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In the high fructose corn syrup era that was the 1980s, parents weren't watching what their children ate, because if it was fruit-flavored, it had to have fruit in it, right? And fruit is good for kids, right? 

Children of the '80s weren't concerned about the sweets and energy and syrups they were pouring down their gullets. They just wanted the latest, coolest snack to pack in their lunches, and no decade delivered on snacks like the 1980s. We saw our favorite cartoon characters on the sides of boxes. We watched as synergy took over the world and we needed to eat the grossest of the gross foods, simply because our buddies ate these things in the commercials. We didn't realize that our buddies were cartoons and probably didn't have taste buds or blood glucose levels to worry about. These marketing ploys won the gold medal in the 1980s, as children began to make decisions about what they ate (or threw fits until their parents bought them fruit snacks and sugar and sugar and sugar). 

If you were an '80s kid or you just have an appreciation for the snacks that came around in that decade, it's time to test your skills with this crazy '80s snack quiz.

Can you name these '80s snacks that kids liked to put on their fingers?

Bugles are still around today, but if you saw the commercial for this product that was released in the '80s, you'd probably have an SJW attack. It was both racially insensitive and sexist, all at the same time.


Everything was bigger in the '80s, including this enlarged cookie. Do you know the name of it?

Oreo Big Stufs were ten times the size of a regular Oreo cookie, and they were sold in individually wrapped packages. Remember, this was back when people didn't count their children's caloric intake.


Do you remember these stuffed cookies?

The outside of a Keebler Magic Middle was a plain cookie, but when you bit into it, your little eyes lit up like the skies. The cookies were a bit dry, but they did their job when it came to a child's chocolate cravings, due to the fudge filling.


What are these snacks that were the preamble to fruit snacks?

Packed with fruit juice flavoring, these little gummies stole the show, as most parents thought they might be healthier than gummy bears. Sunkist claimed they were made with real fruit.


Can you name this snack that was nearly 100% sugar and chocolate?

There was nothing like getting a Hostess Pudding Pie as a treat when you went to the gas station with your mom. This was, of course, back in the day when your lemonade stand could actually make enough money to get you a snack like this.


What berry cereal was based on some of our favorite cartoon characters in the '80s?

The Smurfs always made things smurfy — no, really, they replaced a lot of words with "Smurf" — so why not have them introduce a cereal? It was full of blueberries and strawberries (well, fake ones anyway).


Can you name this candy bar that had too many textures to count?

BarNone bars didn't last very long, as there was just too much competition out there. However, with the wafer, nut and cream on the inside, these were pretty elaborate candy bars.


They don't make 'em like this anymore. What are these?

If you were looking for sugar water in a cheap plastic bottle, you were looking for a Squeezit. We are pretty sure these bottles weren't BPA free, but hey, we made it through the '80s with them.


What was this drink, based on the 1984 "Ghostbusters" movie?

Everyone loved the taste and pure weirdness of the Hi-C Ecto Cooler. This drink may have been pure citric acid, but it had our favorite paranormal detectives involved, so we loved it.


Do you remember these cold treats from the '80s?

Jell-O made some great pudding, and while you could make it and freeze it, why not just spend three times as much to have it already done for you? We suppose that's what parents thought back then.


Can you name this candy bar with a honeycomb center?

While this candy bar was more famous in the U.K., it boasted extra Cadbury chocolate. The commercial left a little to be desired, and the slogan was "Thank Crunchie it's Friday" ... meaning a Crunchie bar is God, apparently?


This cheese and cracker set came with a spreading stick. What is it?

Kids of the 1980s were always told not to play with their food, so when we finally had a chance to do so with Handi-Snacks, we were ecstatic about it. Soon after, the stick dippers came out, and it was all over.


Fruity snacks were all the rage, but what are these dangerous-looking ones called?

Children love to play with their food, and Shark Bites were all the rage back in the '80s because we could make stories about how WE were the predators, eating the sharks. Never tried them? We highly recommend.


Because pizza was popular, Keebler took advantage. Can you name these chips?

If you were an '80s kid, you loved two things: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and pizza. It wasn't your fault that pizza was so big back then, but if you tried these chips, you probably knew that they didn't taste like anything but salt and oregano.


Do you remember what these creepy cookies were called?

These cookie sandwiches may have been delicious, but we wouldn't know, because they were way to frightening to eat. When will companies learn to stop putting human faces on our food?


Who is this crazy breakfast cereal named after?

"I pity the fool who don't eat my cereal" ... or something like that. Mr. T was very popular in the '80s, so in true '80s fashion, he had a cereal named after him. With his work in the Rocky franchise and "The A-Team," Mr. T had all the kids' attention.


Characters from "The Flintstones" were all over our snacks as kids. What are these frozen snacks that they peddled?

What was better than a Popsicle that didn't melt all over your hand? A Popsicle that didn't melt all over your hand AND had Fred Flintstone on it. They didn't come in many flavors, but boy, were they delicious.


