Can You Match the TV Host to Their Show?

By: Kennita Leon

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SURVEY SAYS ... take this quiz! When we take a break from our favorite drama or sitcom shows, we're probably watching a TV host lead their way through a game or an interview. From talk shows to game shows, can you match the TV host to their show?

The first TV talk show was hosted by Joe Franklin in 1951. Three years later in 1954, NBC would debut the world's longest-running show and it was The Tonight Show. While the world of talk shows began in the '50s, game shows began earlier than that. The first game show ever to appear on TV was Spelling Bee. Simply enough, the show was exactly what the title would lead to you believe it is - a spelling bee.

Since then, these kinds of shows have bloomed and grown in popularity, and much of this is due to their TV hosts. Could you match the TV host to their show?

Some of the most famous talk show hosts to light up the TV screens are Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien. What would the world of game shows be without Alex Trebek, Bob Barker and Pat Sajak? More recent singing and dancing competitions have put Ryan Seacrest and Tom Bergeron at the top of the list of TV hosts. With all these popular TV hosts, could you match them to their show?

Will this quiz lead you to the victory after final Jeopardy! or will you be left spinning the Wheel of Fortune with no luck? Let's find out!

Corden has hosted this effortlessly funny late-night television talk show since March 2015. The show airs on CBS and ensures that the sleepless get plenty of laughs with hilarious sketches, such as Carpool Karaoke with the likes of ex-POTUS, Barrack Obama, Queen Latifah, and Adele.

The iconic Regis Philbin hosted this now syndicated game show from its inception in August 1997 until its cancellation in June 2002. It was later relaunched but hosted by Meredith Vierra. It was one of the first game shows of its time to offer a $1 million prize. The show quickly became a hit.

Ted Allen is the host of Food Network's Chopped, a perfect combination of decadence and an adrenaline rush. Four chefs race against time and each other to create the perfect three-course meal. Hosted by Allen since January 2009, this show brings out the Cordon Bleu in anyone and turns the art of fine dining into something just short of a competitive sport!

David Letterman's company, Worldwide Pants, began producing this show with Letterman at the helm in August 1993. This 60-minute comedy and talk show included an in-house band. A typical show included comedic segments, such as the recurring "stupid human tricks," interviews with top celebrities and a musical send-off by up and coming singers or groups.

Ludacris, the DJ turned rapper, turned actor, added TV host to his repertoire in May 2017 with this adrenaline-fix. Moving just slightly away from the classical gore factor of the show, the reboot now features challenges that are based on urban legends.

Dave Navarro serves as both host and judge on this colorful and modern, competitive reality show. Navarro, who is no stranger to tattoos, has been on the show since its inception in January 2012. The contestants, who are tattoo artists, compete for $100,000 by inking their live human canvases as beautifully as possible within a set timeframe.

This competitive show, which premiered in February 2009, depicts RuPaul's - one of America's most successful drag queens - search for "America's Next Drag Superstar." Featuring a host of celebrity judges, such as Lady Gaga and Kesha, the contestants are subjected to challenges, such as a trampoline photo shoot and lip sync battles.

From 2010 to 2011, Guy Fieri led contestants through a series of ten games that increased in difficulty to win $1 million. The challenges were simple games that could have even been replicated by the audience at home. Candidates had 60 seconds to complete each one and had the option of stopping at any level and leaving with the cash already won.

Since July 2008, Nick Cannon and his zany cast have been cranking out good old-fashioned roasts paired with freestyle rap. Two groups of comedians go against each other in a not-so-heated battle that ultimately ends up with 'Wildstyle Battle.' The show is then brought to an end by musical performances by the hottest musicians, such as Migos, Rick Ross, and Wiz Khalifa

In September 1986, Oprah shattered the glass ceiling by becoming the first black female host of a syndicated talk show. This show reached across barriers for 25 years, ending in May 2011. The show featured in-depth interviews with diverse guests ranging from everyday people to celebrities.

As of May 2017, the always suave Jamie Foxx threw his hat into the game show ring to lead four pairs of contestants in a time sensitive race to identify popular and timeless songs of varying categories and genres. Teams are eliminated until one is left standing to face off against Shazam for the chance at $1 million dollars.

Steve Harvey has been bringing the noise and laughs to this timeless classic since 2010. Two families compete for $20,000 and a new car by answering a series of questions on a particular topic. The family with the most points then moves on to a lightning round called "fast money" where the winning family can earn extra money.

The self-dubbed "King of All Media" is known for his controversial and at times downright raunchy subject matter. Howard Stern's television show, which started with five unaired test pilots for Fox, finally took off in 1990 and remained on the air until 2005. The show was a man cave special, filled with sketches and interviews that would probably have made a sailor blush.

Known widely for her nine-year soap opera stint, one can say that this lovely lady was born for the role of host as she is the daughter of Micheal Westmore, the genius behind the Star Wars makeup. McKenzie Westmore hosts this SYFY show filled with special effects makeup during which artists compete against each other in various challenges. The eventual winner is rewarded with $100,000 and a one-year supply of high-quality special effects makeup.

