Quiz: Can You Identify These Pastries From a Description?
Can You Identify These Pastries From a Description?
By: Monica Lee
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About This Quiz

You can practically taste it. Reading a description of these pastry treats ... is a treat unto itself. You can imagine the honey oozing out of a sticky bun, or the sweet cream of a cream puff, caught by your tongue before it falls from your lips. Yes, this quiz is for lovers of pastries - both sweet and savory.  A perfect beef Wellington has a crust that is soaked in juices but not soggy. That chicken pot pie is both hearty and light. Yes, pastry crust can make or break a meal, and when done well, is an explosion of goodness in your mouth. 

Besides giving you a taste of what you might want to bake next, this quiz provides some trivia on your favorite treats. For instance, did you know that the contemporary American apple fritter is unlike the British one? In Britain they are prepared by slicing apples, dipping them in batter and frying them. In America, the apples, butter and sugar are combined with doughnut-style pastry.  

Are you ready to identify all of your favorite treats? Be warned - you will be questioned on pastries from around the world. But with your sophisticated palate, that shouldn't be a problem. Go on, tantalize your taste buds with this quiz!

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This deep-fried choux pastry is heavily covered with powered sugar. What is the name of this treat you'll find in New Orleans?
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This long, slender, deep-fried choux dough is dusted with sugar or cinnamon and found on many fairgrounds. What is it?
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You'll need a big appetite to finish off this semicircular yeast-raised pastry filled with almond paste, with slices along the curved edge. What is it?
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Originally a pie, this version is made with yeast-risen dough, chocolate frosting and a pastry cream filling. What is it?
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Dough spread with cinnamon and sugar, then rolled and sliced before baking - what delicious pastry is it?
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Fresh, tart-sweet baking apples that are cooked in butter and cinnamon, then combined with doughnut batter make this sweet treat. What is it?
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This dessert is made with filo dough, nuts and honey. What is it?
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Custard and/or whipped cream between three layers of puff pastry, garnished with a glossy royal icing - what is it?
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Apples, cinnamon, sugar and butter inside a triangular puff pastry - what is it?
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What sweet pastry from Denmark surrounds an apple, cherry, chocolate or cheese filling?
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A fluted, ring-shaped doughnut made from choux pastry with a light, airy texture - what is it?
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Layers of thinly sliced apples, butter and cinnamon stacked in a bottom crust with a crunchy streusel-like topping - what type of pastry is this?
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An oblong baked pastry made with choux dough, filled with a cream and topped with chocolate icing - what is this pastry?
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This German creation is made of layered filo pastry and a filling that is usually sweet. What kind of pastry is it?
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It is a crisp, sweet crunchy tube filled with a cream or ricotta cheese filling. What is this Italian treat?
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This sweet from Rome is shaped like a crescent and can be filled with pastry cream, marmalade, honey or chocolate. What is it?
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This pastry is baked in pans with honey or sugar and butter on the bottom, as well as nuts, then the whole thing is inverted to serve. What is it?
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This dessert is made with balls of choux pastry filled with cream or custard. What is the name of this pastry?
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A suet crust pastry with meat and potato - what type of savory pastry is this?
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Eggs, onions, ham, potato and cheese go into a deep-dish pie plate of puff pastry, and then everything is covered with more puff pastry and baked. What is it?
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This pastry is pie-shaped and contains chicken, cream and vegetables. What is it?
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Shortcrust pastry is filled with tomato, basil and garlic, and topped with cheese. What type of pastry is this?
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Sausage is encased in rough puff pastry. What is it called?
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Cheese, bacon and egg in an open-faced pastry - what is the name of this creation?
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Custard is poured into individual portions of short-crust pastry. What is this dessert?
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Puff pastry wrapped around a beef tenderloin, pâté and duxelles - what type of pastry is this?
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This is a type of puff pastry from France that is rich, flaky, and named for its crescent shape. Can you name it?
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This tasty pastry from India has a filling of mashed potato, onions, green peas, lentils, spices and green chili. What is it?
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This savory Spanish treat is traditionally made with beef and potato. What is it?
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This rounded cube-shaped roll is filled with dark chocolate. Which French pastry is it?
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This Italian pastry has a round ball on top, called a "tuppo." What is it?
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This sweet, baked, yeast-leavened pastry may have nuts, fruit and spices, and it is topped with icing. What is it?
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This is made with layers of filo and a filling of seasoned spinach, onions and feta. What is the name of this Greek pastry?
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Puff pastry is rolled out and coated with sugar, then the two sides are rolled toward the center, and the whole thing is sliced and baked. What is the name of this French pastry?
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This doughy, raisin-studded delight is traditionally eaten during Lent. What is it?
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