Quiz: Can You Match the Predator to Its Prey?
Can You Match the Predator to Its Prey?
By: Olivia C
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About This Quiz

Predator and prey relationships have long existed on earth even before humans came to be on it. 

Mother Nature sure knows how to work it that way. She starts by building organism after organism, letting them nurture themselves and develop according to their own environmental needs. Of course, this also pertains to hunting for food, or looking for it.

There are different kinds of animals that eat different kinds of things. But one thing is certain in the animal kingdom: There will always be smaller creatures that will end up as food of bigger ones. This phenomenon is actually called the food chain. Predators exist at varying levels of this food chain. But that predator could also be the prey of another predator which is higher up on the chain. Well, such is life!

And in the evolution of the world, there have been some developments in ecological relationships. Some strange or interesting predator-prey relationships were produced over the years, that's why we can now clearly identify which animal hunts or eats which creature.

So, if you think you're good at identifying such creatures, why not give this quiz a try. Hop in!

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A zebra often gets attacked by which typical creature?
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Salmon could be clawed by which creature?
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Hopping away won’t save a rabbit from which predator?
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Leaping antelopes may not get far if this is on their tail. What's this predator?
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The unassuming anteater is hunted by which predator?
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A seal can be attached by which "hugger?"
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We humans can be ferociously attacked by which furry beast?
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Everybody knows that a mouse is attacked by which pet?
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A gazelle gets clawed upon by which creature?
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The poor sea otter is prey to which huge beast?
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The snowshoe hare is a prey that has adjusted to which predator?
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A raccoon can be hunted by which flying animal?
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Krill serve as prey to which kind of water creature?
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A bobcat could also become prey to which predator?
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The huge moose could be downed by which smaller creature?
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Good luck to a capybara when encountering this predator.
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A monkey could be attacked by which four-legged predator?
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The lemming is prey to which predator?
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Crabs are often hunted by which kind of flying creature?
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A pig can be prey to which creature?
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An elk is often hunted by which color-specific creature?
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Insects are often hunted by what type of bird?
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A blue jay, in turn, could be hunted down by which creature?
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Thanks or no thanks to the food chain, a snake can also be hunted down by which flying creature?
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The predator wolf can also become prey when encountering which watery creature?
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The deer is the prey of which predator?
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Not-so-oddly enough, the spider can be prey to which creature?
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A typical gecko could be eaten by which larger creature?
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The octopus is no match to which predator?
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Even fast fishes can’t escape this diving predator.
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The caribou’s predator is which one?
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A snail’s shell is no match for which creature?
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Flies could be prey to predator plants, too! What’s plant snacks on this fly?
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Grasshoppers are food to which kind of bird?
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Pesky aphids are eaten by this small predator. What’s it called?
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The lambs may be crying, Clarice, because of this predator. What is it?
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A slug, no matter how sluggish, will be eaten by this amphibian.
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By its very definition, ants are eaten by which creature?
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The squirrel won't get away when this is around to hunt it. What is it?
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Don't have a cow, especially when this apex predator eats it all. What is this creature called?
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