Can You Identify These 'As seen on TV' Products? 97% Of People Can't!

By: Craig
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"I need that." How many gadgets did you buy late at night , just to wake up and realize credit cards shouldn't be used after midnight? If so, get ready to ace this quiz. 

You probably have watched infomercials all your life since, they've been on TV since the late 1940s. At that time, the gadget being sold was the Vitamix blender. Although infomercials were seen periodically since that time, they really hit their stride in the early 1980s, when the FCC lifted its regulations regarding time limits on advertising. It was this ability to have long-form commercials coupled with the cultural changes happening in the U.S. that made this format profitable. The do-it-yourself craze along with the rise in popularity of self-help products and home cooking utensils caught on like wildfire. 

Although the products were different, the "hard sell" was the same, whether it within a short-form, or under two-minute spot, or using the long-form advertising that ran between 15 and 30 minutes. The sales pitch would follow the AIDA model: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Most commercials included product demonstrations as well as testimonials, and if there was enough of a budget, a celebrity spokesperson would do the pitch. But wait, there's more. Time is limited. Take this quiz right now and we'll throw in a pair of steak knives, absolutely free!

Because butter is never easy to work with or cut (said no one), there is EZ Butter. Cut your butter into conveniently sized pieces using this TV product. Or just use a butter knife. But can a butter knife cut cucumber or cheese? No. But I am sure you have a knife to cover that as well, don't you? If not, get EZ Butter!

Because everyone wants to put glittering jewelry on their clothes, there is the Bedazzler. Actually, this is not a bad product and if used in moderation, can give older clothes a new lease on life. Unless you like looking overly sparkly!

An interesting looking furry toy with eyes that open and close, Schnoozles are meant for children who have trouble sleeping at night. Actually, Schnoozles are kind of cute and maybe having a sleep friend will help alleviate sleeping problemzzzz.

Not simply a paste that you put on your face to revitalize tired-looking skin, the Rejuvenique Mask is placed over your face. Just warn your family about it, they may think you have become a robot if you don't. Powered by a 9-volt battery, the mask pulses electricity into your face, helping to tighten facial muscles. Don't use it in the bath! But you already knew that, didn't you?

Ever needed sparkly hair extensions? No, me neither. But just in case you ever do, look no further than Bling String. The makers claim it has over 400 applications. To us, it looks like you may need plenty of patience to get your desired look.

A Broccoli Wad? What exactly is a Broccoli Wad? Well, it seems that it has nothing to do with a vegetable at all and everything to do with money. In fact, it's just a glorified money clip. So why not call it a Cheddar Concealer or a Clam Container? Anyway, when TV gangster Vincent Pastore tells you to by a Broccoli Wad in an infomercial, who is going to say no?

When golf is life! Marketed as the perfect gift for the avid golfer, the Potty Putter makes sure that even when you are on the loo, a little golf practice is possible. In reality, however, it is nothing but a gimmick and more suited as a child's toy.

No, this is not a magic set containing meatballs. Meatball Magic is for the lazy among us who hate rolling their meatballs. Now all you have to do is squash your meat into a massive square, and let meatball magic do the rest in four easy steps. Wait a minute! Isn't rolling a meatball without Meatball Magic just one step ...?

Ginsu Knives were a staple of the infomercial circuit during the 1980s. In fact, in a six-year period between 1978 and 1984, it is estimated that between two to three million sets were purchased in the United States alone. Of course, Ginsu infomercials put the knives through rigorous testing, like cutting through cans and then testing the sharpness on a daunting tomato!

Suck all the moisture right out of your food. That's what the food dehydrator does. Why you need it? Well, no one really knows. But if an infomercial says you do, you gotta have it right? And lots of Americans did, with the Food Dehydrator selling hundreds of thousands of units. At least you could make your own banana chips! But who eats those anyway?

Cool name, but what is it? The Slobstopper is essentially an adult bib for those of use who keep missing our mouths when we drink or eat. Necessary? Probably not, and at $14.95 it isn't cheap. Granted, the infomercial showed most people messing on themselves in their cars, so maybe it had some practical uses. But hey, you could just rather use a hand towel.

We bet you can't guess what a Marriage Blanket helps with. Let's just say it separates certain smells your partner might excrete, leaving you to never have to hold your nose and fan the air in front of you again. Who thought of this stuff?

