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Do you know which film star played convict Frank Morris, or what the three escapees used to construct their raft? Remember what the warden secretly threw into the water at the end of the film? See if you have the know-how to earn a perfect score on this "Escape from Alcatraz" quiz!

A little over a mile off the coast of San Francisco sits Alcatraz Island. A former lighthouse and military garrison, it became a military prison in 1868, and the location was so perfect for confinement that in 1934, Alcatraz was transformed into a federal prison. Its remote location, surrounded by icy water and sharks gave the place a reputation as inescapable and made it an ideal spot for the government to send prisoners who were too difficult or out-of-control for other institutions. 

In the nearly 30 years that Alcatraz housed prisoners, at least three dozen men attempted to escape. Almost all were killed or immediately captured, but in 1963, three men -- Frank Morris, Clarence Anglin, and John Anglin -- managed to slip away. Well ... maybe. The three were never found, and it's not clear whether they drowned in the frigid waters of the bay, or made it to freedom and lived out their lives. 

A 1963 book about the daring escape became the hit 1979 film, "Escape from Alcatraz." Think you remember everything about this classic movie? Take our quiz to find out!

What common nickname do the inmates give Frank Morris when he first arrives at Alcatraz?

The term supposedly goes back to the 18th century and is not unique to the film. Andy Dufresne's character in "Shawshank Redemption" is called "fresh fish" too, when he first arrives in the prison.


What comment is made to Morris when he first arrives, and he also says this to a new prisoner later?

Morris got reprimanded his first day for not buttoning his shirt up to the collar.


What is a nickname for the Alcatraz prison?

Alcatraz is an island and made of almost solid rock. It is nearly impossible to tunnel out.


What book is Morris often reading in his cell?

Morris hides a small chipping tool inside the bible. No one will question his reading material.


An inmate wants some of Morris' lunch for his pet mouse. What is the lunch item?

Morris puts the mouse in his pocket later when he attempts to escape. An inmate with a pet mouse also appears in "The Green Mile."


The Warden tells Morris, "This where prisoners go when_______________________________________."

The Warden tries to exercise his control and power over the prison while meeting with Morris face-to-face in his office. Intimidation is his goal but he seems to fall flat.


What are the prisoners allowed twice a %0Dmonth?

Morris has no friends or family, but others take advantage of the privilege.


What does Morris take from the Warden's office?

The clippers are on the desk and Frank shows his resourcefulness by stealing them. It also shows he can outsmart the Warden.


Who approaches Morris in the shower with a threat?

Wolf is an aggressive inmate who likes to impose power over the others; he usually threatens with physical violence.


What is an important detail in Frank's file?

There is emphasis on the physical barriers of the prison, but little to bar intelligence; Morris comes up with a very well thought-out plan to escape.


What city did Frank Morris arrive to Alcatraz from?

Frank Morris actually spent time in prison in several states before Alcatraz: Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana.


What comment prompted Morris to respond with "Good luck"?

Wolf asks him this in the shower and gets rejected in front of other inmates. Morris puts soap in Wolf's mouth.


Where does Morris get his first prison job?

Morris meets an inmate who runs the library and is of assistance to him later on in his plan to escape.


Who is the inmate who runs the library?

English gets to know Morris and the two men grow a mutual respect for each other.


What is Doc's hobby?

Doc excels in painting and uses it as a mental escape from the prison; he respects Morris.


What does Doc tell Morris a chrysanthemum represents?

It shows he is still growing and thriving and despite being jailed, he still has hope.


English sits in the higher seats of the bleachers of the prison yard. What does this represent?

English invites Frank Morris to sit with him there and befriends him. It proves helpful to Morris later.


How much will Morris make in the carpentry shop?

The carpentry shop allows Morris to scheme and plot his escape. It offers opportunities for tools.


How does Morris know Wolf is going to attack him in the yard?

Morris makes friends in prison through subtle gestures. Doc's artwork and painting become valuable tools for escape.


What is the punishment to both Wolf and Morris after they fight?

This is solitary confinement in the dark. No one wants to go to "D Block."


What are the Anglin brothers at Alcatraz for?

The Anglin brothers (John and Clarence) were part of the real life escape from Alcatraz. They arrived at Alcatraz within months from each other.


The mouse is sent to Frank's cell with a note. What does the note say?

Litmus is a fan of Morris; he's also a very successful mouse trainer!


Who becomes Frank's new cell neighbor?

Charley is a high-energy person who is befriended by Morris; he also acts as a look-out for Frank.


Who is NOT in on the plan to escape?

English suspects Frank is up to something, but he does not get intentionally involved; he assists without realizing it.


What does the Warden see in Doc's cell that he doesn't like?

The painting depicts the Warden with an expression that is not flattering. The Warden then orders all of Doc's painting materials to be removed.


What tool does Doc say he needs at his carpentry table?

Doc is depressed and chops his fingers off in front of the other inmates; Morris witnesses the ordeal.


What item does Doc put into the pocket of Morris while in the carpentry shop?

The flower showed Doc's inner optimism; giving it away reveals his hopelessness.


What was Butts sent to Alcatraz for?

Butts seems proud of his stealing experiences as he describes to Morris what landed him in prison.


Who goes to visit English while he's in prison?

English has a very compassionate side and it is clear that his family is important to him.


What does John Anglin comment on that is served for lunch on Wednesdays?

There are frequent references to the sub-standard food provided in the prison. Probably not much gourmet dining is done there.


Which are NOT items used in the attempt to break out of prison?

Morris employs several other inmates to help gather the necessary materials to carry off an escape. Their jobs in the prison provide some access.


What musical instrument does Morris pretend to learn?

Morris needs something large enough to cover the hole he is creating in the wall so he lays the accordian down in front of it.


Why does Morris need paint?

Frank needs to create a life-like dummy to put in his cot so he can test his escape route. The guards will think he is asleep.


What does Morris use as a makeshift drill?

Morris discovers he needs to unscrew a metal covering that will lead him to the roof in his escape route; the fan will serve his purpose.


What clue does the Warden find that indicates that Morris has successfully escaped?

The Warden discovers that the flower is not indigenous to the area around Alcatraz. When he finds it, he recognizes it as the same type Morris had in the prison.


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