Quiz: Can You Match the Food to the Disney or Pixar Movie?
Can You Match the Food to the Disney or Pixar Movie?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Walt Disney Studios

About This Quiz

If you've ever watched a Disney or Pixar movie and seen food, you may have asked yourself why it was there, because, well, animated characters don't need to eat. But the food is there to make the characters more realistic if food isn't one of the most important elements of the movie, as it was in "Snow White" and "Ratatouille." These foods have served as breakfasts, snack, weapons and even ornaments in these movies and we're making them the stars of this quiz today. 

We want to see how well you were paying attention to some of the best foods in certain Disney and Pixar movies. Sure, it's easy to remember Remy's iconic ratatouille or the poison apple that Snow White ate, but can you remember the buttercream cake from "Sleeping Beauty" or the yellow snow cones from "Monsters Inc.?" Well, we're bringing them all back today. And while most of the movies are animated, we did sprinkle in some live-action options just to keep you on your toes. 

So, if you think you remember enough about all the Disney and Pixar movies you've watched, enough to ace this food test, then let's get started. 

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Remy is a rodent who can cook better than most of us humans. What movie was he in?
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Who knew household items could fix meals themselves? But what movie was this done in?
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Can you name the movie that featured this food?
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She got lost in the woods and found some little friends. What was the name of the movie she prepared this meal in?
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Where do you think this dish was featured?
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Even robots have to eat. What was this one called?
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No matter how rich cats are, they still love their milk. Which movie are these from?
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He wasn't a real boy but he had to eat. What's his name?
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Which of these movies does this food come from?
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They're scary but their food isn't. What movie is this food from?
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Which of these movies do you think this food came from?
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In which of these movies can you find this food?
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She had a beautiful cake before she took a really long nap. What was her name?
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It's poisonous so don't eat it! Which movie stars this bad apple?
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What movie is the food pictured here from?
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We bet her hair got in her food all the time. What movie does this favorite come from?
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Which movie name comes to mind when you see this food?
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Which of these options seems most correct to you?
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A party with some really mad people? Sign us up! But what movie would you say this is from?
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This food is really delicious. But which Disney movie does it come from?
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Based on this picture, what movie would you say this food is from?
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Being lesser in size means smaller portions. Which of these movie names best matches this picture?
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Can you tell us the name of the movie that matches this food?
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A frog, a pig, and some other characters who preferred hot dogs to grass and bugs. Which movie are they from?
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She saved China, but can you save her stomach with this dish? What movie was she from?
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Two dogs and some spaghetti. Can you identify the movie that matches this dish and these dogs?
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Which movie is this food from?
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He destroyed everything, including food. What movie was he in?
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She had some tiny friends that she cooked for. But what movie was she in?
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Can you name the movie that featured this food?
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Which Disney/Pixar movie did you see this food in?
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Can you name the movie this food came from?
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The island food in this movie wasn't very complicated. But what movie was it?
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Can you match the food pictured here to its movie?
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Her beignets were utterly delicious, but what movie did she star in?
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