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We have seen these relationships portrayed in both film and on television and while the characters may be fake, those relationships mirror real relationships that exist in our society. On television, we have seen the entire spectrum of the good, the bad and the ugly. From the respectable relationships where both mom and daughter can talk to each other about anything, to those where moms see their daughters more as friends than relatives, to those who have verbally abused or neglected their children, to chaotic ones where the duo just can't see eye to eye, we have seen it all. 

Some of these relationships were so memorable, that even long after the shows' finales, these pairs were still being talked about. For example, Rory and Lorelai from the Gilmore Girls are one of the best examples of a good relationship, while Irina and Sydney from Alias have been called the worst. Regardless of what the reason is, they were remembered.

How well can you match these mother-daughter duos to the show that they appeared on? If you are a TV fanatic, this quiz should be a breeze. The only way to find out how many of them you correctly match is to take this quiz!

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are the title characters from the show, Gilmore Girls. The coffee and pop culture-loving duo are the perfect example of how great it is to have an open relationship between a mother and a daughter. No topic was left undealt with, no matter how uncomfortable or awkward it might have been.

Amber Holt and Sarah Braverman are two characters from NBC’s Parenthood. If we are going to talk about two people who have been through it, then let’s talk about Amber and Sarah. Luckily, they have only come out of it stronger and knowing that they have each other’s backs.

Tia, Tamara and Lisa Landry are three characters from the ‘90s sitcom Sister, Sister. Even though they were separated for some time, when these three get together, it's nothing but fun times, laugh-out-loud moments and the occasional heart-to-heart conversations.

Jane and Xiomara Villanueva are a mother-daughter pair from the telenovela-style series, Jane the Virgin. When it comes to their relationship, the roles have been reversed but the two, as well as Jane’s grandmother Abla, have an unbreakable bond.

Mona is the type of mother who would push her baby out of the nest and into the real world. She certainly knew how to make her daughter Angela, feel uncomfortable, but only because she wanted her to live a full life, filled with new and interesting experiences.

Laura and Harriet Winslow are a mother-daughter duo from the 90’s sitcom, Family Matters. Like most mothers, Harriet taught her daughter the importance of friendship and family, as well as how to deal with difficult situations that life can throw your way.

Christy and Bonnie Plunket are a mother-daughter pair who appear on a CBS show called Mom. The two are both recovering addicts who have a dysfunctional relationship that somehow works. They are both trying to turn their lives around while attempting to make their relationship better.

Marge and Lisa Simpson are two characters on the animated sitcom, The Simpsons. Mother Marge has raised her outspoken daughter Lisa to be a very intelligent girl who she is proud to say that she learns something from every day.

Dorothy Zbornak and Sophia Petrillo are two of the four “Golden Girls.” Despite Sophia’s tough love parenting style, she cares deeply for her daughter and will always tell her like it is. Dorothy in turn, often tries to baby her mother, who is fully capable of caring for herself.

When it comes to powerful women and being a great mother, Reba definitely sets a good example for her daughter Cheyenne. Throughout the series, they have encountered everything from divorces to dealing with a pregnant teen, all of which have brought them closer.

Fran and Sylvia Fine are two characters from the ‘90s television series, The Nanny. There is only one person in New York who loves glitz, glamor and animal print more than Fran, and that person is her mother, Sylvia. They are also at different ends of the spectrum when it comes to Fran’s love life, but they both want the best for each other.

Kim and Niki Parker are two characters from the Moesha spinoff, The Parkers. If there is any duo on the list who is more alike than the Parker women, then they must be twins, because when it comes to these women, the apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree. They are both sassy, funny and they attend the same college.

Clair Huxtable and her daughters were characters on The Cosby Show. On the list of best TV moms, Clair Huxtable is right up there. No matter how hectic things were with her day job as a lawyer, she always made time for her four daughters, Rudy, Denise, Sondra and Vanessa.

Susan and Julie Mayer are a mother-daughter duo from ABC’s Desperate Housewives. The two have a very unique relationship as they are best friends first, then family second. They two were also seen having real conversations which made viewers both laugh and cry.

Joyce and Buffy Summers are two characters from the television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When Joyce’s daughter, Buffy tells her that she (Buffy) is a slayer, she becomes very supportive and a source of strength for her daughter in the chaotic world which they live in.

Irina Derevko and Sydney Bristow are a mother-daughter pair from the television series, Alias. Talk about a weird relationship, mother and KGB spy Irini, soon after the birth of her daughter Sydney, faked her death, and upon meeting her for the first time in many years, shoots her in the shoulder.

Jackie and Kelly Taylor are a mother-daughter duo from the show Beverly Hills, 90210. As a mother, Jackie is one of the more fun and stylish ones who is quite flexible with the rules of the house. Their relationship later suffered due to Jackie’s drug and alcohol addiction, causing her daughter to grow up quickly.

Julie, Marissa and Kaitlin Cooper are three characters who were on a show called The O.C. The three women had a strained relationship as Julie has had several disastrous relationships with men, which did not set a good example for her two daughters.

