Quiz: Can You Match the Country to the Drink It's Known For?
Can You Match the Country to the Drink It's Known For?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Any traveler soon discovers that each country has its own unique character, with many cultures and subcultures contained within it. One of the more obvious (and enjoyable) ways this phenomenon manifests itself is through food and drink. We might think we know all about other countries' cuisines, but there are literally hundreds of beverages from other countries which we've never tried, or even heard of!

For instance, did you know that they drink beer brewed from red rice in the Provence region of France? Or that Canadians make a liqueur from maple syrup?

For this quiz, we've skipped the weirder drinks in order to focus on various countries' national beverages. From Sri Lanka to Norway, these are the most popular drinks in their respective nations (never mind what people from other countries might think of them). 

Some of these drinks are alcoholic, while others could be safely served to a child. Some are celebrated the world over, while others mysteriously have not caught on outside their country's borders. If you fancy yourself a sophisticated drinker, several of these questions will not be a challenge for you, but we guarantee this quiz will have a few drinks which you've never heard of before. 

Ready to test your knowledge? Cheers! Let's dive in!

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Everybody loves this famous soda, produced in the U.S. Can you name it?
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England toasts you with which clear liquor?
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This is Cuba’s famous cocktail. What is it?
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This Japanese drink is popular in a number of countries. Can you guess it?
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People in Brazil sometimes quaff this refreshing cocktail. Have you tried it?
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Spain toasts you with which wine-based drink?
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This famously strong alcoholic drink from Mexico is also beloved in the United States.
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The world thanks Germany for inventing this kind of beer. What’s it called?
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Russians serve this drink with tea and dinner. What's it called?
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When in Rome, or anywhere in Italy, you'll be offered this strong drink. What is it?
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Scotland’s legally prescribed alcoholic drink is this. What is it?
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When in Ireland, try a pint of this!
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Are you a fan of this fruity cocktail drink, invented in Puerto Rico?
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What's this alcoholic drink, consumed mainly in Greece?
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Which alcoholic beverage do the French like drinking a lot, even during ordinary meals?
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What special cocktail drink was invented in Singapore?
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In Haiti, people drink this locally made alcoholic beverage. Have you sampled it?
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They drink this in Colombia. Can you guess its name?
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When in India, try this healthy dairy drink.
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Brew lovers should try this when visiting Malaysia. What’s it called there?
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What is Panama’s national alcoholic beverage? Hint: it's made from sugar cane.
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Belgium invented this! What’s it called?
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Norwegians keep warm with this clear spirit. What's it called?
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Which spirit is popular in Austria?
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Chile is said to have invented this liqueur. Do you recognize it?
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This tea is a favorite in Uruguay (and increasingly, in the U.S.) Can you name it?
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This popular Ethiopian drink is made from honey.
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This globally popular beer comes from the Philippines. What is it?
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Which of these drinks tempts the Danish?
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This soft drink is popular in New Zealand. What’s it called?
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Can you figure out which of these answers is Turkey’s national liquor?
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This alcoholic drink hails from South Korea. Recognize it?
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This unique Swiss liqueur is made with flakes of gold.
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This fortified wine is big in Portugal.
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This kind of coffee is identified with Vietnam. What’s it called?
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People in Nepal celebrate with this drink. What is it?
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This fun, non-alcoholic drink was invented in Taiwan. What’s it called?
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Australia likes drinking this mixed drink. Remember this one?
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This is China’s globally popular beer. What’s it called?
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Moroccans are known for this delicate, delicious tea.
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