Can You Match These American Military Unit Nicknames to the Correct Branch of Service?

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The United States Armed Forces is a sprawling entity made up of five service branches, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. During their service, many units earn legendary nicknames that speak to their heroism or suffering on battlefields around the world. In this quiz, if we offer up a famous unit’s nickname, do you think you can match it to the correct branch of the military?

For example, the "Super Sixth" is the Army’s Sixth Armored Division. It was formed in 1942 as an armored unit meant to collide with the Axis, and that’s just what these men did. From the beaches of Normandy to the jungles of the South Pacific, the Super Sixth became an iconic part of the Allied efforts to beat back Germany and Japan.

The 2nd Infantry Division is known as “Indianhead.” Why? Because of the distinct silhouette of a Native American warrior found on its insignia. The 3rd Infantry Division is the “Rock of the Marne,” because in World War I, as many other units retreated, it stood up to blistering German attacks, just like a rock in a hurricane.

Let’s see if you can survive the onslaught of this brutal quiz! Take our American military unit nickname quiz now!

Which branch features "The Screaming Eagles"?

Bastonge. The Western Front. The 101 First Airborne of the United States Army is the The Screaming Eagles. Enough said.

Which branch features the "Gunslingers"?

Strike Fighter Squadron 105 (VFA-105) is the Gunslingers. Their motto is "Tonight... we ride!" This Air Force unit saw its first action in the Vietnam War.

Which branch features "Hell on Wheels"?

The Army's 2nd Armored Division is Hell on Wheels. The unit staked its first claim to fame in its invasions of Sicily and North Africa during WWII.

Which branch features "America's Guard of Honor"?

The Army's 82nd Airborne Division is America's Guard of Honor. The 82nd fought in both World Wars and made headlines during WWII due to its participation in major battles.

Which branch features the "Diamondbacks"?

Strike Fighter Squadron 102 (VFA-102) is the Diamondbacks. The "Dbacks" are Navy aviators who have served since the Vietnam War.

Which branch features "Old Ironsides"?

The Army's 1st Armored Division was formed in 1940, as WWII escalated. Old Ironsides uses the motto, "Iron Soldiers!"

Which branch features the "Big Red One"?

Also called "The Fighting First," the 1st Infantry Division is The Big Red One. First created during the Great War, it is based out of Fort Riley, Kansas.

Which branch features the "Destroyers"?

The 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, the Destroyers, is part of the Marine Corps. It has served in major engagements, particularly in the Middle East.

Which branch features the "Sky Soldiers"?

Based in Italy, the 173rd Airborne Brigade is known as the Sky Soldiers. They're an airborne infantry brigade that's part of the Army.

Which branch features the "Lucky Seventh"?

The 7th Armored Division is the Lucky Seventh, a unit of the Army. But they didn't need luck when they were stomping Nazis on the Western Front in WWII.

Which branch features "Ivy"?

The 4th Infantry Division of the Army is "Ivy." Why? Because the Roman numerals for "4" is "IV," and it looks a bit like "Ivy."

Which branch features the "Rocketeers"?

The Air Force's 336th Fighter Squadron is the Rocketeers. It was formed all the way back in the chaos of WWII and played a major role in the Gulf War, too.

Which branch features "The Walking Dead"?

The 1st Battalion, 9th Marines is sometimes called The Walking Dead. The nickname originated with the unit's miserably high casualty rate during Vietnam.

Which branch features the "Red Devils"?

Deactivated in 1992, the 5th Infantry Division -- the Red Devils -- saw action in both World Wars and Vietnam. The Army unit was part of the legendary D-Day beach landings.

Which branch features "Purple Heart"?

This unit is the most-decorated squad in the history of the American military. The Army Reserve's 442nd Infantry Regiment was called the "Purple Heart" battalion. Its nickname refers to its incredible casualty rates during WWII.

Which branch features "Bloody Bucket"?

Also known as "Keystone," the 28th Infantry Division of the Army National Guard was called "Bloody Bucket" by Germans in WWII due to its unique red insignia. The 29th was formed in 1879.

Which branch features the "Magnificent Bastards"?

The 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines, U.S. Marine Corps, is the Magnificent Bastards. These men earned their nickname amid agonizing casualty rates during Vietnam.

Which branch features the "Bounty Hunters"?

Strike Fighter Squadron 2 is a Navy unit that was formed in 1972. The Bounty Hunters are part of Carrier Air Wing 2 and have seen plenty of action in the Middle East.

Which branch features "Red Bull"?

"Red Bull" is the 34th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army. It was first formed during World War I and is currently headquartered in Rosemount, Minnesota.

Which branch features "Hell in a Helmet"?

Hell in a Helmet was the 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines. Disbanded in 2015, the unit was very active in both World War II and Vietnam.

Which branch features the "Yellow Jackets"?

Electronic Attack Squadron 138 is the Yellow Jackets, and they are Navy aviators. Their motto is "Nothing Less Than the Best."

Which branch features "The Professionals"?

The 26th Marine Regiment is The Professionals. They were a major player in the Battle of Iwo Jima and at the Battle of Khe Sanh.

Which branch features "Spearhead"?

During WWII, the 3rd Armored Division was the "Spearhead" of many major attacks. These men were famed for their help in liberating France.

Which branch features the "Betio Bastards"?

The 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines, U.S. Marines are the Betio Bastards. They were part of the assault that captured an island called Betio in the Pacific during WWII.

Which branch features the "Headhunters"?

The 80th Fighter Squadron is the Headhunters, and this unit has served since World War II. It was formed in the immediate aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

Which branch features the "Cheaters of Death"?

The 1st Medical Battalion is part of the Marines but run by the U.S. Navy. This battalion is incredibly important for medical emergencies and humanitarian missions.

Which branch features "The Super Breed"?

Formed during World War II, the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion is The Super Breed. These Marines saw intense combat in the Pacific, fighting the Japanese tooth and nail, island by island.

Which branch features the "Warriors of the Pacific"?

Call them 3/12, 3rd Battalion, 12th Marines, or just Warriors of the Pacific. They are the Marines, and this unit was formed in 1944 -- it saw action at Guam and Iwo Jima.

Which branch features "Death From Below"?

The 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion is Death From Below, an air defense unit of the Marines. Created during Vietnam, this unit specializes in surface-to-air defense systems.

Which branch features "The Old Breed"?

Few other American units have the pedigree of the 1st Marine Division, The Old Breed. This division saw battle after battle from World War II to the War in Afghanistan."

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