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The history of the NFL is one filled with star players who accomplished amazing feats throughout their careers, dazzling fans along the way with their incredible athleticism and football savvy. They are the players who caught the most passes, threw the most touchdowns, ran the most yards, or terrified offenses throughout the league. How well do you know NFL stars and their famous feats? Here's your chance to find out!

The NFL would be nothing without the star players who have taken the field over the years. They are the players who we remember when we discuss the different eras of the NFL because they dominated their contemporaries by leaving a distinguished mark on an ever-evolving game. We would not be able to tell the story of the NFL without mentioning their names and accomplishments. 

Do you know everything there is to know about the star players who have come through the NFL? Do you know whose feat came first, or who came afterward and did it better? Only true NFL fans will know the answers to all of these questions. If that sounds like you, get started with this quiz and prove your knowledge of NFL stars and their famous feats! 

Who holds the all-time rushing record for a career?

Emmitt Smith had a successful college career at the University of Florida, where he put up 3,928 rushing yards during his three years there. He was overlooked in the early stages of the NFL draft because he was undersized, but eventually, Dallas took him with the 17th overall pick.


Which quarterback won five MVP awards, the most of any player?

Peyton Manning consistently proved he could put up passing yards during the regular season. However, his postseason play often suffered as defenses played more aggressively.


Which running back rushed for 2,097 yards in 2012, eight yards short of the single-season record?

Adrian Peterson was the perfect combination of speed and power. He could blow through a defender then take it to the house without anyone else touching him.


Who is the all-time leader in career sacks?

Bruce Smith was on a Buffalo Bills team that went to four straight Super Bowls. However, they lost every single one of them.


Which player won the first two NFL MVP awards in 1957 and 1958?

Jim Brown went on to have a successful acting career after leaving the NFL. He played in movies such as "The Dirty Dozen," "The Running Man," and "The Condor."


Which quarterback won five Super Bowls?

For a 6th round draft pick, Tom Brady has proven his worthiness in the NFL. Aside from his five Super Bowls, he is also a three-time NFL MVP.


Who was the first running back to rush for over 2,000 yards?

O.J. Simpson was a Heisman Trophy winner for the USC Trojans before going on to the NFL. After an outstanding college career, he was taken with the first overall pick in the 1969 NFL draft by the Buffalo Bills.


Which quarterback first threw for over 5,000 yards?

Dan Marino's NFL career lasted from 1983 until 1999. Although he tore the league apart with his arm, he never won a Super Bowl.


Who is the only linebacker to win the MVP award?

Lawrence Taylor revolutionized the linebacker position in the '80s. He was the first linebacker to really put fear into quarterbacks because they never knew where he was coming from.


In 2001, which defensive end had 22.5 sacks, a single-season record?

After leaving the NFL, Michael Strahan has become a successful television personality. He's been both an NFL analyst and a host on "Good Morning America."


Which running back led the Bears to a Super Bowl victory in the 1985-86 season?

During Super Bowl XX, Walter Payton failed to score a touchdown and was uncharacteristically upset about it. He felt like head coach Mike Ditka screwed him but refused to throw his coach under the bus in front of the media, showing the strength of his character.


Which player has the most receiving yards in a career?

Jerry Rice played beside two Hall of Fame quarterbacks in Steve Young and Joe Montana. However, it was Rice who made them look like stars, not the other way around.


Which quarterback led the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory in the 2017-18 season, winning the Super Bowl MVP?

Nick Foles replaced Carson Wentz after Wentz tore his ACL in the regular season. Foles put on some great postseason performances, but the team was led by an outstanding Eagles defense.


Which quarterback has had the most 5,000-yard passing seasons?

Throughout his career, Drew Brees has consistently proven he's one of the most elite quarterbacks in NFL history. However, he's often overlooked because poor defensive play has kept his teams out of the playoffs.


Who was the first defensive player to win the MVP award?

Alan Page sought a career in the justice system after leaving the NFL. He served on the Minnesota Supreme Court from 1993 until 2015.


Who set the single-season rushing touchdown record in 2006?

In 1999, while in college at TCU, LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for a then-record 406 yards in a game against UTEP. The record has since been broken by two other players.


Which quarterback led the Steelers to four Super Bowl victories?

Terry Bradshaw was a mediocre regular season quarterback. However, once he got in the playoffs, he turned it on, earning two Super Bowl MVP awards to go along with his four championships.


Which running back is the all-time leading rusher for the Detroit Lions?

Barry Sanders played on a Lions team that failed to put quality players around him. That's one of the reasons he decided to retire early.


Who was the 2012 and 2015 NFL single-season sacks leader?

J.J. Watt has been a destructive force along the defensive line, known for his ability to both sack the quarterback and knock passes down. These qualities earned him three Defensive Player of the Year awards.


Which player had the most interceptions in one season?

Dick Lane played football before the Super Bowl era began. Amazingly, he's held onto the single-season interception record after all these years.


Who is the single-season receiving yards leader?

Calvin Johnson was taken with the second pick in the 2007 NFL draft. He was drafted out of Georgia Tech, where he played three seasons.


Who was the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers when they won Super Bowl I?

The Green Bay Packers were coached by the legendary Vince Lombardi. The Lombardi Trophy is awarded each year to the Super Bowl winner.


Who was the single-season receiving yards leader in 2000 when he was part of "The Greatest Show on Turf"?

Torry Holt had a productive rookie season, grabbing 52 receptions for 788 yards. However, by his second season, he was consistently putting up over 1,000 yards each year.


Which wide receiver had 143 receptions in 2002 for the Colts?

Marvin Harrison spent most of his career playing beside Peyton Manning. Together, they won Super Bowl XLI.


Which player had seven sacks against the Seattle Seahawks in 1990 while playing for the Chiefs?

Derrick Thomas' career ended with his death after an automobile accident in 2000. He was only 33 years old when he died.


Who's the only kicker to win the MVP award?

Mark Moseley was known for his straight-on placekicking style. Only one other kicker since him has used the style, as most kickers elect to use the soccer style instead.


Which player played the most seasons in the NFL both as quarterback and kicker?

George Blanda spent 26 years in the NFL. His career started in 1949 and ended in 1975.


Which quarterback started 297 straight games?

Brett Favre was the iron man of the NFL. Even after taking a beating, he was always willing to lace it up for the next play.


Which running back holds the single-season rushing record?

Eric Dickerson was part of a controversial SMU team while in college. The school was given the death penalty, meaning football was completely suspended, after proof came out that players were paid​ to play for the school.


Which receiver put up 336 receiving yards in one game for the Rams?

Willie Anderson spent one season with the Denver Broncos. He won his only Super Bowl that year, playing alongside John Elway.


Which player had the longest punt return in NFL history for 103 yards?

Robert Bailey never spent more than a few seasons with any one team. However, traveling from team to team did earn him two Super Bowls, one with the Cowboys and the other with the Ravens.


In 2007, which player had four punt returns for a touchdown?

Though Devin Hester played wide receiver, he spent most of his career as a return specialist. He returned 14 punts for touchdowns and five kickoffs for touchdowns.


Which running back led the league in rushing yards for eight seasons?

Jim Brown only spent nine seasons in the NFL. He was a powerful runner who required multiple defenders to bring him down.


Which kicker made the most field goals in their career?

Morten Andersen holds the record as the all-time leading scorer in the NFL. He put up 2,544 points during his career.


Who rushed for 296 yards against the Chargers in 2007?

Adrian Peterson had a fumbling problem early in his career because of his physical running style. However, he worked hard and corrected the problem, reducing his fumbles as his career went on.


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