Bobbi and Grace Adler are two characters who star in the television sitcom Will & Grace. In every neighborhood and on every block, there is that one mom who loves to meddle in her child’s business, and in this series, it is Bobbi. Despite their petty quarrels, these two have nothing but love for each other.

Zoey and Rainbow Johnson are a pair of characters from ABC’s Black-ish. Rainbow is a busy doctor, who, while raising four kids always makes time for her daughter Zoey. They may not always see eye to eye, but they always open up to each other.

Claire and Alex Dunphy are a mother-daughter duo who are a part of ABC’s Modern Family. Claire is a type-A mother who tries to break her bookworm and awkward daughter Alex out of her shell.

Endora and Samantha are two witches who were characters in the television sitcom, Bewitched. Endora is a mother who hates the fact that her daughter Samantha, married a mortal and will stop at nothing to break up their marriage, much to the dismay of her daughter.

Carol and her three step-daughters are all characters from The Brady Bunch. Carol Brady is a stay-at-home mother to six children, three of which are daughters named Marcia, Jan and Cindy. Like any normal family, they had to deal with everything from what to wear to prom, to what to eat for breakfast.

Emma Swan and Mary Margaret are two characters from ABC’s Once Upon a Time. These two aren’t your everyday mother-daughter pair as they were friends before finding out that they were related, and they also battled everything from trolls to evil witches together.

Shirley and Laurie Partridge are two characters from the 1970’s musical-sitcom, The Partridge Family. Like every cookie cutter family, this mother-daughter duo got along just fine with rarely any arguments or disagreements.

Mindy and Sonu Lahiri are two characters from the television series, The Mindy Project. Mindy is a take-charge kind of person, but when her mom Sony comes around, she gives Mindy words of wisdom which she can apply to any situation.

Rebecca Katsopolis (better known as Aunt Becky) and the Tanner girls are characters from Full House. She may not be their biological mother, but Aunt Becky is a strong role model who has been there for the Tanner girls from the moment that she met them.

Lindsay and Lucille Bluth are a mother-daughter duo from the show, Arrested Development. These two aren’t exactly best friends and the lines between family and friendship often get blurred, but if one thing is certain their banter is unlike anything else on television.

Peggy and Sarah Bundy are two characters from the 1980’s sitcom, Married…with Children. The Bundys were one of the most dysfunctional families on television and the relationship between the shopaholic mother and promiscuous daughter is no different.

Martha Levinson and Cora Crawley are two characters from the series Downton Abbey. Martha and Cora have a very strained relationship as Cora thought that her mother brought drama everywhere that she went.

Katherine Anne “Kitty” Walker and Nora Walker are two fictional characters from the show Brothers & Sisters. The mother-daughter duo loved each other very much but had a very complicated relationship as Nora who was a liberal always clashed with her conservative daughter.

Lily and Serena Van Der Woodsen are two characters from the CW’s Gossip Girl. When it comes to getting the mother of the year award, Lily would not have even received a nomination, but to be fair, Serena isn’t the gold star daughter either. Still, the two have both made sacrifices for each other even when they didn’t always agree.

Aledia and Dayanara Diaz are two inmates at the Litchfield Penitentiary on the show, Orange is the New Black. There is nothing like a family that commits a crime together to make them grow stronger. While incarcerated, the Diaz women have grown both individually and together and they now have each other’s backs both in and out of jail.

Alicia and Grace Florrick are two characters from the drama series, The Good Wife. Alicia is an amazing and supportive parent and lawyer who had to raise two children (one of which is her daughter Grace) while her politician husband was involved in numerous scandals.

Tami and Julie Taylor were two characters from the series, Friday Night Lights. Like most mothers, Tami was concerned about her daughter’s friendships and relationships, but she was always there to give sound advice and provide a listening ear to her daughter Julie.

Ashley and Hanna Marin are two of the main characters from Pretty Little Liars. When you think of the typical teen who talks back to their parents and rarely listens to them, well that’s Hanna and her mom Ashley’s relationship. On the other hand, they will do anything for one another, even kill and lie about it.

Kitty and Laurie Foreman were a mother-daughter pair from the show, That ‘70s Show. The two have a very stressful relationship and can rarely agree on anything. Because of this, mother Kitty favors her son Eric while father Red spoils his daughter Laurie.

Roseanne and her daughter Darlene are two characters from the 1980’s sitcom Roseanne. As a mom, Roseanne was a bossy and controlling person whose sharp sense of humor was reciprocated by her daughter, Darlene.

Ellis and Meredith Grey are two characters from ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Ellis was one of the worst TV mothers ever, as in many flashbacks she was seen choosing her career over her daughter Meredith. Despite that, Meredith looked up to her mother and aspired to be better than her.

Lettie Mae and Tara are two characters from HBO’s television series, True Blood. Lettie Mae was the resident alcoholic and Bible fanatic who often used the book to tell her daughter, Tara what a sinful life she was living. When she cleaned up her act, the two’s relationship got better but it was nowhere near fixed.

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