Quiz: Can You Match the Military Movie to the Real-Life War It Depicts?
Can You Match the Military Movie to the Real-Life War It Depicts?
By: Tasha Moore
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About This Quiz

There's a simple reason why military movies are so popular among the masses. The genre encapsulates an assortment of themes that speak to the human spirit. Just about every war movie has elements of romance, intrigue and suspense. This type of film is an emotional roller coaster, and we love it ... which is why you'll love this quiz. Are you ready to show how well you know military movies? See if you can match the films to the real-life wars they illustrate.

There are epic scenes from military movies that are forever lodged in our minds. Filmmakers are able to explore and magnify aspects of major war campaigns that are hard to describe in words. This is the magic of motion film. There are a number of movies about the same conflicts, but rarely are episodes portrayed in the same fashion. Producers have a large arsenal of techniques and tools to retell the same stories in interesting ways. Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" is styled to embellish the raw irony so typical of his films, yet the stark realities of World War II are never lost in the movie. "The Pianist," another World War II film, takes a more solemn approach to the subject -- and both films are excellent!

Let's see how well you know the conflicts depicted in many film favorites, no matter how they are portrayed. Flex your film wisdom in just a few scrolls! 

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A U.S. war hero is portrayed in the film "American Sniper." Can you identify the real-life war it depicts?
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Religion is a major theme in "Hacksaw Ridge." Which major war does the film cover?
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Which movie is about the War in Afghanistan?
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Director Quentin Tarantino uses a noir-comedy style to convey themes in "Inglourious Basterds." Which conflict did Tarantino choose to depict?
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"The Hurt Locker" centers on a bomb squad that suffers internal strife during which war?
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Can you name the war that "The Pianist" recounts?
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Adolf Hitler is cast in curious fashion in "Downfall." Which war does this film illustrate?
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Do you know which conflict "Enemy at the Gates" covers?
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Can you name the engagement described in "Full Metal Jacket"?
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"We Were Soldiers" illustrates a brutal episode that occurred during which major conflict?
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"The Thin Red Line" reproduces events during which war?
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"Apocalypse Now" is one of the most popular war movies centered on which conflict?
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If you saw "Fury," you'd know the film is about which of these wars?
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Can you identify the war campaign in "Flags of Our Fathers"?
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"Platoon" won several Academy Awards for its successful portrayal of which of these wars?
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Actor Christian Bale gets tested in "Rescue Dawn," a film that highlights a unique aspect of which confrontation?
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The late 1970s saw the release of the war thriller "The Deer Hunter," which covered which conflict?
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"The Longest Day" reproduces moments from which major war?
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"All Quiet on the Western Front" communicates antiwar themes concerning a major conflict. Do you know which one?
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Can you identify the war that "Cold Mountain" covers?
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"Ode to My Father" is an epic war drama about the ________.
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"Empire of the Sun" is critically acclaimed for how it renders which confrontation?
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"A Very Long Engagement" illustrates lengthy instances of which war?
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Mel Gibson stars in "The Patriot." Can you name the war this film depicts?
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"Hamburger Hill" is a compellingly titled movie about which of these wars?
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Do you which war "Drums Along the Mohawk" portrays?
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Is it a challenge for you to choose the major conflict upon which "Sand Castle" is based?
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"Gods and Generals" concerns the ________.
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Of these choices, which is associated with the film "Thank You for Your Service"?
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"M*A*S*H" was a film before it was a television show. Can you correctly choose the war it depicts?
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"Casualties of War" reveals a side of war not typically shown. Which war does it illustrate?
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Can you correctly select the conflict represented in "Allied"?
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Are you sure you know which of these films is about the attack on Pearl Harbor?
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"Jarhead" gives a bleak account of events during which war?
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"Ride With the Devil" depicts a major war. Can you identify the correct one?
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"Defiance" reveals interesting facts about which war?
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"Das Boot" has been remade a few times. Do you know which war the film is about?
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"For Greater Glory" centers on the ________.
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Tom Cruise plays a war veteran in "Born on the Fourth of July." Which war is depicted in this movie?
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A peculiar story unravels in "The Colt," a film that renders which event?
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