Can You Make It on Top of Capitol Hill?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Politics is a bloodsport. If you want to succeed, you need both the tenderness to understand the needs of your constituents and the killer instinct to take down the opposition. Do you have what it takes?

What is best in life?

What do you do with your political opponents?

What do you do to your political enemies?

Are you a member of a party?

Do you have an ideology?

Do you have an ethos?

Do you have morals?

Do you have others' respect?

Do you have others' fear?

Do you have others' love?

Do you have rich friends?

Do you have a law degree?

Did you go to a fancy college?

Are you a member of a fraternity?

Are you a member of any secret societies?

Do you do important work in the private sector?

Do you have a reputation for anything outside of politics?

If you had to name a political spiritual ancestor, who would it be?

Which empire was the best empire?

Do you respect your adversaries?

Do your adversaries respect you?

Can you see things from the point of view of the other side?

Do you have any new ideas?

Can you convince others that your ideas are any good?

Can you convince people you are right even when you are not right?

Are you willing to compromise your ideology?

Are you willing to compromise your ideals?

Are you willing to compromise your morals?

Are you willing to compromise your ego?

Is your word any good?

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