Quiz: Can You Identify These Golfers With Wins in Multiple Majors?
Can You Identify These Golfers With Wins in Multiple Majors?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Getty Images / DigitalVision / Jordan Siemens

About This Quiz

The men's major golf championships refer to four prestigious tournaments which are held annually. They include the Masters Tournament, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open and The Open Championship, three of which are held in the United States. Players from all over the world participate and those who perform well have often been regarded as the best in the field. Legions of fans flock to courses to watch their favorites, and all the tournaments are major media events.

Although these competitions are held every year, there are very few golfers who have won multiple majors, and just a handful who have won each of them, which is called a "grand slam". The current record of majors wins stands at 18 and is currently held by Jack Nicklaus. There have also been players who have consecutively won majors, the most of which is four, a record held by Walter Hagen in the PGA Championship.

How well do you the golfers who have won multiple majors titles? Everyone knows about Tiger Woods, but there are many others, so if you aren't a fan of the sport, then this quiz is going to be challenging. Either way, you should take it, you might just surprise yourself!

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