Quiz: Can You Match the Character to the Book?
Can You Match the Character to the Book?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Getty Images via Valeriya Tikhonova

About This Quiz

Books are one of God's great gifts to humanity. No matter how tired you are, how boring your day has been or how stressful your situation is, no matter whether your relationship has fallen to pieces, your job is a nightmare, and your house is a mess, you can pick up a book and immediately be transported to a better place, a more exciting place, a sexier place - or at least, a place that is not the one you're in.

Books can carry you to kingdoms where you will battle dragons and soar over mountains. They can put you in the mind of a serial killer or the detective chasing her; a warrior and the soldiers under her command; a spy and his enemy counterpart. When a book is well-crafted, the reader will become one with the characters on its pages and come to feel like you truly are them. You exult when they succeed, and you bleed with them when they fail. You know them inside and out, and may literally see their world through their eyes.

Truly, books are as close to magic as we have in the real world, and the characters in them are our guides. Let's see how many of them you remember.

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