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For all of us, when it comes to identifying objects, one of the senses needs to be engaged. Could you identify an orange without seeing it?  Perhaps. You could take your hands and feel the porous skin and its shape and maybe recognize it is a round shaped fruit. But after you smell it, that refreshing and revigorating scent could only be that that comes from an orange.  

When it comes to getting new products out into the populace, product placement could be the method that many companies employ, many of which being in films. One of the most notable product placements comes from the James Bond franchise. When Ian Fleming penned "Casino Royale," a Bentley was the car that he used for 007. Then in 1963, with Aston Martin being hesitant for their product being in any film, a prototype for their DB5 model was loaned to United Artists for James's use. Regardless to say, now we can't picture James without his gadgets or his trusty Aston Martin. We also groan whenever that poor car meets its demise. Of course, then there are poor examples of product placement. A perfect example of this is 1988's "Mac and Me;" two products dominated the film: the alien Mac had a love of Coca-Cola and the trailers featured Ronald McDonald, who encouraged audiences to go to the movies.

Do you think you have an eye for products without labels? Well, take this quiz to see if you make the grade! 

What drink's bottle is known for its contoured edges?

When it came to designing the bottle for Coca-Cola, Coke wanted people to be able to identify theirs with more than one of their senses. By making their bottle contoured, it made the bottle easy to find in whatever container the bottle was in.

Which fruity candy's container has a dual compartment to separate flavors?

If you thought that there wasn't enough variety in Nerds candy, think again. Flavors include seriously strawberry, gotta-have grape, peach, wild berry, and a few others. In addition to this, you can also get your Nerds kick from a Nerds Rope, which combines chewy and crunchy by coating a chewy center with Nerds.

Which of these everyday school items come in boxes of 8, 16, 24, 48, 64, and 96 colors?

The first boxes of Crayola crayons rolled off the production line in 1903, with a box of eight being sold for five cents. Today, Crayola has an array of different arts and crafts supplies including clay, customized crayon packs, easels, and more.

Which of these electronic board games has stumped players with its light up panels for over 40 years?

With three different games and four different levels, Hasbro's Simon is a challenge for anyone's memory. So far the largest number of completed sequences is 14, which is held by Joel Berger. He got this record on November 17, 2003.

Known for their sheepskin material and their casual style, these boots erupted on the fashion scene in 2000. What brand are they?

It took over 20 years for the UGG boots to make the splash that they needed to propel themselves into main culture. It was when Oprah Winfrey named the UGGs one of her favorite things, that things started to really come into shape. She gifted 350 pairs of the footwear to the audience and the rest is history.

Do you like to get violent with your sweets? If so, which treat should you consider eating?

Terry's Chocolate Orange originated in England around 250 years ago and is considered a unique treat for chocoholics around the world. After opening, a sticker gives the eater the perfect target to get the orange wedges to break free. If milk chocolate isn't your thing, don't fret, dark chocolate is also available.

Now obsolete, this Apple item was considered the best of the best when it came to MP3 players. Which item was it?

When the first iPod came about in 2001, not only did it revolutionize music storage, but it also could also play music through an entire workday. It held 5GB of .mp3 files (which equaled about 1,000 songs) and had a battery life of 10 hours.

In 1985, these sneakers became standard after a stellar performance by an Olympic gold medalist turned basketball superstar. Which shoes are they?

When Michael Jordan donned his now legendary shoes, he did so with a gamble. Because the shoes weren't part of the standard uniform, MJ faced steep fines for breaking code: $5,000 per game.

What men's fragrance comes in a striped bottle shaped like a male's torso?

Many of Jean Paul Gaultier's perfumes feature torso shaped bottles. However, with women's fragrances, not only is the torso used, but in the case of the Scandal fragrance, a woman's legs are used as a cap.

When it comes to condiments, which ketchup comes in a bottle with a 57 on it?

In 1936, the H.J. Heinz Company created HeinzSeed, a program that helps create tomato seeds that improved yield and had a higher disease resistance by using classic breeding techniques. Over time, the seeds became popular among growers because they had great color and firmness. Their 2018 catalog features two new strains for growers to enjoy.