So instead of burning your hair to a crisp while curling it, why not use hot air to achieve those wavy locks? The Air Curler sells as an attachment for your hair drier. Simply place the hair you want to be curled in the Air Curler and away you go. Don't be alarmed by the tornado effect as the curler spins your hair to achieve the look you are after. Reviews, however, show that the air curler wasn't really that effective.

A home sauna which is effectively a tent that you sit your whole body in, except your head and your hands. Infrared rays then help increase the temperature, bringing the sweat to your brow and hopefully the rest of your body. The Fir-Real Sauna even has its own chair to make things more comfortable.

Not just a dumbbell, but a Shake Weight dumbbell. The makers of this product claim that it is seven times more effective than ordinary dumbbells. And they provide a DVD with a range of exercises you can do with your shake weights. But how does it work (if it does work at all)? Well, the shake weight includes pistons which provide 240 contractions a minute, adding to your already intense workout. Strange that we haven't seen these replace dumbbells in local gyms yet, isn't it. Maybe they're just not as effective as claimed.

No, not a kids toy, but a little fluffy bear that you attach to your car's seat belt and slide to the area where the belt cuts into your skin, your shoulder for example. Pretty effective actually.

Not for use in the Antarctic! The Chillow is essentially a cold pillow that helps cool your whole body while you sleep. Now this is something we could get behind, except that it doesn't look particularly comfortable. A thin, cold, mat if you will.

For those times you need to lock up certain ingredients in your fridge, there's fridge locker. Actually, this is not a bad idea. Especially if people keep stealing your lunch at work, or all your ramen noodles in your dorm.

A skipping apparatus without the rope ... Yes, that perfectly sums up the Cardio Jump. Luckily, while you jump on the spot, skipping to an invisible rope, the Cardio Jump will alleviate the pain and humiliation by keeping track of all those vital numbers to confirm you just had the silliest workout of your life.

Interestingly named. Could be anything really. But I guess you didn't think it was a bedside gun rack. Keep your firearms close at all times, even when you sleep. Or you could just put it under the pillow.

No, it's not a radio for your booty. It's the Tush Tuner, a rotating device that you place on your chair of choice. The makers claim it is the perfect way to exercise your butt. Or you could just go to a gym to be sure.

The Cami Secret is a little piece of material that sits in the V of your blouse and hides your cleavage. Wait, what? Certainly, this product was not designed by males.

The Fat Magnet is a metallic device which, after it is placed in the freezer, can be used to draw the fat off your food. Supposedly, the fat is meant to stick to the magnet which can be used until it comes up to room temperature. Anybody else thinks that this will happen almost instantaneously if you bring a cold object close to warm food? Reviews suggest the Fat Magnet isn't very good at all.

Novelty toothbrushes are a dime a dozen. But don't be caught without one that sings that K-Pop hit, Gangnam Style. Just don't expect quality sound. Not sure how it brushes teeth either, but it might be a great idea for kids who don't like dental hygiene. Or it might chase them away from teeth cleaning forever.

Weird hairstyles have been a thing for ages. Just think Princess Leia's sidebuns in Star Wars. With the Hairagami, you too now can make your own silly hairstyles thanks to a spring action mechanism that keeps your weird hairstyle in place. Or you could just go to a hairstylist.

Struggling to hear? Maybe you just have a buildup of wax in your ear. The Wax Vac will remove that straightaway. We aren't sure it's a good idea to stick what is essentially a mini vacuum cleaner into a sensitive thing like your ear. And by all accounts, it doesn't really work that well.

Whoever thought to combine a vacuum cleaner and a haircut and sell it to the public is nothing short of a marketing genius. And that's exactly what a Flowbee is. And the best thing - it attaches to your vacuum cleaner in a second. You can now cut your hair anywhere, anytime. Designed by carpenter Rick E. Hunts, the Flowbee was introduced in 1988 and by 2000 had sold a staggering 2 million units. The jury is still out as to whether it works or not, however.

Cats are already extremely clean animals, right? So why would you need to train them to use the loo is a little beyond us. But that's exactly what Citi Kitty did, replacing your feline friends' litter box and having them use the loo instead. Yes, the same one that you use.

Polly want a cracker? A battery more like it. You see, Perfect Polly doesn't need any food. Or water for that matter. A battery change from time to time is necessary, though. This "toy" not only moves its head and tail in a realistic fashion, it also cheeps when you enter the room. Bet that gets annoying quickly.

