Can You Name All These ’90s Snacks?

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There were a lot of amazing things happening in the '90s. Let's see: There were overalls (which are back in style), scrunchies (which are back in style), crop tops (which are back in style) and all the snacks that kids were blessed with, which will hopefully be back in style someday soon. How do you feel thinking about the fact that you had no idea that the last time you at a 3D Dorito would be the last time you ate a 3D Dorito? There was no warning! So now, it's waiting time. Waiting until someone has the genius idea to bring those back instead of low-rise jeans. Team mom jeans for life.

People who grew up in the ‘90s have somehow managed to commit almost everything that happened to memory. (Except for the fact that it was not ten years ago. That one's still hard to get over.) Anyway, it was such a formative time for so many people. You never forget your first kiss or your first school dance, and for a lot of people, that happened in the '90s. Come along on this nostalgic journey, take this quiz and see if you can name all of these '90s snacks!

Scoop up the fluffy frosting and have yourself a treat with which '90s snack?

Dunk-a-Roos are a nostalgic dream. Crunchy cookies in a variety of flavors that gets dipped in frosting. Can you imagine not having to wait until your birthday to dive into some icing? Sounds great to us!

Hope you're ready for this explosion of flavor! Which snack came in many fruity flavors?

Gushers are a unique experience. It's like a gummy outside and a burst of fruit-flavored sugar syrup inside. It was incredibly sweet, but some of the flavors were oddly sour, too. It really was an oddly delicious snack.

Will you do me the honor of getting me one of these classic '90s candies?

If you didn't get engaged at least ten times with a ring pop, you weren't living! Unless you were lucky, they only fit on your pinky finger, but they tasted good and lasted forever, so who really cared?

To know this is to know joy. Which '90s snack really got the good times going?

Fun Dip was really interesting because you were basically dipping a sugar stick into sugar powder. The really interesting thing is that people thought it was a good idea to give it to kids.

Go the extra mile for this '90s snack that keeps on giving. What is it?

If you want a foot's worth of candy, which is some sort of fruit leather, Fruit by the Foot was sweet and sticky. It came in flavors like Razzle Boo Blitz and Strawberry Scream. You tasted them for hours, too, because they got stick in your teeth.

Which snack was best used to put on your fingers and make witch fingernails?

They were a corn chip of sorts that were shaped into what looks like a mix of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter and a hollow , 3D triangle. They were salty, crunchy and came in only one flavor. They were fun to play with, though.

Doo doo doo doo doo. Which '90s snack would be a hit with young kids these days?

Shark Bites were gummy snacks in the shape of, you guessed it, sharks, and they came in flavors like fruit punch. Fun fact! The special great white shark pieces weren't always included in the mix.

Put your special glasses on for which of these crunchy and salty snacks?

People waited a while for 3D Doritos in the wake of the teaser promos. And boy did they deliver! They were crunchy, lighter than regular Doritos, and came in a cool can. Too bad they don't exist anymore.

Be the leader of battle and show up to school with these sour bites in your lunchbox. What are they?

You hadn't eaten enough Warheads until it felt like the top layer of your tongue was just gone. They were sour to begin with, and then they made even more sour flavors. Oh yeah, they also turned your tongue whatever color the candy was. Good times.

This was the elite dairy item for breakfast or as a lunch snack. Which colorful concoction is it?

Trix yogurt tasted nothing like yogurt, nor did it have any of the health benefits. However, it was fun colors and tasted amazing, and it was fun to try out the flavors, like Wildberry Blue and Strawberry Banana Bash.

For those kids who couldn't stay in one place, which snack was the obvious choice to keep them full while setting them free?

GoGurt was either a hit or a miss, kind of like the drinkable yogurts. A lot of kids absolutely loved them, while others were grossed out by the concept. They were handy for putting in school lunches, though.

Which '90s candy has never really fizzled out?

