Quiz: Can You Match the Animal to the Country?
Can You Match the Animal to the Country?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Fernando Trabanco Fotografía/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Get ready to acknowledge national pride with some animal trivia. Name the nations where the creatures you see depicted dwell. Learn why some sovereignties claim a particular species. Country cultures collide with the animal kingdom in this quiz feat!

There are specific reasons why a nation might honor a particular animal. Creatures that serve as an economic resource are usually regarded as national symbols. Giant pandas of China are a huge tourist draw; moose in Sweden provide food for many homes; and the Chukar partridge is the basis for Iraq's bird-fighting industry. Animals that are exclusive to a particular territory are usually promoted as symbols for the region, as is the case for Arabian oryx of Oman. Some creatures demand special recognition. Canada has no choice but to revere the North American beaver; on the one hand, the creature is really good at what it does, but on the other hand, the little critter has been the cause of major chaos in rural Canada. Still, other animals occupy the realm of folkloric myth in certain regions. The Fjord horse of Norway and white storks in Lithuania are linked to historical legends in their respective zones.

Countries of the world will continue their unique relationships with their national brutes no matter what! It's time you prove that you know what animal-area pairs are exact!

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Do you name the country that constructed a park for this species?
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This snake is considered sacred in which of these locations?
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In what region can you find this elegant bird?
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What nation once had a lot more of this species than it does now?
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This brute is associated with the European nation of ________?
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Is it real or is it a myth in the sovereign nation of ________?
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Unique conservation efforts were conducted to save this animal in ________?
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Is it a challenge for you to select the right home for the beast depicted?
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This species is not at all people-friendly. Where can you place it?
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In 2017, this feline was chosen as mascot for a popular sporting event. What country is the creature associated with?
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You'll notice the animal on the national flag for which sovereignty?
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This animal is a source of sustenance for people in the nation of ________?
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What nation uses this creature for its bird-fighting competitions?
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Where can you find a massive parrot?
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Industrial structures threaten the safety of this species in which of these regions?
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It's been a long time since this creature has been seen in ________?
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This brute was imported at first, but now it's a national treasure. Who esteems this animal?
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Can you guess the nation that claims this creature?
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Do you spot the country that holds a bittersweet relationship with this beast?
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Name the nation that chooses the creature that you see?
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Construction workers in what nation got the shock of their lives when they found out that this animal isn't a dog?
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This breed was once reserved for kings before it was exported to ________?
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Are you confident that you know the country where this critter is seen as both a blessing and a nuisance?
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This bird's nest is considered good luck in which country?
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Another name for this creature is "doel." Can you guess the region that reveres the animal?
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This bird thrives in the nation of ________?
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Where does this species exhibit conservative mating practices?
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The exotic fish that you see is causing a stir in a specific water environment. What country claims the swimmer?
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What country reserves an island for its four-legged treasure?
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Try to quickly guess the place where this animal and its fat are esteemed?
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Do you notice the country where you can find large populations of the brute in the image?
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Select the region that sets aside a special day to honor this creature?
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There may exist more prized imagery of this horse than there are actual horses in ________?
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For thousands of years the animal that you notice has been associated with the culture of what sovereign nation?
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Who esteems this speedy and precise bird?
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What nation is associated with the world's largest falcon?
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What country has taken a serious precaution in order to protect the bird in this image?
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Do you recognize the nation that upholds strict laws regarding this land animal?
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Who acclaims this creature the most?
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This bird is a master traveler. Which of these countries claims it?
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