is sometimes called the triple berry pie?

Mixed berry pie, sometimes called triple berry pie (although there are slight variations), are a type of pie whose filling consists of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, but can contain any combination of berry filling.

This pie is usually topped with whipped cream. What is it called?

The banana crème pie has the base of a regular cream pie with the addition of sliced ripe bananas. It is usually topped with whipped cream and garnished with bananas as well as different spices.

The ingredients to create this pie were brought to​ England from the Middle East. What is it called?

Mince pies are sweet pies containing a mixture of dried fruits and spices “called mincemeat”. Many of its ingredients were brought to England by crusaders from the Middle East, and now the pie is traditionally served during the Christmas season.

This pie is made from combining marshmallow creme and chocolate sandwich cookies. What is its name?

The grasshopper is a dessert pie which is made from combining marshmallow crème, butter, and chocolate sandwich cookies. The pie is named after the insect because if its bright green color which is due to the crème de menthe added to the mixture.

What is the name of the pie seen in the image?

The custard pie is a pie which is made by placing a custard mixture (milk, eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla extract, and nutmeg) into a baked pie crust. This mixture does not need to be cooked, but if it is not, it needs to be cooled.

Which of these pies has a similar flavor to​ the DeMet's Turtles?

A turtle pie is a dessert which got its name because of its similarity in flavor to the DeMet’s Turtle. The pie contains a cookie crumb crust and is then topped with caramel, chocolate, pecans.

Bourbon, nuts and whipped cream can be added to this pie. What is it called?

The vanilla caramel crème pie is a popular dessert which consists of a filling which contains vanilla bean, caramel, sugar, flour, milk and butter. Some people also add nuts, bourbon, and whipped cream.

Which of these pies was very popular during the 1600s?

Rhubarb pies contain a rhubarb filling and were extremely popular during the 1600s after being introduced to Europe supposedly by Marco Polo. Because of the tartness of rhubarb, a large amount of sugar is needed to keep it balanced.

Which of these pies has an ingredient that needs to be soaked or stewed first?

Blackberry pies contain a blackberry filling typically composed of blackberry jam and blackberry fruit. The fruits are usually soaked or stewed, and because the pie is very tart, more sugar is required to balance it out.

Which of these pies contains a sticky chocolate sauce?

Mississippi mud pies are chocolate-based pies which were thought to have originated in Mississippi as it resembles the banks of the Mississippi River. It contains a sticky chocolate sauce and a chocolate crust.

What is the name of the pie which has sweetened condensed milk as an ingredient?​

Key lime pie is a dessert pie which is made by mixing key lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, and egg yolk. It takes its name from the small and tart key limes which have been found throughout the Florida Keys.

What is the name of the fruit pie which can be completely covered in a ​crust or remain crustless?

The cranberry pie consists of a mixture which combines flour, sugar, water, salt and cranberries. It can also contain different types of nuts and some people also add other fruit. The pie can either have a fully covered crust, latticework crust, or remain crustless.

What is the name of the English pie in the image?

Banoffee pie is a dessert pie which is made from combining cream, bananas and toffee on a biscuit base. Some variations of this English dessert include adding coffee, chocolate, or a combination of both.

Which of these pies has either lamb or beef as one of its main ingredients?

Meat and pot pie is a type of pie which consists of potato and either lamb or beef as the meat. The pie originated in England and is very similar to the Cornish pasty. Other ingredients which are sometimes added include onions and carrots.

In which of these pies does the filling vary?

A pot pie is a type of meat pie which unlike many other pies is completely topped by a pie crust. The fillings vary and can include anything from poultry to seafood to plant-based. They were thought to have originated in Greece and they are now very popular in the U.S.

Which of these pies has its own national day?

Raspberry pies have a raspberry filling usually containing lemon juice, salt, butter, sugar and raspberries. National Raspberry Cream Pie Day is celebrated every year on August 1st as they are plentiful during that time of year.

Which of these pies is also referred to the Ohio lemon pie?

The Shaker lemon pie, also called the Ohio lemon pie, is a fruit pie which was first made by religious group known as the Shakers. There are two versions of the pie, one which resembles a lemon meringue pie and another which uses the whole lemon.

One of these pies is also known as the Indiana pie. What is its other name?

The Hoosier pie, also known as the Indiana pie, is a rich custard pie covered in nutmeg which originated in Indiana from the Amish who settled there in the 1800s. It was very popular when fresh fruit were either out of season, or money was short.

Which of these pies is a combination of custard and a mashed vegetable?

A bean pie is a sweet custard pie which is made by combining mashed bean (usually navy), with eggs, milk, butter, sugar and other spices. The pies have been linked to African American cuisine and have been associated with soul food.

What is the name of the pie seen in the image?

Cream pies are a type of pie which contain a custard filling made from combining milk, sugar, wheat flour, eggs, and cream. The pie comes in many varieties including coconut cream, banana, lemon, vanilla and peanut butter.

Which of these pies was named after a former minister of food?

Woolton pie, initially called Lord Woolton pie. is a type of pastry consisting of vegetables which were served during the Second World War when food rations were scarce. It was named after Frederick Marquis, 1st Lord Woolton, after he became the Minister of Food in the 1940s.

Which of these pies is named after a layer of chocolate pastry cream?

Black bottom pie is a type of pie which has a layer of chocolate pastry cream or pudding, giving it the name “black bottom”. The pie, which is thought to have originated in the South, is finished off by topping it with whipped cream or meringue.

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