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Uniforms tend to make workers look more professional, streamlined and yes, sexy too! If you simply love the look of people in uniform, how may jobs do you think you can identify by the uniform they wear? Take a crack at our quiz and find out!

Paratroopers are specially trained in parachuting. They are often used in areas where ground entry of troops is either too dangerous or simply not possible.

Some countries have restricted the use of the term “officer” to either certain ranks within the police force or to members of the military only. The terms “policeman” and “policewoman” are all frequently used alternatives.

Lifeguards receive training and certification in a wide variety of lifesaving techniques. They are also taught how to identify the different levels of distress that swimmers in need of rescue may be experiencing.

Most fast food restaurants specify that workers wear a branded top and regular (usually black) pants while at work. Some establishments will simply provide a branded tie to be worn with a plain shirt in a predetermined color.

Several ancient civilizations have practiced formulating, dispensing and recording of medicinal preparations. Some modern pharmacists are authorized to prescribe and administer certain medications.

NASA describes a spacesuit as “a one-person spacecraft.” It is designed to keep astronauts safe outside of their larger spacecraft but is also often worn inside as an extra safety precaution.

The early history of nursing is often traced back to ancient times when male attendants provided specialized care to the sick. Throughout history, nuns, monks and other religious orders have also provided nurse-like care to those in need.

Construction workers are best recognized by the safety gear they wear. That includes work gloves, hard hats, reflective vests and work boots.

Both dental hygienists and dental assistants work within a dentist’s office or dental clinic setting. The dental hygienist, however, has a more extensive and independent set of duties.

Flight attendants go by various names, some considered less offensive than others. Examples include “cabin attendant,” air host/hostess, air steward/stewardess and cabin crew.

The suit worn by race car drivers is made of a specially tested material (Nomex) to ensure that it is fire resistant under certain conditions. The zips and thread used to sew the material are also tested. The suit must be made with handles in the shoulder so that the driver can be pulled from the car in case of an accident.

Majorettes (females) and majors (males) are dancers who traditionally perform with marching bands. They are well-known for their skills at baton twirling and for doing flips.

Most airlines use pilot uniforms that very closely resemble military uniforms, in particular, air force and naval officer clothing. The ranks of the pilots onboard an aircraft are differentiated by the stripes on their blazers and their qualification badges.

Surgeons are doctors who are specially trained to perform surgical operations within certain fields of medicine. Professionals assisting a surgeon include anesthesiologists and surgical nurses.

Wait staff in an eating establishment rarely simply take orders and serve food. They are often responsible for cleaning tables and chairs; putting out fresh table linen and cutlery; and clearing tables once the meal is done.

The bearskin hat of the Coldstream Guard is perhaps the most easily recognizable part of their uniform. The hat is, however, also a popular part of the ceremonial dress of military personnel in various countries.

According to the NFL, there are seven categories of officials on the field in a football game. They all wear the distinctive striped shirts that football officials are known for. The officials are: referee, umpire, down judge, line judge, field judge, side judge and back judge.

While a physician is a medical doctor, the title of “Doctor” may be gained by attaining a PhD or doctorate. Within the medical field, nurses become nurse practitioners (NP) when they have a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree.

The clothing worn by a monk is known as a monastic habit or more generally as a religious habit. A monk’s habit is often made with a hood to cover his head.

The camouflage outfits worn throughout most armies is meant (as its name suggests) to be a form disguise. It’s green and brown pattern allows soldiers to blend into their surroundings.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is well-known for its distinctive uniform complete with its wide, flat-brimmed hat. This is actually their dress uniform, while their everyday uniform is gray and looks more like a regular police uniform.

The iconic brown uniform of the UPS drivers and delivery personnel was first used in 1925. Drivers who go 25 years or more without an avoidable accident are entered into the company’s Circle of Honor and are given a brown bomber jacket as an addition to their uniform.

Just for laughs: Ronald McDonald, the clown mascot of the McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain is based on Bozo the Clown. Bozo was a television character who enjoyed widespread popularity in the 1960s and 1970s.

Ushers once featured prominently in movie theaters. They often used a complicated set of hand signals to communicate with each other across crowded theater halls to facilitate fast seating of patrons.

