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Disney has churned out some of the most memorable characters of all time and their villains are no exception. See if you can match the Disney villain to their death with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

Which villain gets impaled by the bow of a ship, hit by lightning and sinks to the bottom of the ocean?

Ursula's epic death in "The Little Mermaid" is truly terrifying. After becoming magically massive she is impaled in the stomach on the bow of a ship, hit by lightning and sinks to the depths of the ocean.

Which villain is sucked into a jet propeller by his cape and explodes?

"The Incredibles" makes it very clear that capes are a bad idea. It is exactly this that takes down the film's villain, Syndrome.

Who gets torn apart by hyenas?

At the end of "The Lion King" Scar's hyena minions turn on him. They then tear him apart.

Who has their skin ripped off and is revealed to be a bunch of bugs?

Oogie Boogie is one of Disney's creepiest villains. He is revealed to be a bunch of sentient bugs that come together to form a grotesque monster.

Which Disney villain gets hit by a train?

Sykes, the villain from "Oliver & Company" is killed when he's hit by a train. He ends up trapped on the tracks and the subway rolls over him.

Which Disney baddie is destroyed when his lamp is kicked into lava?

Jafar, who appears in both "Aladdin" and "The Return of Jafar," turns into a genie. He dies when Iago knocks his lamp into lava, as he's bound to it.

Which villain falls off of Notre Dame into a lake of molten copper?

Judge Jean Claude Frollo is one of the darkest of Disney villains, and his death in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" is very fitting. He topples from the church into a lake of molten copper, which symbolizes hell fire and his own fall.

Who is killed by Carnotaur?

In the film "Dinosaur," Kron is bitten and defeated by the Carnotaur. This kills the dinosaur dictator.

This Disney villain ages until she turns to dust and falls out of a window:

After losing her access to Rapunzel's enchanted hair, Mother Gothel ages instantly and falls out of the window. This "Tangled" villain is definitely one of the worst stepparents in the Disney universe.

Which Disney villain gets stabbed in the heart while in the form of a giant dragon and falls off of a cliff?

Maleficent has one of the most epic Disney deaths. After turning into a giant dragon she is stabbed in the heart with an enchanted sword, falls off a cliff and goes down in a blaze of green fire.

Which Disney villain is turned into a gold statue?

In "Aladdin and the King of Thieves," this greedy villain grabs the Hand of Midas. He is turned into a gold statue.

_________ gets tangled in balloons and falls out of the sky.

While many Disney villains fall, few fall from so high. Charles F. Muntz meets his end at the hands of balloons and literally plummets out of the sky in "Up."

Which villain falls from the top of a castle into a ravine?

Gaston's death is one of the classic Disney deaths. In "Beauty and the Beast" he loses his grip in the rain and falls from the castle into a rocky ravine.

Which villain is hanged by vines in the jungle?

Clayton from the film "Tarzan" is another villain to take a fall. His horrific death is largely implied, hanged by vines.

Which villain dies in a massive fireworks explosion?

Shan Yu is hit in the chest with a missile and launched into the sky as part of a fireworks explosion above the emperor's palace. This gives "Mulan" one of the most over-the-top villain deaths of any Disney movie.

Which Disney villain falls off of the top of Big Ben?

Ratigan is the nemesis of Basil of Baker Street in "The Great Mouse Detective." He meets his death in this take on Sherlock Holmes when he falls from the famous clocktower Big Ben.

This Disney villain falls off of a cliff (after it was struck by lightning) and crushed by a boulder:

The Evil Queen in "Snow White" has a death that's the very definition of overkill. Not only does she fall from a cliff ledge when it is struck by lightning, but a boulder tumbles after her.

This villain was sucked into voodoo hell by evil spirits.

After spending "The Princess and the Frog" boasting about his spiritual connections and powers, this villain is sucked into a dark voodoo world. He's sucked into a voodoo mask.

____________ turns to crystal and crashes into the floor of a volcano in a ballon.

Lyle T. Rourke is the greedy, power hungry villain of "Atlantis: The Lost Empire." He is turned into crystal and then probably shatters into a million pieces after his escape balloon crashes on the floor of a fiery volcano.

_________ is eaten alive by hungry baby birds.

At the end of "A Bug's Life," the evil Hopper screams and pleads as he is lowered into a basket of baby birds. They eat him alive.

Who died by getting sucked into an enchanted black cauldron?

The Horned King from "The Black Cauldron" dies a gruesome death after getting sucked into the Black Cauldron. His skin is ripped from his bones and he dies in a ball of fire.

Which villain is killed with missiles?

The Krakken is a vicious magic sea monster that appears in "Atlantis: Milo's Return." It is ultimately destroyed with missiles.

Which villain dies when he is sucked into space?

The villain of "Treasure Planet" is knocked into the air when the Gravitron is off. Scroop is then sucked into space.

_________ is eaten by their pet crocodiles.

Madame Medusa of "The Rescuers" has a pair of pet crocodiles named Brutus and Nero. At the end of the film, they eat her.

Which villain is impaled by a stake that falls from the ceiling?

The villain of "Frankenweenie" is Mr. Whiskers. He dies when a falling stake from the ceiling runs through him.

Which villain is crushed beneath a giant falling stone?

In "Brave," Mor'du is a giant monstrous bear. He is killed when a giant stone, called a menhir, falls on him and crushes him.

Which Disney villain is a giant organ who dies when he comes off of the wall he's attached to?

Forte, the love-hating enchanted organ that appeared in "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas," dies a strange Disney villain death. In a rage he tears himself from the wall he's attached to.

_______ dies in a forest fire.

In "Bambi" the antagonist is Man, who is threatening life in the forest. In the film, it is implied that Man dies in a forest fire.

Who is killed by Tramp in "Lady and the Tramp"?

The Rat in "Lady and the Tramp" is a nasty character. He is killed by Tramp.

Which villain becomes mesmerized by a beacon of diet coke lava, flies into it and dies?

King Candy is the villain of "Wreck-It Ralph." After becoming merged with the main Cy-bug, he flies into a volcanic eruption and dies.

Who is turned into a coyote spirit?

Ashtin Carnaby meets an unusual fate during "Atlantis: Milo's Return." He is turned into a coyote spirit by other coyote spirits.

Which of these villains falls into a raging river?

Zira is the villain of "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride." After being tackled by Kiara, she hangs on the edge of a ravine only to fall into the river below.

Which of these villains dies after aging to dust?

Edgar Volgud is the villain of "Atlantis: Milo's Return." After the Krakken -- which was the source of his immortality -- is destroyed, he ages to dust.

Who is pushed into a river?

In "The Rescuers: Down Under," this villain meets a timely end. He's pushed into the river by Bernard and falls down a waterfall.

Which of these antagonists falls off of a cliff and dies?

The Carnotaur is a carnivorous dinosaur and main villain of the film "Dinosaur." It dies after another character causes it to fall off a cliff.

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