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I'll say a little prayer for you... if you open up this quiz and see how well you know about religions of the world!

There are religions and there are religions. With so many that have come and gone, and, of course, with those that are still around since the time of antiquity, do you think you can recognize some of the beliefs that the majority of these popular religions convey? Even if you're only a subscriber to one -- or none at all -- this might be a fun way to learn more about what exactly these religions preach.

This quiz could also be a good way to test your basic knowledge about the most common beliefs of the most popular and largest religions in the world. We have been so bombarded by "facts" or "details" and "information" about specific religions that we sometimes need to pause, step back a little, and scrutinize what this information says about us. Some of these beliefs might also be second-hand or even third-hand information, so their accuracy may not be trustworthy.

We'll drop the brief data about specific beliefs, and you tell us to which religion we're referring. So take a leap of faith with us and take this quiz!

Jesus Christ is the Son of God sent to earth as the Messiah to save everyone, so everyone should worship Him as their Savior.

Christianity encompasses the religions subscribing to the beliefs connected to God and Jesus Christ. But it has branched out greatly over the centuries.


The belief in Karma means for every action a human does — whether good or bad — an equal action or reaction — also good or bad — will befall the doer.

Hinduism is one of the world's most ancient religions. It sprang from ancient India, where it is still largely practiced today.


There should be one month spent on fasting during the daytime. This month is called Ramadan.

The Islamic calendar identifies its ninth month as the fasting month called Ramadan. Followers are required to fast from dawn to dusk.


Its followers believe in celebrating the Hanukkah as a testament of keeping their faith alive.

Judaism has existed in the BC or BCE timeframe. That means "Before Christ" or "Before Common Era."


This religion prescribes believers to pray five times in a single day, every day, to Allah.

The Five Pillars of Islam contain the basic beliefs to which all followers should subscribe. One pillar, called the Salah, refers to this five times per day prayer practice.


This religion believes that there are eight specific steps to achieve enlightenment, collectively termed as the Noble Eightfold Path.

Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It has nearly 400 million followers throughout the globe.


The death of Jesus Christ via crucifixion is an act that erases the sins of man, and gives hope that He will come again to save us all.

Christianity is a monotheistic religion. Christians believe in the existence of God, His Son, Jesus Christ.


One of its 10 Commandments tells believers to “honor your father and your mother."

Christianity has its 10 Commandments given by God to the people through the prophet Moses. It mandates what Christians should and shouldn't do.


This Christian religion does not believe in the supreme holy role of the Pope.

Protestantism branched out of Christianity. That's why the Pope is not in their revered list, but they respect his existence nonetheless.


Contrary to popular belief, this religion uses special dolls to communicate with its deities to ask for guidance or healing, not to hex enemies.

Voodoo is a mixture of African and Catholic beliefs, popular in Haiti and New Orleans where both white and black cultures mesh. The so-called "voodoo dolls" are actually used for healing purposes, and are meant to "invoke" deities into helping the requesting party.


An important commandment to its followers is “Thou shall not kill.”

Christianity is said to have more than 2 billion followers all over the world today. While it has its great beliefs, it also has its dark history.


It believes that Muhammad is the very last prophet sent by God, and only these two entities should be worshipped by its followers.

Muhammad is said to have been born in the area now known as Saudi Arabia. He is regarded as the very last prophet tasked to spread the word of God, coming from the lineage as far back as Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.


This Christian religion regards seven Sacraments as holy, and every believer should ideally undergo each one of them in their lifetime.

Roman Catholicism believes in the seven Sacraments.These include Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation, to name a few.


The belief called Samsara means a human could be born and die and later reincarnated into another being to be born and to die again and to be reincarnated again.

Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. That means believers have more than one god-like supreme being to worship and pray to.


The Amish subscribe to a religion that encourages its believers to shun modernity and technological advances.

Anabaptism is considered a Christian movement. Their orthodox beliefs are practiced in their daily life, which even governs how they dress and everything else in their culture.


This Christian religion believes that the sacrament of baptism washes away a newborn’s “original sin” which everyone inherently has when they are born.

There are nearly 2 billion Catholics all over the world. The majority of them are said to live in South America.


