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In every home, you will inevitably need some kind of equipment to address issues that will manifest when you least expect. Whether these concerns involve the outside of the house or the interior, it's best to gather and maintain some handy equipment to help you out in times of need. For example, what would you do if you suddenly found a leak in the middle of the night? It's useless to call a repairman or plumber to handle the job; who's available at such an ungodly hour? That's why it's best to keep some equipment or tools handy, just in case.

Think about it as your own home's first aid kit for emergencies. Since professional help may be slow to arrive or too expensive, you may need to address the "wound" first, like immediately.

But it's not only for emergencies and problems that you need to acquire some handy equipment for your home. Even when you're doing routine tasks, you'll work faster and more efficiently if you have the proper tools and equipment. 

Whether you're working on carpentry, plumbing, painting, gardening, cleaning or cooking, do you know what handy equipment you need? We're sure you do! Pick them out here and identify them!

It may not seem like equipment since it's a small and sturdy tool, but it actually is! What's this handy thing that's used to pound nails?

For any homeowner, be it a longtime owner or someone who has moved into their first home recently, it's always useful to have a hammer around. You never know when you will need to drive some nails in or even pull them out. Get a small one if a larger one intimidates you.


This equipment is required if you need to quickly put holes in walls or other things. Can you name it?

A drill is that gun-looking equipment used by carpenters, plumbers, handymen, painters, gardeners and just about any kind of skilled worker who needs to drill a hole into a surface like a wall or a door. It could also be useful for fixing furniture and other things around the house.


This small lifesaver is handy if you need to turn a small, loose thing. What do you call this?

As its name suggests, a screwdriver's primary job is to help you screw in a ... well ... screw. It's also handy for removing screws. But there are different kinds of screwdrivers, depending on your need, and it's advisable to get at least two: one with the flat head and one with the Phillips head.


Clogs in the restroom will be a nightmare if you don't have one of these handy things around. Do you know what it's called?

Plumbers use many kinds of equipment to remedy clogs in the toilet bowl, such as a drain auger or toilet auger. But the simplest equipment that you can have around for drain-clearing purposes is the simple toilet plunger. It often gets the job done, and it's also cheaper!


One of the most universal items to have around the house will help you to reach unreachable things. What is this?

Having a stepladder around the house goes a long way sometimes, and it even works miracles since you never know when you'll desperately need to reach a high shelf. Since it folds for storage and is smaller than a traditional ladder, it's easy to keep on hand.


You roll it out to learn the exact dimensions of things. What's this handy thing called?

A tape measure is useful if you need to get exact measurements of very long items or wide spaces — or even body measurements. It's useful to have two kinds at home: a retractable carpenters' tape measure and a fabric or plastic one for sewing needs.


In the kitchen, this is an essential gadget to have for opening cylindrical packaged food items. What do you call it?

A can opener is essential equipment for most households. What if you buy food packaged in cans, and they're not the easy-open kind of cans? This is when you will need a can opener to save you.


Plug it in and you'll have hot water in no time! What's this handy equipment usually found in the kitchen?

If you don't want to turn on the stove to heat a traditional kettle, modern-day technology has solved that by producing the electric kettle. It's very handy since you just plug it in and wait for the water to heat. A smaller one can be useful to bring when you travel.


To slice and dice foods, this is handy to have in the kitchen. Can you identify it?

A chef's knife can range from six to fourteen inches in length, and that's just the blade. It's a useful knife to have around the kitchen, especially if you can't keep many types of knives or you don't want to. If one is enough, this is the handy requirement to have.


Cheese is its frequent mate, but some veggies are known to be handy mates, too. What is this kitchen equipment?

When we say "grater," some may just think of a cheese grater, but it has many other uses. You can use the grater to grate many food items, like potatoes if you're planning to make hash browns, or even cabbage, carrots and zucchini for slaw.


For electrical protection, use one of these handy devices. Do you know what it's called?

A surge protector is handy equipment to have in every household, to protect your electrical appliances from voltage spikes that can occur. This is the device you plug into the main outlet, and your appliances should be plugged into the surge protector for added safety.


A carpenter uses this a lot and so does a sculptor, especially when working with wood. What do you call this tool?