What brand of mustard comes in a squeezable yellow barrel?

In 1957, the marketing team for Plochman's did something that hadn't been done before in the United States. In addition to making a product that stood out on the shelves, they used plastic in its container, making it the first company to make a squeeze bottle for its product.

Want to keep your hands clean while eating potato chips? Pick up a canister of these crisps!

With its unique container and airy taste, it isn't a surprise that Pringles have some unusual flavors, including dill pickle, cheeseburger, and buffalo ranch. If you're a snacker on the go who only wants a few potato chips, there are smaller packs as well.

Making their debut in 1968 with their taco flavored chips, what chip has over 10 different flavors today?

In addition to having a great tasting chip, Doritos have a partnership with Taco Bell. In 2012, Taco Bell released the Doritos Locos Tacos, which has become a staple on the fast food chain's menu.

What adhesive is known for its bright orange cap?

In addition to the school glue that a lot of us grew up with, Elmer's makes glues for arts and crafts as well as home repair adhesives. On top of that, they make poster tack, which sticks posters up on painted walls without residue.

What tape brand has dispensers that have plaid cardboard inserts?

There is no need to get confused over what kind of tape you have to use on your next project. 3M has color-coded the tape containers for everyone to use: green is the Magic transparent tape, blue is for painted surfaces, purple is gift wrap tape, yellow is double sided tape, and red is transparent tape.

Which of these products would you use to paint over your mistakes written in pen?

At one time, Paper Mate's Liquid paper was one of the best methods of covering up ink. However one of the drawbacks was that it had a horrible smell. Today, some tapes make a correction as painless as possible.

Which brand of permanent marker comes in fine, extra fine, and medium point and has a gray barrel?

In 1964, the Sharpie Fine Point Marker became the first permanent marker that resembled a pen. With celebrity endorsements from Jack Parr and Johnny Carson, Sharpies were bound to make their mark.

Which of these hand lotions are made in England?

With their pink displays and throwbacks to pinups, Soap & Glory have given their fresh and unique look to consumers since 2006. Their Hand Food hand cream has marshmallow, shea butter, and macadamia oil, giving a fresh light scent.

Which of these tape brands has an aquatic bird in its name?

Even though it was created in the 1940s, it wasn't until 1980s that the Duck in Duck Brand was born. Today, there are dozens of colors and patterns for crafters to use to make everything from quilts to scrapbook pages in addition to the traditional silver for home repair.

What O-shaped toasted whole grain cereal has delighted toddlers for years?

When it comes to Cheerios, there are almost 20 flavors to choose from. From the super healthy Cheerios+ Ancient Grains to the super sweet Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios, there's an O for everyone.

Which sports sunscreen comes in bright orange bottles and misters?

In addition to sports sunscreen, Banana Boat also makes sunscreen for those who have super sensitive skins. One of those locations, the crown of the head, is covered with their Quik Dri Scalp Sunscreen Spray.

Which baby shampoo has a no more tears formula?

If your child suffers from tangles after a good lathering, Johnson's has you covered there. If so, you can buy your baby's shampoo with detangler added and with their no more tears formula, hair brushing won't seem like such a chore.

What mouthwash for kids has a built-in doser?

The folks over at ACT understand that not all kids are a fan of mint: their flavor selection includes bubble gum, watermelon, and ocean berry. Now if only they'd realize that not all adults like mint.

Which batteries with a copper-colored tip are sure to power your gadgets?

Ever wonder what the numbers at the top of your battery package are? That number tells you how many batteries are in your package, so 9V/2 means that there are two nine-volt batteries in a specific package.

Which doll traditionally has blonde hair and has held almost every job imaginable?

On March 9, 1959, Barbie made her splash at the New York International Toy Fair. When it came to naming her now iconic doll, Ruth Handler looked to her daughter Barbara, and when it came time naming her boyfriend, she looked to her son, Ken.