Believers should perform at least a one-time pilgrimage to Mecca.

Muslims are required to undergo a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The place is regarded as the holiest place in Islam, since the religion was born there.


Unlike Catholicism, this Christian religion believes a church could be headed by a woman.

Gender has long been an issue in many organized religions. That's why those that promote gender emancipation, such as Protestantism, are more welcome in some parts of the world.


This religion believes that the main teachings of its main figure, the Buddha, are collectively found in The Four Noble Truths.

Buddhism refers to "the enlightened one." It also means "the awakened one."


This religion originally centered on the belief of the black race being liberated back to Africa after centuries of colonization.

Rastafari or Rastafarianism developed largely in Jamaica, as inspired by events in Africa. Reggae king Bob Marley helped popularize the religion through his music and lifestyle, and, of course, the use of ganja.


Its followers believe in celebrating the ancient event of the Israelites being liberated from slavery in Egypt through the leadership of Moses.

The Passover is a very important festival in the calendar of Judaism. Pesach is the term for it in Hebrew.


Its main proponent, Martin Luther, abolished the belief that priests should follow a vow of celibacy.

Protestantism doesn't want their church officials to have this total vow of celibacy. This is one differentiating factor of Protestantism from Catholicism.


This belief system emphasizes the respect for the life forces found in Mother Nature.

Paganism is actually an umbrella belief that has certain beliefs subsumed within it. Wicca and Druidism are some of them.


This religion doesn’t believe in the concept of humans going to hell, where there is fire and torment.

Jehovah's Witnesses is a Christian-based religion. It was founded in America, and its headquarters are in New York.


This strict religion believes in a heterosexual-only union, forbidding same-sex couplings and relationships outside of marriage.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints holds very strict beliefs about couplings. This was satirized in the Tony Award-winning musical, "The Book of Mormon."


Its proponents believe in clearing the analytic mind of its followers by releasing the traumas that scarred them so they can experience true reality.

The Church of Scientology followers believe in the writings of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. This church is very controversial, in a Hollywood high-profile way.


This Catholic organization believes in the concept of “corporal mortification” where believers inflict some form of physical pain on themselves, done in solidarity with Jesus’ sufferings and all poor people who are suffering in the world.

Opus Dei is like a "church within a church., something subsumed under Catholicism and the Pope's rule." Many were inspired to join it after it received an unexpected boost in "The Da Vinci Code."


This religion believes that God is genderless and lives in each and every person.

Sikhism traces its origins to India and Pakistan. It specifically grew out of those countries' Punjab district around the 16th century.


This religion also believes in reincarnation, but there are different realms where a soul could be reborn, and these realms aren’t all necessarily nice.

In countries that practice Buddhism, you can see many types of temples. They call this "wat."


Wherever they may be located, believers should face towards the direction of the holy land of Mecca when performing their five times per day prayers.

Muslims have a great "inner compass" of sorts whenever it comes to praying, because they know where to face Mecca when they pray. Now that's a great way to be peacefully focused!


The belief called Moksha is achieved when a soul is finally liberated and freed from being reincarnated over and over again.

Hinduism strongly believes in souls being reincarnated. But the aim is for reincarnation to stop once the soul has achieved a certain level of enlightenment and emancipation from ignorance.


This religion believes in celebrating the ancient grand revealing of the Torah to Moses as a two-day holiday.

In Judaism, Pentecost celebrates the Pentateuch. This is the collection of the first five books revealed to Moses, all contained in the Torah.


This “offshoot" of Buddhism believes in harnessing mindfulness through meditation, to achieve our own Buddha-nature of enlightenment.

Zen Buddhism is largely Chinese, which also spread in Japan and its neighboring countries. It's basically a mixture of practices from Indian Mahayana Buddhism and beliefs taken from Taoism.


This ancient religion puts forward a belief of severe simplicity, encouraging believers to reject earthly belongings.

Jainism is another old religion that came out of India. It co-existed quietly with Hinduism, and today has over 4 million followers.


This ancient belief says that all existing faiths in the world teach followers the same universal truths.

The Baha'i faith subscribes to a leader believed to have been a descendant of Islam's Muhammad. The religion began in Iran during the mid-1800s.


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