Matt Iseman started as a physician before eventually becoming the host of this high octane American version of the Japanese classic. The challenge sees various contenders going through a spectacular four-stage obstacle course and fully displays remarkable feats of athleticism. The individual who completes the fourth challenge, known as Mount Midoriyama, in the shortest time is the winner.

The funnyman that is Drew Carey took the reins of this game show classic in October 2007 and has not looked back since. Contestants on this 45-year-old show begin by bidding on items and trying to get as close to the actual price as possible without going over. The person who gets the closest, gets the opportunity to play one of the many classic games, such as Plinko or Cliffhanger.

Julie Chen has been a part of this reality game show since its inception in 2009. She was nicknamed "Chenbot" by fans who initially criticized her cerebral manner of interaction with house guests and in delivering her script. Big Brother is acclaimed as one of CBS' most successful shows to date and has had two spinoffs.

Since its start in May 2017, Jenna Dewan Tatum, the former backup dancer for Janet Jackson, has served as a mentor and host on NBC's energetic dance show. World of Dance includes dancers from all demographics going head to head for the ultimate prize of $1 million.

For over 30 years, Pat Sajak and his timelessly stunning assistant, Vanna White, have been household names synonymous with the question, "Can I buy a vowel?" The game is simple, Much like an altered version of hangman, a contestant spins the wheel and guesses the word or gives a letter that they think fits in. If they are successful, they win money or the prize on which they land.

Aimed mostly at a younger urban crowd, this late night talk show hosted by Arsenio Hall was both energy and comedy filled. Arsenio habitually named a part of the audience comedic names, particularly " the dog pound." In response, audience members would whirl their fists in the air chanting, "wuff, wuff, wuff."

T. J. Lavin, a former BMX rider has been hosting this 19-year-old show since 2005. The contestants are from other "challenge shows," such as "Real World," "Fresh Meat," or "Are You The One?" Participants are placed in groups and sent on various missions. Following the tasks, the worst performing team or individual is sent for elimination and competes with the other lowest performer.

Jimmy Fallon has been serving up laughter on this hilarious late-night show. The recurrent sketches include "thank you notes," where Jimmy thanks the most extraordinary things for hysterical reasons.

POTUS Donald J. Trump, prior to becoming commander in chief, hosted this entrepreneur-themed show for 14 seasons. Contestants were grouped into two teams, one member from each side volunteered as project manager for every new task. In the end, the weakest link in the losing team was "fired."

"Real Time with Bill Maher" allows us to examine actual and potential issues within the political and media spheres, but with a less monotonous approach. Maher, a comedian and political satirist discussed a host of current events with a panel of guests.

Kelly Ripa has been a part of the "Live With" show since 2001 when she took the hot seat next to the iconic Regis Philbin. In 2011, Kelly was left to take the helm alone after Philbin retired. The show begins with Kelly and her co-host discussing what is going on with them and in pop culture.

Tyra Banks, who is a celebrated supermodel and mogul, began her search for a bevy of top models in 2003. The undiscovered models were put through a series of challenges that were at times lots of fun and at others, insanely dangerous. The show ended in December 2015.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" made it's debut in January 2003 and has not lost steam in 14 years. Hosted by Kimmel, with assistance from his band members and even his security guard, Guillermo, this show is almost impossible not to find funny. Segments include "pedestrian question" where people on the street are asked their (most times knee slapping) opinions on a theme and "this week in unnecessary censorship," where clips of videos and advertisements are censored for no good reason.

Conan O’Brien kept us company on sleepless nights from 1993 to 2009. The show featured comedic segments and interviews with celebrities. As an avid music fan, Conan ensured that the show also featured spectacular musical interludes.

This game show kept us on the edge of our seats with Howie Mandel adding more suspense with his dramatic pauses. Howie was the face of the show from December 2005 through 2010. Twenty-six briefcases carried values ranging from one cent to $1 million. Players had to choose a briefcase at the cost of the previous one and also decide whether to accept or reject to sell their current briefcase to the bank for the price offered.

Kiwi television personality, Phil Keoghan, has hosted CBS' competitive reality show since its debut in 2001. Eleven teams travel to various locations and utilize both physical and mental capacities to complete challenges. Upon completion, the country of their next escapade is revealed. The first team to arrive at the final leg, wins.

Carson Daly began hosting "The Voice," a competitive singing show in 2011. His duties include listening in on blind auditions. The show seeks to find the latest and greatest upcoming new singer and simultaneously offers a springboard of exposure to participants.

Heidi Klum has been adding flair and elegance to this design show since its original airing in 2004. A group of 12 or more designers is challenged to create new and chic designs in a limited amount of time and with an exhaustible supply of materials. The winner is rewarded with $100,000 and a designer mentorship.

