Quiz: Can You Identify These Famous Film Cars?
Can You Identify These Famous Film Cars?
By: Kennita Leon

About This Quiz

What would most action movies be like without an exit plan? And what use would an exit plan be if there were no means of escape? What about all those high-speed, up-close and personal chase scenes involving the protagonists and antagonists? Or witnessing innocent bystanders unsuspectingly getting caught up in the ongoing madness. Some of our favorite movies of all time include those very aspects and more.

Movie cars are important features in many genres today. These cars are now in action, sci-fi, adventure and even horror movies. They come from outer space, some are found in junkyards, sometimes they are assembled in a high-tech factory or a simple garage. They range from common, everyday cars, truck and Jeeps to futuristic-looking vehicles, modified with specific upgrades which suit the characters desires and needs.

No matter where they are built or what they look like, they usually serve similar purposes: to accompany the lead character on his assigned mission. So can you name these helpful sidekicks? Do you have what it takes to identify some of the coolest cars in cinematic history? PS, if you don't know who or what Optimus Prime, K.I.T.T., Lightning McQueen and the Nautilus, you may have a hard time.

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