Quiz: Can You Match the Military Rations to the Country?
Can You Match the Military Rations to the Country?
By: John Miller
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Whether you call them K-rations or MREs, battlefield food is a critically important element of logistics during wars. Every country implements specific foods into its MRE -- can you match these rations to the correct country?

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What is one of the primary attributes of field rations?
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Which country might include beef tortellini in its rations?
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Sardines in vegetable oil
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Yogurt with breakfast flakes
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Almond poppy seed pound cake
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Yellow soup with fish
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Mango drink
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If you see tamales in a ration pack, the meal may be from which country?
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Wheat porridge with beef
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Peanut butter and crackers
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Znojmo style short loin with rice
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Bear Paws cookies
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A typical field ration can feed a soldier for how long?
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Powdered cappuccino
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Cassoulet with duck confit
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Rice-stuffed grape leaves
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Soy milk with red-bean dessert
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Which country might include a biodegradable spork in its rations?
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Salted lard
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Ham, leeks and potato hotpot
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Chicken meatballs with rice
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Smoked sprats
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Ravioli with meat sauce
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Jasmine rice
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