Once kids learned to put Pop Rocks in soda, it was all over from there. In your mouth alone, they would fizz and crackle, so putting them in something carbonated was entertainment for hours. The cleanup also happened to take just as long.

This food isn't just for breakfast. In fact, put some yummy toppings on it and it makes for the perfect after-school snack. What is it?

After-school snacks were weird, because it was like two hours before dinner for most people. But that didn't stop '90s kids from eating an entire thing of Bagel Bites. I mean, they were small!

Somehow, this '90s treat made fruit feel not so icky. Maybe it was all the added sugar. Which is it?

Much like Fruit by the Foot, this was pure candy disguised as having actual fruit juice in it. This one was much closer to actual fruit leather than its foot-long compadre, though.

When you heard that familiar music coming down the street, you couldn't get out the door fast enough. Which treat would have appreciated the stampede?

Frozen treats shaped like your favorite characters were the best—unless you got a horrifically misshapen one, and then all you were left with were nightmares. The Mickey Parade Ice Cream Bars have been discontinued, so hopefully you enjoyed it while you could!

If eating pure sugar was your name, which '90s candy was your game?

Pixy Stix were one of Wonka's creations, and kids were very thankful for it. It was quite literally a straw filled with sugar and citric acid that you would just eat. Send it right down the gullet and don't think twice!

Such curiosity '90s kids had! That's why this treat was a huge hit. What is it?

The Wonder Ball was great because it was basically two treats in one. You had the chocolate part, which was delicious, and then you had the other candy or toy inside. Fun for hours to burn off all that sugar.

While people were enjoying this well beyond that stage of life, it didn't stop them from eating which '90s candy?

Again, if you liked dipping sugar in more sugar, this was just the thing. The dipping part of the bottle was like a lollipop, and the core of the bottle was filled with flavored sugar dust. Lick, dip, lick and repeat until you just couldn't anymore.

Lunch time was a real circus if these weren't in the box. Which snack is it?

Some people loved animal crackers; some people didn't. They were a bit odd, because were they a cracker or a cookie? They were sweet like a cookie but weren't the texture of any cookie that was familiar. The jury is still out.

What a luxury it was to find this evil snack in your lunch or for an after school treat. Can you name it?

Not sure how chocolate cake became named "devil's food cake," but it is, and it's still a thing. If you ever ate these, you still remember them so vividly, you can practically feel the sponge and plastic-like chocolate in your mouth.

Eating on the go was common, with all the sports and after-school activities. Which snack came in clutch for those times?

Handi-Snacks came in either pretzels with cheese or crackers with cheese. But anyone who's anyone knows the crackers with cheese was the best choice. I mean, what kid voluntarily ate pretzels?

This was the absolute ultimate; it was hands down the best thing. If you found this in your lunch, you were for sure doing a fist bump. What is it?

The pizza Lunchable was clearly the best one and remains a fond favorite of many. Looking back now at all of the preservatives that had to be in that stuff, though, just wow. But that was a cool part of the '90s. No one really cared.

Maybe you got to have this on your birthday at school! Which treat brought out your animalistic instincts to not share?

These snack cakes were so light and fluffy, it felt like eating a cloud. The white cake filled with vanilla frosting, covered in white chocolate and striped with dark chocolate was the sweetness overload everyone needed in their life.

Nowadays, we just fry these, but back in the day they were eaten as is. Can you name the snack?

Mozzarella sticks, in their most basic form, are just breaded and fried things of string cheese. But as kids in the '90s, the string cheese was a delicacy. The real debate was whether biting the stick or pulling the cheese was right. To this day, no one knows.

This treat at least had some texture to break up the sweetness, and it was more of a whoopee version than regular. And we're not talking cushions here. Which is it?

This was not a pie that you slice but more of a sandwich pie or sandwich cookie. Not sure why they called it a pie, really. But at least '90s folks were gifted with oatmeal cookies that didn't have raisins in them.

Whether you were using this sweet as a dipper, a pie crust or eating it all on it's own, it really did have a lot to offer. What is it?

