Quiz: Can You Identify These Pastries From a Description?
Can You Identify These Pastries From a Description?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

You can practically taste it. Reading a description of these pastry treats ... is a treat unto itself. You can imagine the honey oozing out of a sticky bun, or the sweet cream of a cream puff, caught by your tongue before it falls from your lips. Yes, this quiz is for lovers of pastries - both sweet and savory.  A perfect beef Wellington has a crust that is soaked in juices but not soggy. That chicken pot pie is both hearty and light. Yes, pastry crust can make or break a meal, and when done well, is an explosion of goodness in your mouth. 

Besides giving you a taste of what you might want to bake next, this quiz provides some trivia on your favorite treats. For instance, did you know that the contemporary American apple fritter is unlike the British one? In Britain they are prepared by slicing apples, dipping them in batter and frying them. In America, the apples, butter and sugar are combined with doughnut-style pastry.  

Are you ready to identify all of your favorite treats? Be warned - you will be questioned on pastries from around the world. But with your sophisticated palate, that shouldn't be a problem. Go on, tantalize your taste buds with this quiz!

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