Can You Identify These Popular Apps From a One-Sentence Summary?

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Apps rule our lives. But that's because the most popular ones seriously make our lives easier (or more fun)! Can you guess the most popular apps from a simple description? In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge. Warning: when we're done, you'll probably download a dozen apps.

You can take pictures and post immediately.

Instagram is all about pictures. You take them and post them instantly, telling a story without words.

Uses your phone's GPS.

Quite simply, Google Maps tells you where the heck to go. It can also help you to find nearby shops and restaurants.

See what your friends are posting.

Facebook has changed the world, allowing you to connect with friends and see what they're posting. You also see pictures and receive updates.

Share your thoughts with a short post.

With Twitter, you can share your thoughts using a 140-character post. It's quick, efficient, and allows us to know what's on the president's mind.

"Slingshotting disgruntled avians towards teetering towers of bricks, stones and pigs."

Angry Birds took phone gaming to a whole new level. Who doesn't like to play with Angry Birds to pass the time on the morning commute?

A way to find your lost phone.

Find My iPhone is a genius app, allowing you to easily find your phone when it's lost. Just don't use the app on your phone, if the phone is lost. Understand?

"Pay bills, hail rides, play casual games, browse news, send friends money and much more."

WeChat is a powerful app that allows you to do so many things. It's so much more than messaging. It's the biggest thing in China.

Make a six-second video.

Vine is the video app that allows you to make a creative six-second video! Twitter snapped it up pretty quickly.

Check out independently posted videos.

YouTube is all about you - and everyone else in the world. You can check out independently posted videos and post your own!

Find a car ride.

Uber has changed the way that we get from place to place. Remember having to call a cab?

The modern Scrabble.

Words with Friends is the ultimate modern Scrabble. Play with your friends anytime, anyplace, any occasion.

Stream music on demand and offline.

Spotify changed the way that we listen to music. If you want to listen to music offline, you have to pay a monthly fee.

"A fantastically designed puzzle game with a clever use of physics."

Cut the Rope seriously gets people hooked because it's so clever and inventive. It's all about the green alien, Om Nom.

A replacement for SMS.

WhatsApp changed the way that we message people. For those who can't afford traditional SMS messaging, this is for you.

One of the most sugary games.

Candy Crush is one of the most popular mobile games on the planet. Just be careful to not spend thousands of dollars to feed your addiction. It has happened.

If you have Facebook, you have to have this app.

Messenger started as a one-star app, but now it's mandatory to use Facebook. The app has become essential.

The original photography app.

Hipstamatic was the original photo app, before Instagram took over. It influenced a whole generation of photo apps.

Carry your video library with you anywhere.

The Netflix app allows you to carry your video library wherever you go. You can even send media from your phone to your TV.

"Brought a proper HTML browser to a phone."

Safari was the first app that brought a proper HTML browser to a phone. Before that, surfing the web on your phone was a trying experience.

Find someone nearby who's hot.

Tinder makes it easy to online shop for a date. It's great if you're looking for a one-night stand. (Sorry, had to.)

Free music.

Pandora is still cheaper than Spotify, and it's simpler too. Just press the big P and you have music.

Directions, gas, traffic and police.

Waze took Google Maps to a whole new level. It shares gas prices, traffic updates, and, most importantly, it tells you where the cops are.

Store and share files.

Dropbox allows you to store and share files, and keep them in a place that doesn't use the memory on your phone. It also stores pictures.

Your army of goblins and archers.

Clash of Clans was released in 2012, and it's one of the most popular mobile games. Game of War is an imitator.

One of the most downloaded mobile games.

Fruit Ninja was one of the first popular mobile games. Today it's still one of the most dowloaded.

Takes your iPhone camera to a whole new level.

Camera+ was the original app to greatly improve the camera and features on your phone. Apple banned it for a time, and then they took ideas from it.

What the hell is that song playing on the elevator?

Shazam was the original "what the hell is that song?" app. Just hold your phone up to the speakers and get an answer!

Become a virtual star.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood seemed like a joke at first, but now Kim is the one with the last laugh. The app teaches you how to be a virtual star.

Better than your standard weather app.

Dark Sky took weather readings to a whole new level. It uses your iPhone GPS to spot your exact location.

Translate something fast.

Google Translate gives you instant translation. You can even point and click your phone for real time translation without having to type anything in!

You can buy tickets and watch trailers.

Both of these apps allow you to easily buy tickets and watch movie trailers. The only thing they don't provide is the popcorn.

Create special effects on your phone.

Action Movie FX was actually created by J.J. Abrams! You can create movie-level special effects for your short movies.

For modern stargazing.

Star Walk is for neophyte astronomers who seriously want to know what is going on in the sky. When you point it to the night sky, you get some pretty detailed information.

Great for to-dos and reminders.

Clear changed the way that we stay organized. The design is simple, and the app keeps you on-task and focused.

Share an imperfect photo.

If everyone looks perfect on Instagram, everyone looks real on Snapchat. Geared towards younger users, Snapchat allows you to show yourself as you really are.

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