A chisel could come in handy when you need to shape a wooden surface, as the tip can cut through tough surfaces. It's a great handyman tool, used for fixing stuff, but an artist may also use one, especially when creating sculptures.


When applying coats of color, this handy-dandy tool can be useful and may even be more accurate than a roller. What do you call it?

A regular sized paintbrush used by house painters is suitable for do-it-yourself home projects. Sometimes a brush is more effective to use than a roller since you can reach certain tough corners and edges with the paintbrush.


Pop in slices of bread and wait for them to brown. What do you call this superb equipment?

If you're a bread lover, specifically sliced bread, then it's a sure thing that you have a toaster in your home. This handy kitchen equipment can help you during a rushed breakfast since it only takes moments to toast the bread.


Careful when handling the interior part, since it's equipped with small blades. What do you call this one?

A blender is handy equipment that's also categorized as a small appliance. The traditional-looking ones usually have a sturdy base where the motor is found, along with some blending controls. On top of that, the pitcher-like jar with blades at the bottom is where you put the ingredients to blend.


For your grass-cutting needs, it's handy to have this equipment. What is it?

Lawnmowers are present in almost every single family detached home that has a yard with grass. This reliable equipment makes grass-cutting an easier task, especially if you have a large area to cover. For a really large yard, consider a riding mower.


For moving things too tedious or heavy to carry one by one, this equipment can help! What is it?

Active gardeners could benefit from having a wheelbarrow at home because it's very handy for moving dirt, rocks, wood or other stuff from one place to another. One-wheeled types are the original design, but two-wheeled ones are available now as well. It's a choice between maneuverability and stability.


Wrinkly sheets or wardrobe? Fret no more if you have one of these at home. Do you know what it is?

An iron is handy to have, especially if you wash your own clothes at home. It's effective at removing wrinkles from your clothes, sheets and whatever else needs pressing. An iron can also create sharp pleats and creases.


After taking a shower, you may need this handy equipment to finish getting ready. What do you call it?

An electric hair dryer is indeed handy to have if you don't like to wait a long time for your hair to air dry. It's also essential if you want to create a sleek or swoopy blowout style.


Many households have this kitchen equipment to prepare a specific food item. Do you know what this is?

These days almost everyone loves rice, pairing it with a variety of cuisines, from Mexican to Japanese to Italian and beyond. Cooking rice shouldn't be that hard, and this handy equipment makes it easy.


For quick and large scale cleaning inside the house, this handy equipment serves as your best friend. Can you identify it?

The traditional vacuum cleaner still does wonders for any home, big or small, rented or owned. It's fascinating to learn that the first motorized vacuum was invented only in the late 1800s when many people were trying to create tools to modernize and simplify tasks.


When you need more grip to cut something in the kitchen and slicing just won't do, what do you use?

It's important to distinguish kitchen shears from ordinary scissors, since they are meant to perform specific tasks that ordinary scissors don't, such as cutting poultry and snipping herbs. Kitchen shears should strictly be used to cut food items or their packaging, and they should be thoroughly cleaned between uses.


Before slicing and dicing away in the kitchen, make sure you have this handy equipment ready. What do you call this?

Whether you call this a cutting board or a chopping board, its function remains the same: to serve as a handy surface on which to slice and chop foods. Originally, cutting boards were made of wood, but stone, plastic, glass and other materials are also common today.


If you live in a place full of trees, you'll need one of these! What handy equipment is this?

It's nice if you live in a house surrounded by trees, but unfortunately, the dry leaves fall all over the place. You can use a leaf blower to help solve this problem, as it can help blow the fallen leaves into piles for easy removal. You can also use this to clean gutters, dry your car and more.


It's frustrating to remove fruit skins if you don't have this handy tool around. Do you know what this is?

It can be quite frustrating when you have fruit that needs to be peeled, but you don't have the knife skills for that purpose. Having a peeler makes this task much easier, not to mention safer than using a knife.


This is quite useful for draining water from things. What do you call this handy kitchen helper?

It's a bowl with many small holes, and it's technically called a colander. But since it does the job of straining food items, it is also sometimes called a strainer. Use a colander to wash fresh vegetables or drain the cooking water from pasta.


