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There are countless families of parents and children in the Bible. Starting with Adam and Eve, reproduction was important for the growth of the human race. As time went on, descendants were born, grew up and had children of their own, who then had children of their own as well. They grew up to become leaders, saints, apostles and more. Who do you think are the most famous parents in the Bible?

Can you name all of the children of Adam and Eve? What about the children of King Hezekiah and Hephzibah? Jacob and Leah are the parents of what children? Who is Noah the father of? Knowing the parents in the Bible is only half the battle! Remembering their children will get you a good score.

Can you name the mothers of Timothy, Noa and Esau? What about the fathers of Gershom, Hazelelponi and Ham? Can you name both of Samuel's, Dan's and Cain's parents? Did you know that some of the children in the Bible only have one well-known parent? Sometimes one parent was unnamed or not spoken of in the Bible.

So, if you think you know your Biblical families, study up on your Biblical family trees to make sure you're prepared. Then jump into this quiz to see your score!

Who is Mary and Joseph's son?

Jesus' parents were Mary and Joseph. Jesus is one of the most famous figures in Christianity and the Bible, being born by Mary, a virgin.


Who are Abel's parents?

Adam and Eve are the parents of Abel, their second son. Abel was murdered by his brother Cain, who was punished by God for his sin.


Who is Isaac's father?

Abraham is Isaac's father and Sarah is his mother. It is said that Isaac got his name from an incident where his parents laughed at the thought of being able to have another child.


Hagar is the mother of which biblical child?

Hagar is the mother of Ishmael, while Abraham is his father. Ishmael was born in Genesis 16, and later had 12 children of his own with his wife.


Who is Ham's father?

Noah is Ham's father. Ham grew up to be a father of four, most notably to Canaan, who was cursed by his grandfather, Noah.


Who were David's parents?

Jesse and Nizevet were David's parents. David grew up to kill Goliath and become the King of Israel. He also had a son of his own, who was named Solomon.


Who are Cain's parents?

Cain's parents are Adam and Eve. Cain is Aclima's twin brother and best known for his conflict with his brother Abel. He killed Abel after becoming jealous of him.


Rebekah is the mother of whom?

Rebekah is the mother of Esau. Rebekah was married to Isaac. Their other son was Jacob, who became the father of the Tribes of Israel.


Who were Samuel's parents?

Elkanah and Hannah were the parents of Samuel. Did you know that Samuel got his name because of his mother's prayers to God to have a child?


Who is Timothy's mother?

Eunice is Timothy's mother. Not much is known about Eunice, but Timothy is often spoken of in the Bible and he is known to be a Saint.


Which of the following is a son of Moses?

Gershom is one of Moses' sons with Zipporah. Although there is not very much known about him, he was the first born, and his brother's name was Eliezer.


Who was King Amon and Jedidah's son?

Josiah was King Amon and Jedidah's son. Later in his life, he became the King of Judah, and he had four children of his own who were all boys.


Who is Shimeah's son?

Jonadab is the son of Shimeah, who is better known as David's brother. Jonadab is mentioned throughout 2 Samuel.


Who was the son of Jacob?

Joseph was the son of Jacob. He is not the Joseph who married the virgin Mary.


Who is Obed's mother?

Ruth is Obed's mother. She is mentioned in the Book of Ruth and she is often associated with characters such as Naomi and Elimelech.


Who are Aclima's parents?

Adam and Eve are the parents of Aclima, their eldest daughter. Once she grew up, Aclima married two of her brothers, both Abel and Cain.


Who is Naphtali's mother?

Bilhah is Naphtali's mother, and Jacob is his father. Bilhah was Rachel's handmaid, but Rachel allowed her husband to have children with Bilhah.


Who was Eleazar's father?

Aaron was Eleazar's father. The two were priests and the title was passed on throughout their family. Eleazar's son became his successor.


Who was Asenath and Joseph's son?

Asenath and Joseph's son was Ephraim. His mother was Egyptian, and Egypt is also the place of Ephraim's birth. He grew up to have three sons of his own.


Who was Zilpah and Jacob's son?

Gad is Zilpah and Jacob's son. His mother, like many of Jacob's other relationships, was a handmaid who later married Jacob.


Who are Asher's parents?

Asher's parents were Jacob and Zilpah. After growing up, Asher became a father to four sons and one daughter himself. He lived in Canaan with his family.


Who are Dan's parents?

Jacob and Bilhah are Dan's parents. Dan grew up to have just one son of his own and he did not like his brother, Joseph.


Which of the following is one of Lot's daughters?

Paltith is one of Lot's four daughters. Paltith is spoken of in the Book of Jasher.


Who is Hazelelponi's father?

Hazelelponi's father is Etam, both of who are related to Judah. She is known to be the wife of Manoah and she had a daughter of her own.


Noa is a daughter of who?

Noa is one of Zelophehad's daughters. Her sisters include Milcah, Hoglah and Tirzah, and the girls were part of a precedent case involving inheritance.


Who are Reuben's parents?

Reuben's parents are Jacob and Leah. Reuben eventually grew up and had four children of his own, all sons. It is also said that he angered his father, who in return, promoted Joseph to receiving the privileges of the first born.


King Hezekiah and Hephzibah are the parents of who?

Manasseh's parents are King Hezekiah and Hephzibah. He grew up to become his father's successor as the King of Judah.


Who is Dinah's mother?

Dinah's mother is Leah and her father is Jacob. Dinah was abducted, then her brothers set out to save her and get their revenge on Shechem and Hamor.


Laban is the father of whom?

Rachel's father is Laban, who was also the father of Leah. Both sisters were wives of Jacob's and both had children with their husband.


Who was a son of Jacob and Rachel?

Benjamin was the son of Rachel and Jacob, the last of their 13 kids. He grew up to have ten sons of his own and his mother Rachel, died after giving birth to him.


Who are Azura's parents?

Azura's parents are Adam and Eve. Although there is not a lot of information on her, like her other brothers and sisters, she also married her brother Seth.


Who is said to be a daughter of a Pharaoh?

Bithiah is said to be a daughter of a Pharaoh, although it is unknown what his name is. It is also said that she is the adoptive mother of Moses.


Who was a daughter of Job?

Jemima is one of Job's daughters. In addition to her sisters, she does also have brothers and Jemima is only mentioned in the Book of Job.


Who is the famous son of Enoch?

Methuselah is the famous son of Enoch. He is famous for living the longest of anyone mentioned in the Bible - an incredible 969 years.


Who is Judah's mother?

Leah is Judah's mother and Jacob is his father After growing up, Judah got married and had five children of his own, who were all sons.


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