Quiz: Can You Identify These Unpopular Cars from a Photo?
Can You Identify These Unpopular Cars from a Photo?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: GTHO/Mariordo via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Where would we be without cars?

Our daily lives revolve around them. To get to work, to the store, or just to take us out and about around town, maybe for a bite to eat.

We love our cars ... mostly. 

Over the years, some cars just can't seem to catch a break. Unlike a Toyota Corolla that has been sold by the millions and millions worldwide over a 50-year period, these models just struggle to sell.

And often there are reasons for their unpopularity. Perhaps the most obvious is that they are just ugly! No matter who different car designers try to be, if the buying public deems a car ugly, they simply won't buy it. OK, so what if the car is not too bad to look at but still proves unpopular? Well, that's often a result of the fact that they are unreliable or poorly made.

Word soon gets out that a model is not up to standard and the public will simply stop buying it, making it an entry on the unpopular list. 

Those are just some of the reasons why vehicles are unpopular.

Now would you be able to identify them from just an image?

Good luck. 

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