Quiz: Can You Identify These Retro Items?
Can You Identify These Retro Items?
By: Lauren Lubas
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About This Quiz

From the phone on which you're probably reading this to the chair on which you're sitting, modern technology, household items and toys all have an origin. These things evolved over the decades to be better, sleeker, and more efficient. While you may be able to recognize modern items, their retro counterparts can be a little trickier. Imagine the time when computers filled entire rooms and couldn't even connect to the outside world. Now, imagine your life connected to a wall while talking on the phone. You'd have to talk on that phone rather than sending a quick text, Snap, or video message. Talking on the phone was, long ago, the fastest and most efficient way to connect with another person. 

No matter when you grew up, you have a sense of nostalgia for the retro items that you see in movies set decades ago or in those memes that ask you if you remember for what purpose items were used. This nostalgia gives you a center to hold on to while you look at the world around you. Your ability to recognize retro items gives you a sense of appreciation for accessibility of the world around you. If you think you're good at spotting and naming all things retro, try taking a walk down memory lane to see if you can identify these retro items.

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This one is easy (or maybe not). What is this?
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Can you name this brick of a thing that was replaced by an iPod?
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What is the name of Barbie's friend (not Skipper) from the '70s?
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This little guy came in a box with straw and air holes. What is he?
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What is this device that held documents (but not much)?
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Which Apple series revolutionized home computing?
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These little nasties were excellent stickers and trading cards. What were they called?
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Which classic board game has many variations these days, but had this original card?
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Can you identify these little boxes that changed playtime?
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Which doll was named after a delicious dessert?
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These pretty much don't exist anymore. What is it?
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What was this innovative watch from 1972 called?
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There are some much sleekER models of this item on the market today, but what would you call this vintage appliance?
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What is this beast that is actually an ancestor of the iPod?
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For what was this device once used?
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What was the precursor to the refrigerator called?
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These bottles were used for storing something specific. Can you name what it was?
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It might look a little crude, but what is this device?
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Before word processors, these things reigned supreme. They were known as what?
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There aren't very many newer models of these in homes because this item was replaced with similar items with multi purposes.
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What is this item that people needed before washing machines?
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Back in the day, these were necessary to open pretty much everything. Can you name this item?
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While these fell out of favor quite a while ago, they were great ancestors of the rollerblade. Do you know what they're called?
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It looks like a basketball and a football had a baby. Do you know what it is?
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You may recognize this from movies set in the 1960s. What is it?
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What was this item that was a necessity for 19th century hosts?
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What do you call the original GPS?
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You may have a more modern version of this in your home. Can you name it based on this picture of an early model?
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Your phone pretty much takes care of this now, but what were these contraptions that stored contact information called?
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This doll was a little creepy, but everyone had one. What was her name?
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Can you identify this innovative toy of its day?
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If you were afraid of clowns, you'd probably avoid this, but can you identify it?
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These two characters won everyone's heart in the 1950s and on. Who are they?
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What do you call this shocking collectible?
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Can you identify this great way to get kids to learn how to do chores?
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Who is this special friend for little girls?
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This looks deadly, but it's used for something ordinary. What is this?
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