Can You Identify This Animal by Its Ears?

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Whether you love animals that are adorable or vicious (or somewhere in between), you know that there is nothing better than seeing your favorite animals on TV, in memes, or on YouTube videos. 

There are some amazing animals out there, and whether you just love to see them do crazy things or you love to learn about what they're capable of, who they're related to, and what they like to eat, you can definitely identify your favorite animals by sight. 

While most animals have pretty distinguishing features, others look too much like close relatives to be able to make out. That's when you have to start looking at the small details, like the animals' tails, paws, and ears. 

For some animals, it's those details that can help you tell the difference between a lynx and a mountain lion. Although some people find it silly to worry about what kind of animal is what, it's fun for you to try to figure it out. That's why we created this quiz ... just for you. We've found 40 animals with distinct ears. Now, we want to see if you can identify all 40 animals by their ears alone without any hints. Take this quiz to see if you are up to it!

This animal is usually found in the woods in North America and Eurasia. What animal is this?

Brown bears can reach up to 1,300 pounds at their most mature. In North America, they are often called grizzly bears. Although they will attack humans, nearly 90 percent of their diet is vegetarian ... which explains Pooh Bear's love for honey.

These flyers are blind, so their ears are really important. What are they?

Bats are actually mammals, and the only mammals that can truly fly (in a sustained manner). There are over 1,200 species of bats spread across the planet, and they range in size with the Flying Fox's wingspan of nearly six feet to the Bumble Bee Bat, which has a wingspan of just a few inches.

What animal has ears like this?

While many of us look at pigs and think about delicious bacon, pigs are actually incredibly intelligent animals. They are considered even-toed ungulates. The domestic pig can live up to twenty years, and get to be nearly 800 pounds.

Who do these ears belong to?

African elephants have a gestation period of 22 months ... that's 22 months of dealing with weird food cravings and swollen ankles. Fully grown, they can get to about 11 feet tall and weigh up to 13,000 pounds ... luckily for them, baby elephants only weigh around 200 pounds.

Which marsupial has ears like this?

Koala bears only weigh about 33 pounds. These herbivores can sleep up to eighteen hours a day, and though they aren't an endangered species, their habitats are threatened by human population, drought, and forest fires.

Which member of the Scriuridae family has ears like this?

There are many different types of squirrels, but the common gray squirrel generally weighs just over one pound and can live up to ten years. While many believe that squirrels mate for life, both males and females take on many partners. However, they do engage in courtship and a process where females choose their mates.

Which armored animal has these ears?

Fully grown, a nine-banded armadillo is under two feet long and weights about fourteen pounds. There are several different species of armadillo, including Cabassous and Glyptodon. The three-banded armadillo can roll up into a ball to protect its soft underbelly from predators.

Which rodent has ears like this?

Chinchillas are basically big, fat ground squirrels with really soft fur. Groups of chinchillas are called "herds" and are very social. There are two types of chinchillas: short-tailed and long-tailed. Long-tailed chinchillas usually weigh about a pound when they are fully grown.

What kind of bear has ears like this?

Most people can spot a panda from a mile away; their specific markings are still a mystery to most scientists, but there are several theories about the panda's specific patchwork. These include: warnings (like the colors of a skunk) and camouflage. Pandas are native to China, most specifically the south-central area. They eat bamboo and generally live up to twenty years in the wild. They don't have great eyesight, but their sense of smell makes up for it.

Which animal has these big, unique ears?

Native to Madagascar, aye-ayes adorable nocturnal creatures. They are small, tree-dwelling creatures that can see in the dark. Currently, these omnivores are on the endangered species list due to their decreasing population.

These animals have small eyes and big ears. What are they?

These adorable little creatures with tiny faces and huge ears are pretty easy to spot. They can be found in North Africa and the Arabian desert. They are incredibly social creatures, hanging out with up to ten others at a time.

Which primate has ears like these?

Gorillas intelligence is unparalleled, as many of them can be taught sign language, and all of them experience emotions in similar ways to humans. They can weigh up to 350 pounds, which make the largest living primates. These herbivores are generally found in the forests of Africa and live up to forty years.

Which animal do these tiny ears belong to?

There are thirteen species of otter living on Earth right now. The Eurasian otter can weight up to twenty-six pounds while the hairy-nosed otter usually weights up to thirteen pounds. Remember, otters are super cute, but they can get a little angry ... it must be their relation to honey badgers and minks.

This fuzzy creature also has small ears. What is it?

Wombats have short, stubby legs and small tails. They look like hamsters that grew to the size of a dog. However, they're pretty fast, as they can get up to 25 miles per hour when something is chasing them.

His ears hang low. What is he?

It looks like a mix between a bull and buffalo, and its scientific name is super fun (Bubalus Bubalis). Water buffalo are found in a lot of places across the globe, including Australia, China, the Americas, and Europe. Adult water buffalo can weigh up to 1,200 pounds.

This odd, striped animal has unique ears. What is it?

No, you can't make fun music by slapping them, bongos are actually among some of the most interesting-looking creatures on the planet. They are brown with white stripes, and can get up to six hundred pounds. They also have spiral horns.

What animal do these long ears belong to?

The gerenuk looks like a cross between a giraffe and a gazelle. It can be found in the arid climates of East Africa. It has long legs and a long neck. Adults can weigh up to 86 pounds.

