Can You Match These Presidents to Their Major Accomplishments?

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Just because you ascend to the American presidency doesn't make you a political superstar -- just ask John Tyler. But many U.S. presidents accrue major accomplishments while office. Can you match these men to their feats?

President Harry Truman made which fateful decision?

After Roosevelt's untimely death during WWII, Truman took control of the country. He opted to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, the only time that nuclear weapons have ever been deployed in battle.

Which president helped end the Cuban Missile Crisis without major incident?

In 1962, the America learned that the Soviet Union planned to deploy missiles in Cuba, and tensions escalated quickly. Kennedy forced the Soviets to back down and somehow avoided nuclear war.

President Woodrow Wilson sent American troops to fight in which war?

Wilson campaigned on an isolationist policy. Then, as soon as he was elected, he sent American troops into the fray of World War I, a fact that probably expedited the end of the conflict.

Which president led an invasion of Iraq and deposed ruler Saddam Hussein?

After the 9/11 attacks, George Bush and his administration decided that Saddam Hussein was a potential threat to America. He launched an invasion, captured, and killed Hussein, and triggered a civil war.

Dwight Eisenhower is noted for which major engineering accomplishment?

Eisenhower led the building of the 48,000-mile Interstate highway system. Construction took more than three decades but made it easier for America to move military forces and cargo from coast to coast.

Which accomplishments belong to Lyndon B. Johnson?

Johnson was a proponent of major civil rights and anti-poverty legislation. His work helped to level America's economic system ... at least a little.

Which President won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?

After years of post-9/11 neuroses, Barack Obama set aside America's anxieties and embraced hope and peace. His optimism earned him the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, even though at the time he hadn't really accomplished much in office.

Which president led the passage of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)?

Bill Clinton championed NAFTA as a free trade agreement that would benefit America, Canada and Mexico. The agreement went into effect in 1994 and many experts say that it has been mostly beneficial.

What was one of George Washington's major accomplishments?

Washington led colonists to freedom against Britain in the Revolution. Then, he was elected as America's first president. He served for two terms.

Franklin Roosevelt led America through most of which conflict?

Roosevelt gathered America's courage and led the country through most of WWII. He died just before the war ended, his health undoubtedly worsened by the severe strain of his eventful terms in office.

Ulysses Grant took steps to clamp down on violence created by which group?

Following the Civil War, groups like the KKK responded with violence out of frustration. Grant took measures to reduce violence and protect former slaves ... even though he'd been a slaveholder himself.

Which president finally got the U.S. out of the Vietnam War?

Nixon resigned in shame over his misconduct, but when it came the Vietnam War, he knew it was time to end the conflict. He slowly withdrew America from the deadly quagmire.

Which president implemented policies that helped to end the Great Depression?

Roosevelt entered office as the Depression ravaged the world. He countered with the New Deal, a series of policies that provided relief, recovery and reform for America.

John F. Kennedy's time in office was marked by which accomplishment?

Kennedy helped to create the Peace Corps, which provides manpower and skills to countries in need of assistance. It also spreads American values around the globe.

Who was the youngest president ever in the United States?

In 1901, William McKinley was assassinated, leaving his (very young) vice president in charge. Teddy Roosevelt was just 42 years old when he assumed presidential duties.

Which organization did Thomas Jefferson create?

Jefferson is known for creating the United States Military Academy at West Point. West Point is renowned for generating some of America's best military leaders.

Who is the only president to survive his wounds after an assassination attempt?

In 1981, a disturbed man named John Hinckley shot President Reagan at close range. But quick medical attention saved his life, and he completed his term in office.

What was one major accomplishment of Franklin Roosevelt?

In part due to the harsh realities of the Great Depression, Roosevelt championed the Social Security System. It was meant to provide economic security for the elderly.

Ronald Reagan took major steps toward reducing which type of weapon?

Reagon proposed the START treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), which helped to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons. It cut nuke stockpiles by roughly 80%.

Who was the first and only president of African-American ancestry?

In 2009, Barack Obama became the first man of African-American ancestry to win the nation's highest office. In a country noted for its history of enslavement, it was a startling accomplishment.

James Monroe is known primarily for his work on which issue?

Monroe is famous for the "Monroe Doctrine," which guided foreign affairs. It essentially formalized America's opposition to European countries attempting to seize further territory in North and South America.

Abraham Lincoln signed which bit of legislation?

In 1863, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which gave legal status to slaves. Once the Union won the Civil War, it essentially outlawed slavery altogether.

Who was the first vice president to assume leadership after a president's death in office?

President William Harrison gave a long-winded inauguration address in cold, wet weather ... and a month later he was dead from pneumonia. John Tyler stepped into his place and served four contentious years in office.

The Cold War ended under which president's watch?

In 1990, the Soviet Union empire crumbled in dramatic fashion, in part due to George H.W. Bush's alliances. It was the long-awaited end of the Cold War.

Andrew Jackson helped to found and guide which political party?

Jackson's leadership essentially formed the Democratic Party, which is now the longest-lived political party in the world.

Who was the first president to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

In 1906, Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in ending the Russo-Japanese War. He convinced Russian and Japan to meet, and as a result, a lasting peace was formed.

Who is the only president to have served three terms in office?

Franklin Roosevelt was unfathomably popular for his work during the Great Depression and World War II. He served nearly three full terms, from 1933 to 1945, when he died in office.

Which president commissioned the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which explored America's vast and unknown West?

After the Louisiana Purchase, the U.S. doubled in size, but no one really knew much about the frontier. Jefferson cobbled together the funds for the famous Expedition, which revealed many of America's riches and guided new government policies.

Which president put down the Whiskey Rebellion?

In 1791, the federal government was hurting for money and resorted to new taxes, like those on whiskey. The taxes were opposed by violence, but George Washington gathered the military to put down the revolt, establishing order in the newly formed country.

Which president led the U.S. Coalition forces against Iraq in 1991?

In 1991, Iraq's Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Western allies denounced the attack, rallied around George H.W. Bush, and forced Iraq back into its own borders.

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