Ryan Seacrest became a household name since the show premiered in June 2002. Ryan remained with the show until it ended in 2016. He has confirmed that he is coming back for the reboot on ABC in 2018. The show's seasons began with informal auditions in various cities, and if singers made the cut, they moved on to the more formal competition where they were voted on by the home audience.

Funnyman Tom Bergeron tagged along for the ride as host of DWTS in 2005 and has remained a staple of the show for 12 years. In this high energy program, celebrities are paired with professional dancers and must perform live each week. Their fates are determined by both a panel of seasoned judges and at-home viewers.

This timeless classic is the first and only show to give responses in the form of questions (what is, Jeopardy! ). The original show began in March 1964, but the version we know and love started in 1984 and has remained on the air for 33 years, with Alex Trebek as the cool and charming host. The gameplay is simple; there are three rounds in which contestants answer various questions on several topics and whoever ends with the most money, wins.

Known for her signature catchphrase, "How you doing?" Wendy Williams, the queen of the powwow is always ready to spill the tea. The show made it's debut in July 2008, and has since grown in its fanbase. The show starts off with "hot topics" where the 411 on the latest Hollywood scandals is given, Wendy then moves into her fun, yet candid celebrity interview segment.

Tyra Banks has been part of this model-themed show since 2003 when it first aired. Tyra, at times, displayed her wild side, passionately cheering on contestants. She sometimes even showed a sensitive side by comforting those who did not make it and also fixing contestants' hair and outfits so they could be more confident.

This former lawyer and politician started off his self-named show in 1991; the show was initially a politically-based talk show. In 1994, the show, in the pursuit of higher ratings, took a turn and became a place where regular people would confront their loved ones on issues such as transgender reveals, strange sexual affections and infidelity.

The shockingly blunt and potty-mouthed celebrity chef known as Gordon Ramsay has been heating up the kitchen since 2005. Two teams go against each other for the opportunity to be crowned as head chef of one of Gordon's restaurants. The chefs must come as close to perfection as possible, as too many mistakes will get them thrown out of the kitchen.

Sharon Osbourne is one of the many talented women who make up the cast of "The Talk." The show allows everyone, including viewers, to have their say on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #EverybodyTalks or #EVBT. Guests, who are usually celebrities or correspondents for entertainment shows or magazines, are also interviewed at the roundtable.

Whoopi Goldberg joined the ladies of "The View" in September 2007 as a replacement for the controversial Rosie O'Donnell. The show begins with the hot topics of the day, which range from issues in the sociopolitical world to the latest pop scandal. Various celebrities then make an appearance for either a sit-down interview or to perform for the live studio audience.

Jon Steward hosted Comedy Central's late-night satirical news from 1999 to 2015. The latest news headlines, political figures, and media organizations had no immunity to the risk of being the subject of Stewart's verbal caricature.

This former Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon, has been a part of the fivesome turned foursome on the syndicated talk-variety show, "The Real," since it was began in July 2013. The show is fun and fresh as the ladies discuss the latest pop culture topics, but also speak about issues about their own lives. It is akin to sitting in on a group of longtime friends chatting casually.

The lovable goofball that is Ellen DeGeneres takes pleasure on pranking everyone from her guests to her staff members. She started her show in September 2003 and easily combines comedy with all the other elements of the show.

Indian-born executive producer and cookbook author, Padma Lakshmi, has hosted Bravo's "Top Chef" since its second season in 2006. The show starts off with twelve to nineteen chefs who are eliminated as the season progresses. The chefs must first prepare a dish that meets specified requirements within a few hours or less.

This seasoned news anchor has hosted his self-named talk show since 1991. His most famous topic on the show is infidelity and the resulting paternity testings. He is known for the phrases, "the results are in" and "you are/not the father." Despite the popularity of paternity testing, Maury Povich also has makeovers and episodes focusing on out of control minors.

For 24 years, between October 1962 and June 1986, Merv Griffin, a former radio and big band singer, hosted his self-named talk show. The show created a platform for writers, directors, and actors to discuss their past and present achievements.

Chris Harrison has been the host of ABC's hit show from its inception in March 2002. The show has had many spin-offs since it first aired. A single eligible bachelor starts off with 25 or more potential partners and after dating and getting to know the ladies, at least one is eliminated. The last woman standing receives a marriage proposal from the bachelor.

This 12-year-old FOX series had its start in 2005 and was hosted by Cat Deeley from 2006. The show focuses on amateur and semi-professional dancers who learn and then perform various dances from diverse genres. As the season progresses, performers are eliminated by votes from viewers and according to the results of the judges' deliberation.

Jeff Probst has hosted this challenge-style show since its premiere. Groups of strangers are brought to a remote location where they must fend for themselves to provide necessities such as food, shelter, and warmth. The contestants must take part in competitions and challenges to gain prizes and immunity. The goal is to outwit, outlast and outplay their competitors.

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