Nilla Wafers were little round cookies that were honestly a lot thicker than what people think of when they hear the word "wafer," but their light vanilla taste and crunchy texture made up for the confusion. They were great in milk, on their own or in banana pudding.

Only the bravest ventured into this '90s snack. What is it?

These were hot, but they were so inexplicably addicting that once you ate one, you were going to eat the whole bag. If your mom let you get them, you were lucky. Licking your fingers when all the fries were gone was like taking the final bow.

Coming in peanut butter or cheese, this little snack was the perfect finisher for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Can you name it?

These crunchy little snacks were the perfect crunch to finish off your sandwich. The cheese ones had really good and tangy flavor, but the peanut butter ones were extra flavorful. It really just depended on personal preference.

Props to you for not getting the chocolate-covered ones! Which chewy treats were somehow breakfast, and no one was complaining?

Kudos bars were basically dessert. Yes, they had oats in them. But they also had M&Ms, were covered in chocolate and were held together by some kind of sugar syrup. That's why they were clearly so delicious.

If you had field day at your school, this cold delight was most likely your reward at the end of the day. What is it?

Even though eating these in a minute would have prevented them from melting all over you, you wanted to savor them for as long as possible. They were sweet, fruity, cold and just what the end of a school day called for.

This spotted dessert-turned-cereal was marketed for breakfast, but it was really meant for any time that you were feeling hungry. Which is it?

Sadly, Cookie Crisp is no longer around, but it really was the stuff of dreams. Who didn't want to eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast? This cereal made it possible, if you were lucky enough to get it past your mom.

Almost every birthday party and sleepover had these, hopefully with a lot of napkins nearby. What are they?

Cheez Balls were the best snack, and if you can't bring yourself to eat them as an adult, just remember all the fun you had eating them as a kid. You probably wish you'd eaten more of them when eating processed cheese powder was encouraged.

These dessert treats were out-of-this-world delicious. What are they?

So many people have created copy-cat recipes for these because they're that good. The densest brownie with the fudgiest frosting and little candy-coated chocolates on top made kids everywhere blast into space.

Which round, sweet and crunchy candy is not around anymore because all good things must come to an end?

Since these were discontinued, the Butterfinger brand has tried releasing something similar to the BB's, but they don't come close to the original. The chocolate-to-crunchy-peanut-butter ratio was just perfect in those little balls.

Put yours hands up if you loved these cheesy snacks! What are they?

Cheetos Paws were puffier than regular cheese puffs, and the paw shape made them taste way better, for some reason. If you loved Cheetos, these were way different than the original but no less tasty.

What is it about animal-shaped snacks that make people go nuts? Not sure, but this snack is no different. What is it?

These graham-flavored treats were also in the shape of the cutest little bears. But more like a stuffed animal bear, hence the name "Teddy." They eventually made them in other flavors, but the graham was the original.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to know this candy was delicious. What is it?

Airheads were an interesting texture. They were taffy, but they had a grit about them that wasn't like your usual smooth taffy. They practically dissolved in your mouth, more than you had to chew them.

If you ate these often enough, you had one kind that you saved from the depths of your mouth. What is it?

Now this is the cookie version of the Barnum's Animal Crackers. They were sweeter and cinnamon-graham flavored. The animals were pretty detailed, so you definitely had a favorite that you would save for last or not eat at all.

Why couldn't this treat be the one we used in gym class?

Nerds Rope were pretty much nerds that were stuck to a candy rope. Way better than the rope you climbed in gym class to pass some sort of fitness test. This candy was chewy, crunchy, sweet and tart. The best!

Alert the owls! Which sweet treat below lasted through many licks, but no one knows just how many?

These were the best lollipops. The lolli part was sweet candy, and the center was a chocolatey Tootsie Roll. The commercials were also very famous because the owl could never resist biting right into the pop before knowing how many licks it takes to get to the center.

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