To be more accurate in the kitchen while cooking, this tool comes in handy! What do you call it?

Measuring spoons usually come in sets of four or five, sometimes six, nested together in order by size. But no matter the count, they all do the same job: measuring how much of an ingredient you scoop. Each spoon matches a specific measurement so your recipes will turn out as expected.


Wear these if you're doing any kind of handiwork that could create flying debris. What are they?

Safety goggles are essential to have around the house, especially for homeowners who like working on projects involving carpentry, painting or plumbing. Always protect your eyes if hazardous materials or flying debris could pose a risk.


Careful not to get burned in the kitchen! What do you call these handy items that prevent such an unfortunate event?

If you think a potholder could do the trick for handling hot pots and pans, then you're all set. But to be safe and sure, use oven gloves that you wear over your hands and wrists. These could minimize accidents better than mere potholders.


Imagine celebrating a toast without one of these handy items! Can you identify this lifesaver?

Yes, the corkscrew has one job and one job alone, but it's a very important one: to remove the cork from a wine bottle. A corkscrew makes life easier for wine drinkers. A number of styles and types are available at different price points, with different levels of human effort required.


Your garden will really benefit from having one of these long and useful items around. Do you know what this is?

A water hose makes watering plants easier. You just connect one end of the hose to an outdoor faucet, and the other end is where the water will come out. That end usually has a spray controller attached to it as well, so you can control the amount and force of water that comes out of the hose.


Turning nuts around will be easier if this handy tool is around. Can you name it?

A typical wrench looks like it has a U-shape on one end, then the other end is circular with some grooves on the inside. But a monkey wrench is different from this typical wrench, because it has an adjustable part. Wrenches are often used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts.


It's for gripping things, twisting stuck things or even cutting wires, depending on your project. What is this tool called?

If you need to hold something very firmly while working on a carpentry or gardening project, then these simple pliers would really come in handy. Pliers typically have grooves on the inside edges so that they can grip surfaces better.


Its versatility could help with any kind of household work, actually, or perhaps when camping. What is this handy thing?

When it's not called the Swiss Army knife or a pocket knife, it's called the multi-tool. This very handy device actually features many tools that can be pulled out. You may have a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a small saw, a blade, small scissors and many more little tools!


For added protection, these come in handy when handling chemicals around the house. Do you know what they are?

Typical rubber gloves are enough to protect your hands when you're doing basic cleaning chores around the house, especially in the bathroom or kitchen. But when it comes to gardening or doing electrical work, other specialized gloves are needed.


One useful piece of equipment to help you protect your family and home is this red-colored item. What is it?

Each and every home should have a fire extinguisher, and every member of the house should know its location. It's also important that everyone knows how to use it, in case a fire suddenly breaks out. Don't be a hero, though — if the fire is gaining strength, get everyone out of the house immediately and call for help.


To power up all of our gadgets, this item can be pulled out for use anytime and anywhere. What's it called?

The lengthy extension cord can do wonders for a house with electrical outlets that are not easily accessible, like those near or behind large appliances or furniture. You can choose the length of the extension cord, according to your needs.


While it's designed to do one job, this handy item is versatile enough to be used in the daytime and nighttime. Can you guess what this is?

A handy flashlight is needed for the home, since you never know when a power outage will happen and you'll be stuck in the dark. Even during daylight hours, a flashlight can be useful when you're trying to find things in dark areas, perhaps under or behind appliances or furniture.


When mechanical or electrical equipment won't do the trick, this handy manual device can still clean up well in the garden. What is it?

A rake still comes in handy in this modern age, since the long handle can be held by a person of any age and height, to gather the leaves in one direction. The act of raking leaves might look tedious to some, but it can be good exercise from time to time. Let the kids rake leaves into piles, then jump in them!


With all the handy equipment to have in your home, this carry-all will keep some of it organized. What is it?

Every home needs a toolbox since you can put a lot of small tools and gadgets in there, as well as some materials you might use for immediate repairs, like glue, tape, nails, screws and other consumables. Clean your toolbox once in a while, too, to reorganize, to remove rusty screws and such, and to see what might be missing from your collection.


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