Can You Name All 151 Original Pokémon?

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Image: Nintendo / Chambreon via YouTube

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The Pokémon world is one happy, crazy, colorful and ambitious world. But there's no denying that it's very entertaining for many kids out there. And for those who grew up with it, this world is nothing short of awesome, especially since it has been continually upgraded and released on new technological platforms that develop over time.

Ever since the Pokémon world came out during the mid-'90s, many late Gen X-ers and early Millennials have been hooked by these small, cute and lovable creatures. But then, of course, they also discovered that they can be not just cuddly, but also deadly! The Japanese game creator Nintendo is the main company associated with the birth of Pokémon, but there are also several companies that have helped develop the franchise along the way.

Starting out as a video game for personal handheld devices such as the Game Boy, the Pokémon world expanded to accommodate what is now known as transmedia storytelling. Thus, aside from video games, there are also TV series, comics or Japanese manga, a trading card series, movies and, of course, merchandise of many kinds.

But the true test of being a diehard fan lies in identifying them all. Gotta catch 'em all, so you gotta identify which is which. Care to take the Pokémon test? Then let's go!

Can you recognize this Pokémon?

This is Pikachu. This is perhaps the most recognizable Pokémon ever!

How about this Pokémon?

Bulbasaur is a grass type of Pokémon. It's a starter kind.

What about this Pokémon?

Squirtle is of the water type. It can evolve later on into Wartortle.

And this Pokémon?

Charmander is of the fire type. It could develop into a Charmeleon later on in the game.

Can you identify this Pokémon?

Charizard is of the fire type. You can also see this image as the mascot of Pokémon Red.

Do you know this Pokémon?

Yep, Mewtwo is cat-like in appearance. It's of the psychic type.

Who is this Pokémon?

Beware of this fire type! This one is called Arcanine.

Can you name this Pokémon?

This flying water Pokémon is called Gyarados. It looks fierce!

Can you tell the name of this Pokémon?

Is it a wonder that Alakazam is of the psychic type? You can already tell by the name.

What’s the name of this Pokémon?

This baddie named Blastoise is the more advanced version of the Wartortle. And we all know by now that the Wartortle started as a Squirtle.

Do you recognize this Pokémon?

It's obvious that Dragonite is of the dragon type. Yes, it flies!

Could you tell who this Pokémon is?

Mew is a Mythical Pokémon. So of course it's of the psychic type.

Can you recognize this one?

Gengar is of the ghost type of Pokémon. But it kinda looks more like a virus personified...

How about this one?

Great luck if you get this Eevee in your collection! It has such a huge potential, evolution-wise.

What about this one?

True to its name, Snorlax always looks like it's sleeping, or relaxing, or both! But it's cute to collect!

And this one?

Yup, this Aerodactyl looks like a pterodactyl. So of course it's of the rock and flying types.

Can you identify this one?

Yup, you guessed it, Flareon is of the fire type. But it looks cute!

Do you know this one?

This amoeba-looking Pokémon is called Ditto. But it still looks cute!

Who’s this one?

Poliwrath is of the water type. And yes, it does look angry, like all the time.

Can you name this one?

Rapidash kinda looks like a unicorn. But it's of the fire type, so its mane and tail look like they're on fire.

Can you tell the name of this one?

This Pinsir looks like a demonic insect! So it's also no mystery that it's of the bug type.

What’s the name of this one?

Meowth is indeed cat-like in appearance and attitude. It belongs in the normal type.

Do you recognize this one?

This is called Abra. It's of the psychic type.

Could you tell who this one is?

Yep, Tauros looks like the symbol of the zodiac, Taurus. It's just as fierce, too!

Can you recognize this interesting-looking creature?

Psyduck is obviously of the water type. But it's useful for psy-wars!

How about this?

Chansey is an egg, basically. It's of the normal type.

What about this?

Yes, this is a seahorse-looking one. So of course its name is Horsea!

And this Pokémon is known by what name?

This is Electrode, which kinda looks like the Poké ball. And yes, it's of the electric type, so it's quite useful.

Can you identify this creature?

This is Slowpoke. It's of the water and psychic types.

Do you know this creature?

Clefairy has got to be the cutest Pokémon ever! But it can also be powerful, since it's of the fairy type.

Who’s this?

This is a Poliwag. It's of the water type.

Can you name this creature?

This is called the Magikarp. Kinda looks like a spaced-out goldfish, doesn't it?

What’s the name of this creature?

This is called the Bellsprout. Plant-like Pokémon like this one usually belong to the grass type.

Do you know this creature?

This is called a Rattata. Yes, it looks like an angry rat.

Who’s this?

Clefable is kinda like the Clefairy. It's of the fairy type, too.

Almost there! Who’s this one?

This is a Pidgey. There's a lot of them in the Pokémon Go game, really.

What about this toothy one?

Careful with this poison type! It's called the Golbat.

You got this! Who’s this one?

This Zubat is a bat-looking Pokémon. And yes, it's of the poison and flying types.

This interesting creature is known by what name?

Mr. Mime is of the psychic type. No clowning around with this one!

Finally, what’s the name of this Pokémon?

This is known as the Diglett. It's of the ground type, so it's always half-buried.

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