Can You Match the NHL Team to Its City?

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Every NHL team has a city that they call home. As many of these teams are easily identified by their names, we're going to omit the names of the cities. See if you know all 31!


The Rangers call New York City home base. They are part of the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference of the NHL.

Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs are housed in Toronto. The play at the Air Canada Centre.


The Canadiens play in Montreal. They call the Bell Center home base.


The Penguins play out of Pittsburgh. Home base is the PPG Paints Arena.

Red Wings

The Red Wings call Detroit home. Home base is the Little Caesars Arena.


The Islanders are at home in New York City. They play out of Barclays Center.


The Oilers play out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. They call Rogers Place home base.


The Jets play out of Winnepeg. They call the Bell MTS Place home base.


The Blackhawks call Chicago home. They play out of the United Center.


The Predators call Nashville home. They play at home in Bridgestone Arena.


The Flames are at home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They play from Scotiabank Saddledome.


The Bruins call Boston home. Home base is the TD Garden.


The Lightening are at home in Tampa Bay. Home base is Amalie Arena.


The Flyers call Philadelphia home. Home base is Wells Fargo Center.


The Sabres call Buffalo home. They play out of KeyBank Center.


The Devils call New Jersey home. Home base is the Prudential Center.


The Blues are at home in St. Louis. They play out of Scottrade Center.


The Kings call Los Angeles home. Home base is the Staples Center.


The Canucks are at home in Vancouver, British Columbia. Home base is Rogers Arena.


The Capitals call the Capital home. Home base is the Capital One Arena.


The Sharks are at home in San Jose. Home base is the SAP Center.

Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets call Columbus, Ohio, home. They play out of Nationwide Arena.


The Senators are at home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Home base is the Canadian Tire Centre.


The Coyotes call Glendale, Arizona, home. Home base is the Gila River Arena.


The Avalanche are at home in Denver, Colorado. Home base is the Pepsi Center.


The Florida Panthers call Miami (technically Sunrise) home. Home base is the BB&T Center.


The Ducks are at home in Anaheim, California. Home base is the Honda Center.


The Stars call Dallas home. They play out of the American Airlines Center.


The Wild are at home in St. Paul Minnesota. Home base is the Xcel Energy Center.


The Carolina Hurricanes call Raleigh home. Home base is the PNC Arena.

Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights are at home in Las Vegas, Nevada. They play out of the T-Mobile Arena.

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