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We all love to eat, but it's no secret that every city has its own specialty dish. How well do you know America's wacky and wonderful foods? Test your knowledge with this delicious HowStuffWorks quiz!

What city is known for deep dish pizza?

Chicago-style pizza is most famously a thick and tall pizza that almost looks like a cake, stuffed with layers of cheese, sauce and often vegetables or meat. It's so well-loved that some Chicago restaurants ship their pizzas from Illinois across the United States.

________ wings are a game-day staple.

Buffalo wings originated in Buffalo, New York. The original Buffalo wing is unbreaded and covered in a vinegar-based spicy cayenne pepper sauce.

Texas Caviar is popular in which city?

Texas Caviar is not actually real caviar. It's black-eyed peas marinated in vinegar and served either as a side salad or dip.

Cheesesteaks are from which city?

The exact origins of the cheesesteak are debated. We do know, however, that this cheese and sliced steak sandwich has been served in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for about a century.

Where does the Juicy Lucy sandwich come from?

The Juicy Lucy is a Minneapolis, Minnesota invention, with two competing burger joints claiming it's their baby. This delicious burger has cheese cooked into the center, rather than on top.

______ cream pies are a popular desert.

Boston cream pies are actually cakes. They are filled with a custard cream filling and frosted with chocolate.

Po'boys come from which town?

Po'boys are a New Orleans, Louisiana, classic that have become popular all over the country. Initially invented in 1929 by the Martin brothers, who were looking to feed striking streetcar workers called "Poor Boys," this sandwich is often served on a baguette.

Which city is obsessed with crab cakes?

Baltimore, Maryland, is famous for its crab cakes. Marylanders are proud of their high-quality blue crabs and love crab cakes, which often feature Old Bay seasoning.

Hot Browns come from which city?

Hot Browns are a Louisville, Kentucky, staple that's been served for over a century. Authentically, this open-faced turkey sandwich is served with Mornay sauce and bacon strips.

Where are Chili Rellenos most popular?

Chili Rellenos are an authentic Mexican dish that comes from Puebla. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, these fried peppers stuffed with cheese are covered in pepper jack cheese and green or red chile sauce.

The Half-Smoke is famously served in which city?

This D.C. staple is a smoked half-pork, half-beef hot dog served with herbs, onions, chili sauce and a side of fries or chips. President Obama was known to enjoy them from time to time.

Which city is known for its clam chowder?

While there are several types of clam chowder, the most famous comes from Boston. This creamy white soup has potatoes, onions and clams in it.

Cheesecake from which city is the most famous?

While many restaurants across America claim to serve the famous New York cheesecake, there is nothing like an authentic slice of the dessert. This heart attack on a plate is 100 percent worth it.

Beignets are from which city?

Beignets are a New Orleans, Louisiana, staple. These fried doughnuts served with powdered sugar are famously served at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.

The French Dip sandwich comes from which city?

Two different Los Angeles restaurants claim to have invented the French Dip sandwich. This sandwich comes with a side of au jus and is traditionally served wet.

The Cuban sandwich comes from which city?

The Cuban sandwich does not actually come from Cuba, but Tampa, Florida. It's ham, pork, mustard, pickles and often other ingredients served on Cuban bread and pressed.

There is a rivalry between Chicago and __________ style pizzas.

Unlike the most famous Chicago-style pizza, New York pizza features thin slices so large they often need to be folded in order to be eaten. This style of pizza is imitated, often badly, all over the world.

Which city is famous for its coffee?

Of course, the city that brought us Starbucks is famous for its coffee. Coffee is a way of life in Seattle, Washington.

Which town invented pork rolls?

Pork rolls were created in 1856 by John Taylor of Trenton, New Jersey. These minced ham tubes have become popular all over the country, but are a diner staple in New Jersey.

The Horseshoe Sandwich comes from which city?

This Springfield, Illinois, classic is served for breakfast. It's a large slice of bread topped with meat, french fries and a cheesy sauce.

What city is known for a specific type of omelet?

The Denver Omelet is served across America, many claiming it began as a sandwich invented by Western pioneers. It has diced ham, onions, green bell peppers and cheese in it.

Which city is known for its love of green jello?

Salt Lake City consumes more jello, particularly green jello, than any city in the U.S., according to a Kraft foods survey. They say that Mormons love jello, and it would seem that Salt Lake City, Utah, might just prove them right.

Which city invented The Bella Burger?

Due to the popularity of the "Twilight" series, Forks, Washington, has become a bit of a tourist destination. As a result, the Bella burger, topped with special sauce, pineapple and Swiss cheese has started to be served.

Which town is all about kolacky?

Montgomery, Minnesota, is obsessed with kolacky, a fruit-filled pastry. They even hold an annual festival in honor of this treat, which originated in Europe.

The Mission Burrito comes from which city?

The burrito craze has swept the nation, but it started in San Francisco. Famously large and tin-foil wrapped Mission Burritos are named for San Francisco's Mission district.

Chislic is served in which town?

Chislic has been a Sioux Falls, South Dakota, staple since the 1870s. Cubes of meat are deep-fried, seasoned with garlic and served with toothpicks.

Idaho Spud candies are from which town?

This candy bar has been manufactured in Boise, Idaho, for about a century. It features a coconut-flavored marshmallow center with a chocolate and coconut flake shell.

Pretzels from which city are famous?

Philly soft pretzels are famously delicious. This staple pairs great with another Philadelphia favorite: Italian Ice.

________ baked beans are famous.

Boston baked beans are a salty and sweet variety of baked beans. They are usually prepared with molasses or maple syrup and bacon.

Which city invented the Chili burger?

This classic burger is also known as a Chili Size. It's a burger topped with chili con carne.

Toasted ravioli were invented in which city?

These large toasted ravioli served with parmesan cheese and a side of marinara have their roots in Sicily. They evolved and became popular in the Italian St. Louis, Missouri, neighborhood known as The Hill.

What city is famous for its style of barbecue?

Memphis-style barbecue is amongst the most popular and famous styles out there. This Tennessee specialty includes both wet and dry styles.

Hot chicken comes from which city?

Nashville hot chicken is spicy and delicious. It is often double friend and sauced with a spicy cayenne pepper paste.

Key lime pies are from where?

Key lime pies come from Key West, Florida. These tart and sweet pies are piled with light meringue topping.

___________ Chili is a famous dish.

Cincinnati Chili is a famous Ohio dish. It features chili and cheese served over spaghetti or a hot dog.

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