Quiz: Can You Identify These Multi-Sport Pro Athletes?
Can You Identify These Multi-Sport Pro Athletes?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Getty Images / DigitalVision / Thomas Barwick

About This Quiz

Whoever said that athletes could only be good at one sport? Well, that's generally the idea that us normal folk get when we think of some of the most spectacular players in any league. They have to devote so much time and effort into honing their skill that they couldn't possibly do it for another sport, simultaneously, or even after retiring from one. Athletes push their bodies to the limit, and it's one of the reasons why they retire so early in life. But there are a few greats who are not only versatile, but they possess the talent, will and determination to succeed in a totally different sport. Do you know who they are?

Multi-sport pro athletes aren't the kind of people you come across every day. To go pro in one sport, far less two, is a dream that not many can accomplish, but these men have. If we showed you their pictures and give you a clue as to the sports they went professional in, do you think you could tell us who they are? 

If you're a big sports fan, it's time to put your money where your mouth is and tell us the names of these multi-sport professional athletes. 

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This popular Chicago Bulls star also went pro in golf. Who is he?
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This man went pro in both football and baseball. Do you know who he is?
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Baseball and football are the sports this man excelled in. What is his name?
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Do you know the name of this man who was a professional basketball and baseball player?
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Which of these men was an accomplished tennis player but and even better baseball player?
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Which athlete was inducted to both the Lacrosse and Football Hall of Fame?
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Which of these men was amazing at both basketball and football, and had to choose just one?
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This man played in both the NFL and MLB. What is his name?
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An MLB pitcher and NBA star, can you tell us the name of this sports star?
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Golf and boxing aren't two sports that go hand in hand, but this man made it work. Who is he?
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This multi-talented athlete was a bobsledder, footballer, sprinter and mixed martial artist. What is his name?
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His career as a sprinter helped out when he was in the NFL. Do you know who this man is?
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This versatile athlete was known for the decathlon and in the football world. Who is this record-setting Native American?
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He was an MLB and NBA player. Can you tell us who this 6 foot 6 giant is?
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This track and field Olympic medalist ended up in the NFL. What is his name?
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Basketball and football are his two sports. Do you know the name of this 1962 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the year?
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The fastest man alive has set his sights on basketball. What is his name?
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This baseball player won a Heisman as a sophomore. Do you know who he is?
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This pitcher, nicknamed The Shark, became a wide receiver in the NFL. Who do you think he is?
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The pro basketballer and MLBer won a Heisman trophy at Florida State. Can you tell us his name?
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This man was a professional wrestler and footballer. Do you know what his name is?
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In wrestling, he's known as Baron Corbin and by his actual name in pro football. Who is he?
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He played for the Mets and also for the Vikings. Can you tell us who he is?
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This man was a quarterback for the Browns and played for the Rochester Royals in the NBL. Who was he?
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This son of Polish immigrants was an MLBer and NFLer. Can you tell us his name?
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This giant was a boxing and football star. What do you think his name is?
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Professional basketball and football are what this man excelled at. What is he called?
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The Cubs offered him a deal but he chose to play football instead. Who is this athlete and activist?
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This man is one of three players to be drafted by the NFL, NBA and MLB. Who is the superstar athlete?
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Which football great who played for the Chiefs, Lions and 49ers was also a mixed martial artist?
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This NBA royalty was drafted as a wide receiver for the Cowboys. What is his name?
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He was a baseball and football player who lived to 101 years. Who is he?
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He was drafted by the Colorado Rockies but chose to make a great career for himself on the Seahawks. Who is this man?
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He's one of three men in the world to be drafted in the MLB, NBA and NFL. Can you choose his name?
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This pro basketball and baseball player went on to become an actor. Do you know who he is?
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He was an Olympic runner who played for the 49ers. Do you know his name?
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He played for the Red Sox, the White Sox and the Miami Dolphins. What is this talented man's name?
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Nicknamed "Whisper" for his soft-spoken nature, what's the name of this man who was a mixed martial artist as well as a running back?
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He was drafted to play professional lacrosse but went with football instead. Who is this man?
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This quarterback ended up playing for the White Sox. Can you tell us what his name is?
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