Quiz: Can You Name All of These Animals That Begin With the Letter ‘S’?
Can You Name All of These Animals That Begin With the Letter ‘S’?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Pixabay by 12019

About This Quiz

"S" is the 19th letter of the alphabet, and one of the most-used. Because of this, we find that many words begin with it. This also stands true for the animals of the world. There are hundreds of them that begin with "s" and we've gone through lots of them to find some to quiz you on today. 

Sure, you'll find the easy ones, like sheep, snowy owl, seal, skunk, and snake. But we also had to add in a challenging element and include some animals you may have no idea even existed. They include the sand lizard, snowshoe, saola, sun bear, sea dragon, and serval. And we want you to match them all to their pictures. 

Now, this may sound easy, but all the wrong options also begin with the letter "s," making for a somewhat confusing, fun and challenging quiz. But if you know your animals as well as you think you do, it should be a piece of cake. Come show us that you can name every single one of these animals whose name begins with the 19th letter of the alphabet. 

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This animal is an arachnid with a dangerous stinger on its tail. Which "s" animal is it?
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These marine mammals are easily trainable. What are their names?
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Often mistaken for a goat, do you know what animal this is?
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This animal has a defensive spray that is released when it is threatened. Can you tell us what it is called?
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This is a playful mammal that can walk on all fours. Can you give us its name?
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A venomous animal whose bite is as painful as its vise grip, do you know this creature's name?
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This extinct feline roamed the earth many years ago. What name was it given?
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This water creature has no mane, as its name suggests. What do you think it is?
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This tiny bird can be found in many different territories around the world. Do you know its name?
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Known to lay their eggs on the beaches on which they were born, what's the name of this shelled creature?
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This little crustacean is a delicacy all over the world. Can you tell us its name?
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This creature does not move and has no digestive system. Do you know what it is?
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These large marine mammals have the largest brains of any mammal. Can you tell us what it is?
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These animals are usually docile but have been known to kill people like the Crocodile Hunter. What animal is it?
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What is the name of this animal, which is a male deer?
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A sea creature with many legs, can you tell us what this "s" animal is?
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This is a slow animal with a shell. Can you tell us what it is called?
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Known infamously for its love of nuts, can you tell us the name of this small rodent?
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This amphibian looks like a lizard and a frog. Do you know its name?
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This animal's name means "laziness." What is it called?
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They slink along the rocks under the sea. Do you know the name of the shell-less animal?
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It doesn't just live in the grainy material in its name, as many think. What do you think this animal is called?
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Known for its pure white color, do you know the name of this predatory bird?
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Called the dinosaur of its kind, what do you think this animal's name is?
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This sea creature can regrow its limbs. What is its name?
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This kind of dog is native to a cold region that is a part of Russia. What name does it go by?
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This animal has four legs, not eight, and is much more simian and not at all arachnid. Can you tell us its name?
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A type of hare known to live in the cold, can you name this mammal?
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It's poisonous but has no stinger, unlike the animal in its name. Can you say what creature it is?
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Known as the Asian unicorn, this mammal is critically endangered. Do you know its name?
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This Chinese dog's name translates to "little lion." What is it called?
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It is the smallest species of bear alive today. Can you tell us its name?
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Types of this bird include the whooper, mute and trumpeter. What is its name?
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This sea creature resembles a seahorse. Do you know its name?
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This animal is a type of weasel which is also related to the otter. Do you know which of the options is its name?
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Do you know the name of this prickly echinoderm?
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This aggressive fish is extremely territorial. Can you tell us its name?
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An animal of the feline family, which African wildcat is pictured here?
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This dog is known for its friendliness and droopy eyes. What is its name?
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