Which animal has these uniquely-shaped ears?

Spotted hyenas can run nearly forty miles per hour and they weigh up to 140 pounds, that means if one is after you, you better have wings on your feet. However, you probably won't have to worry about that, as there are some cities that welcome hyenas, as they are relatively tame around humans (especially the humans that are feeding them). Even though hyenas look a lot like dogs, they are actually closer in relation to cats.

This animal has small ears on the top of its head. What is it?

The European badger is the face of most badgers we can recognize. They are even used as mascots for sports teams in the United States. It can be found throughout Europe and parts of East Asia. Adults usually weigh about 26 pounds, and their hair is used to make shaving brushes.

Which large cat has ears like this?

You don't necessarily have to be a CHEETAH to learn about them. A cheetah can run up to 75 miles per hour, but it can only do so for a short amount of time, because it risks overheating. Cheetahs can be found throughout Africa.

We bet these ears look familiar. What animal do they belong to?

For over 5,000 years, humans have used donkeys as working animals. They are strong and obedient animals. Donkeys are members of the horse family and can weigh up to 1,100 pounds. Donkeys can actually live up to thirty years.

This rodent is a a pet to most. What is it?

Gerbils were once known as desert rats, but now, we keep them as pets. They only weigh around five pounds, but they are fast little rodents. While we have them as pets in the United States, they are originally from Africa, India and Asia.

Which animal do these cute little ears belong to?

Hedgehogs can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. They are easy to spot, because of their spines (what some would call quills), which are not poisonous, unlike porcupines. The lack of poison makes them great and interesting pets.

Can you identify this animal by its ears?

Lemurs are easy to spot with their striped tails, but their ears may throw you off a little bit. These primates can weigh anywhere from one ounce to nineteen pounds, depending on the species.

These ears belong to what animal?

Known as nuisances due to their scavenging in garbage cans (who could forget their cameo in "The Great Outdoors"?), raccoons are common in North America. They live up to three years in the wild, and can weigh up to twenty pounds.

Which striped animal has ears like this?

You can spot a zebra by its black and white stripes, which can even be seen on their ears. Plains zebras can weigh up to 880 pounds. They are mainly found in Africa.

Which animal's ears look like this?

A chipmunk is a rodent that is small with stripes, and their unique ability to use their cheeks as grocery baskets. They are mainly found in North America and weigh around three ounces (if their cheeks aren't full).

What breed of dog has ears like this?

Beagles have adorably long ears that make them look like they're always a little bit skeptical, but they mostly rely on their noses, as they are amazing hunting dogs. They can live up to fifteen years.

These ears belong to which animal?

Rats are most well-known to be vermin or pests that need to be dealt with in homes, sewers, and other areas where they aren't wanted. You may even know of rats as carrying the black plague around with them. You can usually tell a rat from a mouse based on its size. Rats are generally much larger than mice.

Which breed of cat has ears like this?

Scottish fold cats have very distinct ears that are folded inwards. This is suppose to give them an owl-like appearance, but it just makes them look like they're always confused.

This animal is related to the kangaroo, what is it?

A wallaby is generally around eleven pounds, and their gestation period is only 29-31 days, depending on the species, this is why they need to be immediately moved to their mother's pouches, so they can continue to develop after they are born. You can tell the difference between a kangaroo and a wallaby by its size.

It might look like a dog ear, but get a little more specific. What animal has this ear?

A dingo is a wild dog that is native to Australia. Dingos can actually breed with domesticated dogs. They get up to forty-five pounds and can be about five feet long, nose to tail. Let's just hope it doesn't eat your baby.

Which animal has these ears?

Jack rabbits have incredibly large ears, but they aren't just for hearing well. These ears generally help them maintain their body heat. Jack rabbits can weigh up to eight and a half pounds, and they can reach speeds of over 35 miles per hour.

Who do these ears belong to?

Meerkats are small, carnivorous animals, related to the mongoose. They can live up to fourteen years. They also live in large communities, as they are very social creatures. Their social interactions led to a hilarious faux-soap opera on Animal planet called "Meerkat Manor".

What animal might you find these ears on?

While a lion is called "The King of the Jungle", they don't actually live in jungles. Their natural habitat is in the desert. Lions can live up to fourteen years, and can run up to fifty miles per hour. Their weight varies by gender, as males can reach over 400 pounds, while females are generally around 280 pounds.

Which African animal has ears like this?

Wildebeest are basically nature's way of cooking up meals for every carnivore that lives in Africa. While wildebeests can live up to twenty years, they have to avoid being eaten the entire time they are alive.

Which animal has these ears?

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, panthers, and catamounts, are indigenous to the Americas. Like all large cats, they can't pur, because they can roar. They usually live between eight and thirteen years in the wild.

Which animal has ears like this?

Antelope, much like wildebeest, are another great snack for carnivores of the world. are generally fund in Africa and Eurasia. They can run over twenty-five miles per hour, and can live up to twenty years.

These ears are pretty unique. Which animal do they belong to?

These furry-eared squirrels are omnivorous, and like most squirrels, they live in trees. They have four fingers and two toes on each paw to help them grip and climb.

Which farm animal might have ears like this?

Horses are majestic creatures that many young women love to dream about. Horses can live up to thirty years, and depending on the breed, they can get up to 2,200 pounds when mature. Horses are domesticated, and are used in show and for practical purposes like transportation and work.

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