What lip balm is made from beeswax?

The company known as Burt's Bees started in 1984 when Roxanne Quimby and Burt Shavitz partnered up: she'd make candles with the leftover honeycomb from Burt's honeybees. And once their Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream won 30 awards in the beauty industry, Burt's Bees became known for its personal hygiene products.

What salt is usually sold in a blue canister with a little girl holding an umbrella?

It took almost 50 years for Morton to gain success for their salt girl, who held a canister with one hand and an umbrella with another. Their motto "when it rains, it pours" made this one of the best marketing campaigns in the U.S.

Which pedometer can pair up with a scale called an Aria?

One of the newest releases from Fitbit is the Ace. This model is geared towards children ages eight or older and encourages them to share their physical activity with the Fitbit community as well as getting some exercise.

Which shoe with a wrapped canvas design makes a donation of a pair of shoes to people in need?

Depending on what you purchase, Toms donates something to groups of people in need. If you purchase a pair of shoes, a pair of shoes is donated to a 3rd world country, if you purchase a bag, then money will go to helping new mothers care for their children, and if you donate eyewear, then medical assistance including eye surgery is performed using money from donations.

Which inline skate has been around 1980?

Rollerblade inline skates are considered one of the pioneers of the skating community. These blades were originally designed to help hockey players in their off-season to keep up with their training; however, as time progressed, rollerblading became more of a lifestyle for everyone, not just hockey players.

What is the name of the article of clothing you'd put on a pet to calm their anxiety?

The invention of the Thundershirt came from a moment of desperation. Dosi, a dog with immense anxiety especially with thunderstorms and fireworks, had driven her parents to distraction. When they put a shirt with duct tape around it to apply gentle pressure, Dosi calmed down. Hence, the Thundershirt was born.

Which of these dog biscuits would you give your dog if you wanted a bone shaped cookie?

If you have a dog with bad teeth, Milk-Bones are ideal for you. In addition to having a taste that dogs love, their gritty texture helps keep a dog's clean and their breath semi-fresh (well, as fresh as a dog's breath can be).

With its unique honeycomb shape, these toys are a favorite among dogs everywhere. What toy is it?

If you have a dog that tears everything apart, from its toys to your favorite shoes, check out a KONG chew toy. These tough toys can keep your doggy's jaws busy for hours.

Which of these gels uses cold therapy to help relax sore muscles?

Biofreeze is one of the best tools that a fitness enthusiast can have in their arsenal. When applied, it helps alleviate sore muscles quickly so then athletes can get out and get back to their sport of choice.

Which stuffed animal took the world by storm in the late 1990s?

When consumers first started their collections in the late 1990s, they thought that they were making a small investment to be cashed in at a later date. However, it turned out that a majority of these stuffed animals were worthless monetarily; they still brought joy to kids everywhere they went.

What e-reader debuted in 2007 and changed the publishing industry?

Many readers use their Kindles to read in the dark, usually when they're in a room where others are sleeping. Because of this, Amazon came up with their paperwhite technology, which with an additional light, provides the brightness that readers need without causing eyestrain headaches.

What candy, only available during Valentine's day, is multi-colored?

There was almost a threat of there not being any conversation hearts next year! NECCO had to declare bankrupcy in 2018; however, it was the Sweetheart Candy Company (the same company who owns Twinkie) that saved the day.

Which eye drop "Gets the Red Out"?

If you have eye issues, Visine has you covered. Apply Visine to your eyes if you want to feel almost instant relief when it comes to allergies, dry eyes, or eye redness.

Which movie theater candy has a whipped minty filling?

Did you know that Tootsie Roll Industries makes Junior Mints? In addition to the minty Junior Mints, Tootsie also makes Andes mints and DOTS, another movie theater favorite.

This flower shaped cookie has been around since 1933. Which butter cookie is it?

In July of 2015, the city of Chicago started demolition on the Salerno Cookie Factory. This building's design was drawn by art deco architect Harold Zook, who is more known for his work in the residential arena.

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