Yes, you read right. It's the Poo Trap. But not for you, silly, for your dog. Now, before you go out walking, attach this device to your hound. No longer do you have to take a pooper scooper with you to clean up his mess. It will all collect nicely in a bag under his butt. How hygienic! And oh the humiliation for your canine friend as he hits the dog park!

A fancy name for a product that peels your hardboiled eggs so you don't have to. Not that peeling an egg is the hardest task in the world, but as they say, there is a gadget for every kitchen task that you could possibly think of. It this necessary? Probably not. Our guess is that it will just take up counter space, gathering dust as you fall back into old habits and peel your hardboiled eggs normally.

This is an interesting piece of technology that is meant to exercise your body, while you SIT! A motor that sits underneath the base of the chair moves it in a circular motion, which is said to be the equivalent of exercise. To be honest, it just looks as if it might move a little too much, especially if you are trying to write or type. In fact, that motion probably could make you feel a little nauseous! Wait a minute! Nausea = little chance of eating = weight loss. What a genius device!

A wearable blanket for two. Yes, that's exactly what a Siamese Slanket is. And it has sleeves, so it's easy to go and get the snacks and drinks while watching a movie. Oh wait, there is another person attached to it. So either they come with or you get cold while you slither out of your slanket. I don't think they thought this one through clearly.

Another great golfing inventionv... I think. When you spend four hours out on the golf course, your bladder might let you down from time to time. Not with a Uro Club. Let's not go into too much detail but in essence, this is a fake golf club you can pee into discreetly. Just don't use it as a driver afterward! Eeeewww!

Hands-free binoculars. Because you have always wanted them, right? What they fail to mention, however, is that you will look a little silly with these on your face. People, sunglass binoculars have not taken off for a reason. I present Exhibit A ... Zoomies.

Read it slowly. Its name is pretty much what it does. Reach anywhere with this ergonomically designed "wiper." It also can clamp to anything you choose to wipe with, for instance, toilet paper. Let's not talk about this anymore, shall we?

Diet fads come and go, and juicing is certainly no exception. With the promise of losing that unsightly stomach thanks to the wonders of juicing your veggies and fruit and substituting meals with juice, the juice extractor became a popular product.

Because we all need a slimmer neckline. Well clearly a number of Americans did. But wait, that's not all. Not only did this strange-looking machine tone your neckline, but your chin and cheeks as well. Unfortunately, reviews for this product were not exactly stellar.

For the artist in you. An applicator allows you to take strands of your hair and turn them vibrant colors like hot pink and electric blue. Does it work? Not sure, someone ate the chalk. Preschool all over again!

Ever wanted to roll up your piano and take it with you everywhere? Well, now you can. Just don't expect great quality sound.

Flabby arms? Then the instant arm lift is for you! With just the use of transparent strips, you can go from flabby to tight arms in seconds. Sounds a little too good to be true, right. Well, the makers claim that their product will lead to “excessive compliments and super model attitude.” I'm in then!

Because a lady always needs a portable urinal. Well, no. Probably not. But wait, there's more! The makers of this product included not just the portable urinal but toilet paper, hand sanitizer and even a pink carry case. Who can resist that? Probably every woman on the planet!

Do you suffer from a flat bottom? Then the booty pop is for you. With built in booty poppin' pads, this turns any flat booty into something Beyonce would be proud of ... maybe.

OK, so when do the makers of this product want you to wear them? Perhaps you could just wake up in your Pajama Jeans and leave your house in them as well. Not so sure many people will be sold on something that "looks like denim and feels like PJ's."

Does what it says on the box. A sauna for your nether regions. What could possibly go wrong? Well, I for one, am not willing to find out. The Sauna Pants have a built-in thermostat to control the heat. Just bear in mind, you will need to sit near to a plug point to power them up.

For really lazy people, the Bed MadeEZ lifts your bed so it's easier to tuck in the sheets when making it. Actually, the makers claim that it will stop injury as thousands of people are injured making their beds. Funny, I am yet to meet any of them.

The Christmas holiday is a time of festivities, fun and CAROLS! Enter a store and the chances are you will be hearing Boney M's Christmas Hits and other carols time and time again. But now, thanks to the Musical Holiday Necktie, you can take carols with you anywhere. Yes, really.

The Glam Twirl twirls hair into braids, making it the perfect torture device for your teenage daughter at slumber parties, especially on friends she doesn't like.

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