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From beautiful hides and feathers to evasiveness and intelligence, the world's most popular game species all have distinctive traits that make them desirable to hunters. Can you match the game animal to its traits?

Which popular bird species has a big wattle under its chin?

The wattle is the flap of skin dangling under a turkey's chin. Wattles appear in several species and often function as an attractant for potential mates.


Which animal can jump 15 feet into a tree when it feels like it?

Mountains are one of the most athletic game animals in North America. They can jump 15 feet high -- and they can leap up to 40 feet horizontally.


Which popular game bird is known for its very long and colorful tail feathers?

The ring-necked pheasant is the gaudiest game bird you can imagine, featuring what seems to be every color of the rainbow. Hunters flock to the Midwest each fall to harvest these evasive birds.


Which popular North American species has antlers that can grow up to four feet high?

Elk are one of the most majestic deer species in the world, and their enormous antlers add to their already large size. The biggest bull elk can weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds.


In Africa, which big game animal is considered to be the most dangerous to the physical safety of hunters?

African buffaloes are frequently called the most dangerous big game animals in Africa. Hunters who get too bold or careless sometimes pay the price with their lives.


Which hooved big game animal has horns that can weigh up to 30 pounds?

The big horn sheep of North America is no ordinary sheep. They can weigh up to 500 pounds, and their horns are hefty, too, tipping the scales at up to 30 pounds, a fact that's not lost on trophy hunters.


Which North American game animal is armed with tusks that can seriously wound unfortunate hunters?

Wild boars are feral hogs, and many are armed with wicked tusks. Hunters must make sure that their aim is true, otherwise, they may wind up running for their lives.


Which large game animal has the largest range of any mammal in the Western Hemisphere?

The mountain lion is a widespread animal that can be found all over the Western Hemisphere. They're found as far north as Canada, and their range stretches all the way to Argentina in South America.


Which super-fast North American species can kick up its hooves and run 55 mph?

The pronghorn antelope is the fastest land animal in the Western Hemisphere. Over short distances, it can hit highway speeds, and it can maintain 35 mph for several miles.


Which major game animal migrates across the Arctic tundra in gigantic herds?

The caribou (also called reindeer when domesticated) can grow up to around 400 pounds. They migrate across the vast, treeless tundra in numbers that boggle the mind.


Which large North American animal is often seen scaling nearly vertical mountain tops?

Big horn sheep are some of the nimblest creatures in North America. They fearlessly traverse incredibly steep ridges where few hunters are willing to travel.


Which enormous North American animal is the biggest member of the deer family?

The moose is the biggest member of the deer family and can weigh 1,500 pounds or more. Moose look goofy, but they can be outright dangerous to hunters and the general public.


Which big game species is the largest land animal in all of North America?

Bison (often erroneously called buffalo) are the biggest animals in North America. They can top 2,000 pounds yet still hit speeds of 30 mph or more.


Which enormous North American species can weigh 800 pounds or more and loves to eat salmon?

Grizzly bears are icons of the American West, Canada and Alaska. They're often found near lakes and streams during salmon spawning season, gorging themselves on the nutritious fish.


Which large North American species often huddle in big herds that are segregated by sex?

Elk are funky creatures. Not only do they sport spectacular antlers, but their herds are often divided by sex. Girls on the left; boys on the right!


By the 1930s, which big North American predator was nearly exterminated?

Hunters, farmers and ranchers nearly drove the magnificent gray wolf into extinction in the 1930s. Now, their numbers have rebounded, and big game hunters spend big bucks to down one of these legendary beasts.


Which animal is the smallest member of the deer family in North America?

Whitetail deer are the smallest deer family in North America. But big males can still approach 300 pounds.


Which popular game bird puts on a gaudy display of feathers during mating season?

Male turkeys love to strut their stuff during mating season. Their impressive plumage is one reason that these birds draw avid hunters.


Which big game animal famously hunts prey in packs of about 10 members?

Gray wolves are social animals that rely on packs for hunting and mating. Wolves are intelligent animals that are wary of humans, a fact that makes them very difficult to hunt.


Which North American game species got its name thanks to its distinctive ears?

The mule deer has enormous ears that look way too big for its head. The ears are also reminiscent of mule ears, thus, the name.


Which antlered animal can jump up to 30 feet in a single bound?

Whitetail deer are true leaping geniuses. They can jump 30 feet horizontally, and to the chagrin of many farmers and gardeners, they can leap fences that are 10 feet tall.


Which big North American animal can eat more than 70 pounds of food in a single day?

Moose, which can weigh a lot more than 1,000 pounds, must devour prodigious amounts of food to maintain their mass. The biggest moose might chow down more than 70 pounds of food in a day. They are herbivores that munch on plants of all kinds.


Which fearsome game animal is born blind and defenseless?

Gray wolves, in spite of their fearsome reputations, are born as blind and defenseless pups. Once males are grown, they separate from the pack and may travel up to 500 miles in search of new home territory.


The "bobwhite" is a type of _____.

Bobwhite quail are a popular North American game bird. They're often found in large groups, called coveys, that make for exciting hunting.


Which huge African animal has an ivory horn that makes it attractive to both hunters and poachers?

The white rhino is the second-largest land animal in the world and can weigh up to 7,700 pounds. Like elephants, its ivory horn makes it a valuable target for both hunters and commercial poachers.


Which gigantic North American species has "paddles" on its head?

Moose have some of the most distinctive antlers of any species on the planet. Their weirdly-shaped antlers are also called paddles.


Which gigantic game species is sought out by poachers for its enormous, curved ivory tusks?

Elephants are a major target for ambitious big-game hunters, in part due to their beautiful ivory tusks. Hunters pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of hunting elephants, typically on private game preserves.


When spooked, which big North American game animal leaps instead of running?

The mule deer is kind of a weirdo -- instead of running from danger, it leaps. That fact doesn't slow down this fleet species, which can still reach speeds of nearly 50 mph.


Which African big game animals are most often hunted for their unique hides?

The zebra is recognized throughout the world thanks to its fantastic black-and-white hide. Plains zebras are extremely common and found throughout eastern and southern Africa -- so common, in fact, that they're often used by hunters as bait for other big game, like lions.


Which large African game species sports a huge mane around its head?

Male African lions have amazing manes worthy of an 80s hair band. Manes are a sign of sexual maturity and can serve as a form of intimidation to other male lions.


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