The outfit worn by many groups (or orders) of nuns typically includes a belt or cord. Some orders wear a leather belt while others use cord to better represent their vow of poverty.

Hazmat suits are meant to provide full-body protection in various hazardous situations. The suits are classified according to the conditions in which they will work most effectively.

The terms “close protection officers” and “close protection team” are also used to refer to bodyguards. Apart from keeping clients safe out in public, bodyguards may also have the responsibility of doing background checks on persons their client will come in contact with.

The hat typically worn by chefs is known as a toque blanche (French for “white hat”). It is traditionally tall, round and pleated. Over the years, the color white was chosen for sanitary reasons.

In many countries, the judge’s court dress includes a long black robe and a gavel (a kind of hammer). A wig is also worn by judges in some countries for special ceremonies.

Candy stripers are typically young female hospital volunteers. The name “candy striper” comes from the fact that the red and white stripes on their uniform resemble a traditional candy cane.

A bellhop (also called a bellboy, bellman or hotel porter) is hired in hotels to help carry guests’s luggage, but may be assigned other tasks as well. Just like other hotel workers who interact with guests, bellhops are required to have great social skills.

Bus drivers operate a variety of buses, including school and tour buses. They may be hired as government workers or by privately owned companies.

Professional caddies do more than carry a player’s golf bag. They are familiar enough with the course to offer advice on golf club choice and playing strategy. In many major tournaments, caddies can be seen wearing a bib (front and back) with some form of sponsor advertising on it.

Despite their name, firefighters do more than fight (extinguish) fires. They are also involved in rescue (even in cases where there is no fire) and in educating the public on fire safety and prevention.

Mechanics build, repair and maintain vehicles and machinery. They often wear one-piece coveralls, work gloves and steel-toe boots as protective gear.

Coast guard duties range from border control to enforcement of maritime law. Their responsibilities also include conducting or assisting in search and rescue operations at sea.

Traditionally, there are different categories of maids within a household’s servant staff. These include a lady’s maid, kitchen maid and nursery maid. Scullery maids are a type of kitchen maid who are given the jobs of dishwashing and floor scrubbing.

The clothing (or vestments) worn by some priests come in three parts. These are the alb - a long white robe; the stole - a long rectangular band worn around the shoulders; and a chasuble - a colored robe which goes over both the alb and stole.

Prison guards are also known as corrections (or correctional) officers, prison officers and detention officers. Historically, they were most often called jailers which could also be spelled as “jailor” or “gaoler” with the same pronunciation.

Cheerleading began in the United States as a male-only activity. Notably, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and George W. Bush were all cheerleaders. Nowadays, the most prominent cheerleaders are female.

Security guards are privately employed to protect physical property, money or other assets. A bodyguard is a type of security guard hired to provide protection to a specific person or persons.

Most scout leaders are unpaid volunteers who may or may not have been scouts themselves. Uniformed scout leaders are given formal training.

Other names for beekeepers include honey farmers, apiarists and apiculturists. Honey bees are not aggressive but may sting if disturbed. The beekeepers suit protects against stings while the smoke helps to calm the bees.

Garbage collectors (called dustmen in Britain) do not only carry away waste material. They also transport recyclable material which technically is not waste.

The traditional outfit worn by sailors is known as a sailor suit. It has evolved into a style of dress clothes especially for children’s wear.

Aircraft marshallers work on aircraft runways and as such their uniform is mostly protective in nature. They wear earmuffs to protect against loud engine noises and reflective jackets so they are easily seen. Aircraft marshallers use hand beacons to give specific signals to an aircraft’s flight crew.

driver%0DFun Fact: A chauffeur’s uniform often includes black leather driving gloves, although some chauffeurs wear white gloves, instead. Traditionally, the uniform includes a peaked hat.

Janitors, also called custodians, porters, caretakers and cleaners, are employed mostly to keep a building or designated space clean. They may be assigned maintenance duties, as well.

There are three different types of uniforms (called dress uniforms) a naval officer can wear. These are service dress, full dress and dinner dress uniforms.

Paramedic certification represents the highest rank among Emergency Medical Technicians. The paramedic is most often assigned leadership of the rescue team he or she works with.

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