Can you name this "sports" drink that came in a pouch?

If you were lucky enough not to break your straw while inserting it into the pouch, you could enjoy this drink and relax. However, most of the time, the cheap straw just bent and snapped as you were trying to get it in there.


When you bought these, you always had two flavors. What are they?

Nerds are, and will always be, sugar crystals coated in candy (which is also sugar). Eating a box of Nerds is the equivalent to eating a packet of sugar with a fruit flavor, and it is delicious.


Which fruity snack tasted so good, it was scary?

From Fruit Corners, these were basically just giant fruit snacks. The sugar content was off the charts, and children loved them because children love high fructose corn syrup.


This cookie had so many chocolate chips in it, you couldn't take a bite without getting one. What is it?

Before they were 1,000 chips delicious, Chips Ahoy! dared you to take a bite of their cookies without getting a chocolate chip. It was nearly impossible, but that could have been because the cookies were so small.


What is the name of this fruit leather snack for kids?

Even chimps loved Fruit Roll-Ups. They were real fruit fun, and kids loved the crazy things they did. At least, that's how the song goes. It wasn't a great jingle, but the chimps made the commercial.


Can you name these chewy chocolates that kids loved in the '80s?

"It's chocolate covered caramel from end to end." While the love for Rolos kind of tapered off by the 1990s, these were great candies to buy if you had to split something with a sibling.


Which gum helped kids learn how to chew like their favorite baseball stars?

While Big League Chew told you to only take a pinch, most kids tried to see just how much they could fit in their mouths. The neighborhood hero could always get the whole package in there.


Do you remember this mix that made milk taste great?

This chocolate powder turned regular milk into a milkshake, but thinner. This was before chocolate milk was sold in stores by the gallon. Children loved it because it had way more sugar than Ovaltine. Eventually, Nestle's Quik was renamed Nesquik.


Which snack did a fictional alien make famous?

Everyone knows "E.T the Extraterrestrial" loved his Reese's Pieces, but children loved them too. These days, if you leave them sitting in a hot car and you attempt to eat them, the peanut butter explodes in your mouth. It's totally worth a try.


This chewy candy made a great snack for kids. What is it?

Bonkers were somewhere between taffy and bubble gum. They were chewy and fruity (even if they didn't taste like any of the fruit they claimed to be made from), but they were all the rage in the '80s.


What is this excellent after-school snack for kids who love Italian cuisine?

While SpaghettiOs claimed to have a full serving of vegetables, those vegetables were 100% tomatoes. It was a child's first experience with heartburn, but it made for a nice quick snack.


Can you name these cookies that are shaped like the elves who make them?

E.L. Fudge cookies were just shortbread dipped in fudge. They tasted exactly like fudge stripes, but kids wanted these because they were shaped like cartoon characters.


Do you remember what this orange flavored cereal was called?

Yes, Kellogg's truly believed it was a good idea to make a cereal that tasted like oranges. Sure, it was weird, and it was clear that kids weren't really into it, because it didn't last very long.


This sugary drink with a round mascot was for hot kids. What was it?

Nothing beat watching the Kool-Aid Man smash through a wall and not spill a drop of Kool-Aid from the open pitcher he was carrying it in. At the time, it was perfectly real and made a lot of sense.


Can you name these crackers from the '80s that look like what they are named after?

Who doesn't want a cracker that is filled with holes? Nabisco's Swiss Cheese flavor originals were a 1980s crack at baked crackers that were inundated with cheese flavor.


What are these braided snacks from the 1980s?

The commercial for this product says you have to hear them and see them to believe them. They're basically miniature flavored bread sticks that kids and adults could enjoy.


Can you name the cookies that had real fruit in the middle?

Newtons had more flavors than just fig in the 1980s. There were grape, apple, blueberry and strawberry. The one that really made it, though, was the Fig Newton. These cookies were chewy and completely unique.


These granola bars were small but full of flavor. What are they?

When you wanted to give your child sugar, but you wanted to look like you were moving toward a healthy snack, you gave them Kudos. To appeal to your child, Kudos were packed with chocolate.


These cookies were found at the end of the rainbow. What are they?

What happens when you put M&M's in a cookie but don't pay M&M's for their name? Keebler Rainbow Chips Deluxe is what happens. They were delicious cookies, as long as you had a big glass of milk with you.


What are these potato chips, made by Keebler?

When it came to inventive names for products, Keebler took it over the top with O'Boisies. They gave a call to Boise, Idaho, while they played with the sound that city name made. Oh Boy!


Do you remember the round food that tastes like a dairy product?

Planters (a peanut company) went ahead and made a snack that all kids could love. It was basically a puffy Cheeto shaped like a ball. It was only right to name it the Cheez Ball.


Can you name the cereal that was basically a bowl full of tiny animal crackers?

What do you give your kid when they want animal crackers, but they also need milk? Crispy Critters, of course. If you don't remember the song for Crispy Critters cereal, we won't torture you by singing it, but we will say this: indubitably!


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