Quiz: Can You Identify This Radio Equipment from an Image?
Can You Identify This Radio Equipment from an Image?
By: Olivia C
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The radio is such a viable and useful medium all over the world. It doesn't require much to operate one since it's relatively simple to figure out. Just put in the batteries, turn on the power, and let the airwaves do their thing!

Who would have thought that a simple transistor radio could broadcast the voices of the most important people in the land? Radio also played many a pivotal role in some culture's development and emancipation. Indeed, it is a form of media that should be respected and upheld, even during the Digital Age.

Since we now have the internet within our midst, radio also adapted to it -- or perhaps the internet adapted so it could accommodate radio. We now have internet radio, and listening to worldwide radio stations is such a blast to do these days. Long live the world wide web!

But how about running a radio station, or even operating a simple personal radio system set-up? Decades ago, a formal radio station set-up might be such a huge and expensive feat to accomplish. But these days, it's relatively simple to do. But if you want to do it like how professionals do, then you must know a thing or two about which kind of equipment to set up. Or if you choose to get into the world of amateur radio, then that has other sets of equipment you need to be familiar with.

So, do you think you're familiar with these varied types of radio equipment? Do you know what it takes to operate them, and what kind of gadgetry works for different types of broadcast? Then take this radio quiz and see if you can name these pieces of equipment.

Tune in and try it!

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