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Welcome to one of the most diverse, most eclectic, and most dynamic continents in the world: Asia. Think you can tell us what the capital cities of these countries are? Open the quiz to test your travel knowledge!

People outside of Asia often have many misconceptions about the continent, its countries, and the cities they have. But that's how most human beings feel about lands unfamiliar to them anyway. However, with the advent of 24/7 cable television content feeding, and of course the always-plugged-in life we now have due to the internet, we feel that we are exposed to many places that were alien to us when we were smaller or when we were growing up.

Now that we have all come of age in the digital age, we are more familiar with places that are not that far to begin with. And for some of us who want to see and explore the world, well, we just pack up and go! And one of the favorite destinations of those kinds of people is Asia. Even Asians love traveling within their region because it is indeed such a dynamic place that offers varieties of experiences for all of your senses.

So test yourself if you're up to it. Start by knowing the capitals of the countries of Asia. And if you get surprised to see the name of a country you thought was on another continent, well, prepare yourself! For indeed, some countries here also share boundaries with other continents, so it's truly that diverse!

Open the quiz and travel now!


Bangkok is where the seat of the government is located. It is also where many of the famous big temples are located in this Buddhist country.


Kuala Lumpur is where you will find the famed Petronas Twin Towers. Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones once shot a film here.


Beijing is the capital of China. The country has the biggest population on the planet.

South Korea

Seoul is the newest hot destination in Asia. This South Korean capital's main attraction is its K-Pop culture hub.


Phnom Penh is located near the Mekong River, the waterway that touches Cambodia and other Southeast Asian nations within this region. You have to pass through here to get to the touristy areas of the country.


Tokyo is a busy cosmopolitan hub in Japan. But when you travel outside of it, you'll find that the fast-paced beat of the capital is different from its slower neighboring areas.


New Delhi is the starting point for when you want to explore the northern part of India. The capital serves as the gateway entry point if you plan to reach the famed Taj Mahal.


Hanoi is characterized as a charming old-world type of capital located in the former communist area of Vietnam. They recently welcomed their first McDonald's in 2017, the first in the city but not for the country.


Yes, Afghanistan is part of Asia. With Kabul as its capital, the country is located in South Asia.


Jakarta is an eclectic hub of old world and new world charm. This Indonesian capital has high-end malls carrying high-end brands, but it also has localized shops full of their cultural displays.


Singapore is considered as a sovereign city-state. Therefore, its capital and the country share the same name.

United Arab Emirates

Generally, the area known to westerners as "the Middle East" is technically West Asia in geographical terms. UAE is considered as such, therefore Abu Dhabi is considered an Asian city.


The famed Thrilla in Manila boxing match spearheaded by Muhammad Ali took place in the Philippine capital of Manila. The country was once a Spanish and US colony.


The dusty city of Kathmandu is a charming laid back city. But shops close early here, which is a characteristic in all of Nepal, so better do it early.

North Korea

The communist side of Korea is at North Korea. The capital of Pyongyang gets cold during the winter season.


The East Asian country of Mongolia counts Ulaanbaatar as its capital. It's a landlocked state, so don't look for beaches here.


Tehran houses some of the best universities in Iran. It's also a picturesque metropolitan area that's cool to visit.


Naypyidaw is now the capital of Myanmar, or Burma if you remember. Its capital used to be Yangon.


Taipei has great eateries worthy of sampling. If you find yourself cruising this capital of Taiwan, prepare to have a food trip!


The Kingdom of Bahrain counts Manama as its capital. Various skilled workers from neighboring Asian countries also flock here in search of better opportunities -- and they find it, since it's a country deemed as a "high income economy."


Iraq has been controversial in the last 10-15 years in world history. Its capital of Baghdad has been devastated by fighting, but we hope ancient relics there remain preserved.


Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. This South Asian city boasts a great arts and culture heritage.


Laos is actually named Lao People's Democratic Republic or Lao PDR as they shorten it. Its capital of Vientiane is a colorful city to roam around in, and prices here are very affordable.


Believe it or not, Russia is part of the Asian continent as well as the European continent. Moscow appears more European, though.


Doha, Qatar's capital, has been the site of many important international conferences. Financing conferences as well as climate change conferences have been held here.


Thimpu is the capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan. This South Asian region is largely Buddhist.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka recognizes Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte as its administrative capital. However, its commercial capital is Colombo, which is also the largest city, and the one more familiar to visitors.


The Sultanate of Brunei hails Bandar Seri Begawan as its capital. The city reflects the riches of the nation, as it is ranked among one of the top 10 richest nations in the world.


Amman, Jordan is a picturesque city. If you speak Arabic, it will be easier for you to navigate the city.


Malé is the capital of Maldives. This island country boasts of great beach sceneries.


Beirut, Lebanon, is located in West Asia. It is where relics of one of the oldest civilizations can be found.


Muscat in Oman could get cosmopolitan and conservative at the same time. Women travelers should read up about the dos and don'ts of the city before going there.


Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait. This West Asian country has long been subjected to various invasions and conflict situations.


It's unclear if Damascus was badly hit by in-fighting in Syria lately. But the world knows by now that there is a refugee crisis because of what's happening here.


Jerusalem is the holy city considered as the capital of Israel. And no, Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot is not from the capital, but from another city...

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