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Bridges, statues, and dams, oh my! When it comes to landmarks, the United States is one country that is teeming with them. From California to New York, you could find a major landmark in almost every single state. From natural wonders to man-made creations, can you match the landmark to the state it's in?

The United States is the third largest country in the world, so you can be certain that you'd find tons of landmarks within its borders. The Statue of Liberty, one of the country's most popular landmarks, was built by Gustave Eiffel, the same builder of the Eiffel Tower, and gifted to the United States during President Cleveland's term. Speaking of presidents, there's another long list of U.S. landmarks that are dedicated to them; from the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial to Mount Rushmore, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln have their fair share of landmarks. While lots of work was put into these monuments, one can't forget about the wonder behind the natural landmarks. The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Yellowstone National Park bring in millions of visitors each year.

Although the look and meaning behind many of these monuments might be instantly recognizable, can you pair them with their proper state? Would you find Golden Gate Bridge in New York or California? Is Seattle or Chicago home of the Space Needle? Let's put your knowledge to the test! Let's find out if you're nailing this U.S. landmarks quiz!

Where is the Statue of Liberty?

This iconic statue was a gift from France. It depicts the Roman goddess of liberty holding a torch in one hand and the Declaration of Independence in the other.


Where can you visit the Las Vegas Strip?

What happens in Vegas occurs along the 4.2 mile stretch of Vegas full of casinos, knows as The Vegas Strip. It's an entertainment and luxury mecca and has over half of the world's largest hotels.


Where in the U.S. is The Alamo?

This symbol of Texas independence commemorates the battle which led Texas forces to victory at the battle of San Jacinto. After a heavy loss at The Alamo fired them up, this victory allowed Texas to become independent.


Where is the Colorado National Monument?

Millions and millions of years of erosion have created a spectacular system of canyons in the Colorado desert. It spans 20,500 acres.


Where can you visit Boston Common?

Boston Common is America's oldest public park. It dates back to 1634.


In which state is the Kennedy Space Center?

The Kennedy Space Center sits halfway between Miami and Jacksonville, Florida. Every U.S. human space flight has launched there since 1968.


Where is the volcano Kilauea?

Kilauea is one of the world's most active and dangerous volcanoes. It's over 4,000-foot-high peak has been spewing lava since the 1980s.


The Liberty Bell can be found in which state?

This iconic symbol of American independence can be found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Historians believe this copper bell was rung to mark the public reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 8, 1776.


Where can you see Plymouth Rock in person?

According to legend, when the Pilgrims landed in what would become America they landed on a boulder, which came to be known as Plymouth Rock. Today this boulder is under a granite canopy in Pilgrim Memorial State Park.


In which state is Mount Rushmore?

This monument depicting the U.S. presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln was carved into South Dakota's Black Hills area. It took 14 years and 400 workers to finish.


Where does Salt Lake Temple stand?

Salt Lake Temple is a large Mormon temple that stands in Salt Lake City, Utah. It took four decades to complete.


Where is Brooklyn Bridge?

Completed in 1883, this bridge was the world's longest suspension bridge for years. It is known around the world as a symbol of New York City.


Where can you go to the Kentucky Derby?

Every first Saturday in May since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has been held in Louisville, Kentucky. Three-year-old thoroughbred horses race around a 1-1/4 mile track.


Where is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Cleveland, Ohio. It's a five-floor museum dedicated to rock's most influential performers and innovators.


Where is the famous geyser Old Faithful?

Two-thirds of the world's geysers can be found at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Old Faithful got its name for its timely eruptions every 91 minutes.


The Portland Head Light lighthouse is in which state?

This 80-foot lighthouse is a popular attraction on Cape Elizabeth, Maine's rocky coast. It's construction was ordered by George Washington in 1787.


Where can you visit the beautifully preserved Pueblo Indian settlement Taos Pueblo?

Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in America. Built before 1400, today about 150 people live in this adobe compound.


Where does the Washington Monument stand?

This 555-foot obelisk was built in honor of America's first president, George Washington. This marble structure was finished in 1884.


Where is Oak Alley Plantation?

Oak Alley Plantation stands by the banks of the Mississippi River in Louisiana. It's known for the double row of 300-year-old oak trees that flank the path leading to the 19th-century French Creole mansion.


Dry Tortugas National Park is where?

No roads go to these remote islands, which are closer to Cuba than the American mainland. A part of the Florida Keys, they are known for their colorful marine life.


Where is the Golden Gate Bridge?

This iconic bridge is known for its beauty but has a dark history. More people have committed suicide there over the years than in almost any other place on Earth.


Where can you visit the Space Needle?

The Space Needle is one of Seattle's top attractions. Built for the 1962 World's Fair, it features an observation deck and a rotating restaurant hundreds of feet above the city.


Where can you visit the Atlantic City Boardwalk?

The Atlantic City Boardwalk opened in the summer of 1870. It is the oldest boardwalk in the US.


Where in the U.S. can you see the Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is an iconic 167-foot waterfall that straddles the U.S.-Canadian border. While the U.S. side of the falls is smaller, it is still a popular tourist spot.


Where is the world's biggest tree by volume?

The Giant Forest in Kings Canyon National Park in California is home to some massive ancient trees. This forest is home to Sequoia trees over 2,500 years old, including the General Sherman tree, the largest tree in the world.


Where can you find the Gateway Arch?

The Gateway Arch stands in St. Louis, Missouri. This 630-foot arch celebrates America's westward expansion and opened in 1967.


Where can you find Carlsbad Cavern, a famous limestone cave?

In southeastern New Mexico, dozens of limestone caves can be found. The most famous cave is Carlsbad Cavern, full of intricate and gigantic stalagmites and stalactites.


Independence Hall, where our founding fathers made great strides for early America, is in which state?

For a time Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was the capital of the United States, and it was home to many of our founding fathers. The Second Continental Congress met in Independence Hall, the Declaration of Independence was adopted there and our Constitution was also drafted within its walls.


In what state can you find Thomas Jefferson's house, Monticello?

Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, was a Virginian. His home still stands in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Where can you see Monument Valley?

Monument Valley straddles the Utah-Arizona border. It is a desert valley where large red siltstone structures carved by millennia of wind reach into the sky.


In which state is the Mystic Seaport?

This 20-acre museum boasts a re-created 19th-century coastal village in all of its New England glory. It has a number of historic buildings and ships.


Where can you visit Willis Tower?

The Willis Tower stands in Chicago, Illinois. After it's completion in 1973, it was the tallest skyscraper on Earth for 25 years.


Southern gothic Bonaventure Cemetery is in which state?

This 100-acre cemetery rests on a bluff overlooking the Wilmington River in Savannah, Georgia. It's known for its oak trees and elaborate tombs.


Where can you drive down the scenic Kancamagus Highway?

This 34.5-mile stretch of highway winds through the mountains in northern New Hampshire. It reaches nearly 3,000 feet in elevation at its highest point.


Where is the highest mountain peak in America?

Denali, which was formerly known as Mount McKinley, is the highest mountain peak in America. Only about half of those who attempt to climb it reach the top.


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