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Throughout the world, emergencies are happening every second. Be it a fire, a traffic accident or, in some cases, something a little less dramatic, like a cat stuck up in a tree, an emergency needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

For that reason, police, fire and medical services have a range of transport options and specialty vehicles at their disposal. In fact, there are so many that you might not know about that we made a quiz about them!

Sure, you probably know all the normal ones, right? The police have their police cars, firefighters their trucks and ambulance personnel, well they have a range of different transport options, it really depends on where in the world you are.

And this quiz encompasses emergency services around the world, just to spice it up a bit. We are seriously going to test your knowledge to the maximum. There really are so many more emergency vehicles, for instance, those found at the airport or those used in very specific rescue missions like in the mountains or wilderness areas. 

So let see just how much you do know about emergency vehicles and if you can identify them. Take your time and you should be fine!

Good luck! 

A specialized K-9 unit is a vehicle capable of transporting a dog. These are used in a variety of roles including vehicle searches, personal searches and searching for missing persons, among others.

In situations beyond a normal police officer's control, for example a hostage situation or a terrorist attack, SWAT teams are called into action. They are transported in a specialized SWAT vehicle which holds all their equipment as well.

Big and red and tasked with transporting firefighters to fight infernos, a fire engine is a very specialized vehicle. Some even carry their own water supply.

The standard responder to an accident scene or other emergencies, for example, an ambulance can also then take patients from the scene to hospital with all the necessary equipment on board to ensure they are well cared-for during transportation.

Often operated by fire services, specialized hazmat vehicles are used to clear up scenes where hazardous material may have been spilled.

A standard vehicle for various police departments across America. Many brands and models are used as patrol cars, depending on the city you find yourself in. Used to transport officers to and from appointments as well as responding to emergency situations.

These special units are used in search and rescue situations. They are operated by various emergency services around the world. They often carry specialized equipment, for example, ropes for mountaineering rescues.

A special designated vehicle used by the fire chief of a specific city district fire service.

Used by fire services around the world, the fire bike is the quickest way to get a firefighter to the scene of a fire. It contains equipment to try and help get the fire under control including extinguishers and hoses.

Used extensively in Australia to travel to remote areas, the rail ambulance was first used in 1918 right up until 1990.

This specialised ambulance are used for the transportation of severely obese patients. Not only do they have wider doors but also specialized stretchers to be able to support the patient’s weight.

Motorcycle ambulances are used all over the world and act as first responders in an emergency situation. They take a qualified paramedic to patients needing medical assistance in the quickest time possible thanks to the fact that motorbikes are fast and maneuverable.

In a way, a pursuit car is similar to a patrol car, but because it can be used in vehicle chases it offers higher performance. They are used to respond in emergency situations.

Each police force around the world has a bomb disposal unit that is called in when suspicious-looking packages are found.

Riot control vehicles come in different shapes and forms around the world. They usually are armored and have the ability to carry extra policemen. Some have special adaptions like a water cannon for crowd control.

Police motorcycles give police forces around the world a very maneuverable response option. In America, for example, they are used as highway patrol vehicles.

This large vehicle is used in emergency situations where there are multiple patients who need to be transported from a scene to the hospital, providing them with the necessary care they need during transportation.

When unmarked these decoy vehicles are set up in areas with high vehicle theft rates as a ‘bait’ car. They have cut out mechanisms and can be locked once the thief has driven off the vehicle allowing for them to be arrested. They also have onboard cameras.

This is a specialized emergency vehicle for taking prisoners to and from jail.

These cars carry traffic officials with the sole task of responding to traffic incidents and ticketing drivers who break the laws. Not all police forces around the world operate vehicles like this, but many do.

This specialized vehicle is used by fire services around the world. Normally unmotorized, it is pulled to a fire by either a fire engine or another vehicle. The tiller truck is equipped with a long ladder that aids firefighters, particularly when fighting fires in multiple story buildings.

This specialized fire engine is used in emergency situations at an airport, for example an aircraft crash.

A typical ambulance as used in the United States. They are often based on the chassis of a Ford F450 pickup.

Found throughout the world, these vehicles are a form of transport for police officers, taking them to talks at schools or community events for example.

In the case of a massive fire, for example, a wildfire, a Fire Command Support Unit forms the base from where operations are controlled.

Unmarked police cars are emergency vehicles used in sting operations, for example trying to catch speeders who are on the lookout for marked units.

Found at airports throughout America, the Oshkosh Striker is a specialized firefighting vehicle used exclusively for aircraft accidents. They have specialized fire hoses that can pierce an aircraft structure to pump in flame retardant materials.

A very specialized safety vehicle found at racetracks around the world. The safety car is brought out to slow down racers if a major accident has occurred. If so, they will form up behind the safety vehicle until everything is cleared.

This specialized truck is equipped with lighting rigs to provide lighting for firefighters at night. It also has extra oxygen for the firefighting crews.

This specialized vehicle is tasked with bringing water supplies for firefighting teams to areas that are often hard to reach, forests for example. For this reason, the vehicle has off-road capabilities. The vehicle also has other standard firefighting supplies.

Many police forces do not designate certain officers to a certain task. These officers are given what is known as a multipurpose car and may respond to emergencies, issue fines for traffic offenses and perform other duties.

Surveillance cars may be marked or unmarked and are used to follow suspects or reside in an area where problems have occurred (car theft for example). Obviously unmarked vehicles are used in suspect surveillance.

Response vehicles are not able to carry patients from an emergency scene but are designed to carry a life support paramedic or doctor to the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible.

Police trucks are used for delivering officers and equipment to off-road locations or sometimes to large incidents. They are used by many police forces around the world.

These specialized vehicles are used in major emergency situations, for example, a massive vehicle pileup. They have all the necessary equipment on board, such as tools to help remove people from vehicles.

This vehicle is used to give respite to firefighters who are overcome by heat and exertion. In large structure fires, firefighters can spend hours in heavy gear and become dehydrated and exhausted.

A specific branch of the armed forces, military police are essentially the police force for keeping military personnel in check. They use a variety of vehicles depending on the branch they serve and which country they operate in.

In certain countries, for example, South Africa, police use vans as their main form of transport. These are essentially pickups with an enclosed lock-up cage on the back to transport criminals who have been arrested.

This vehicle transport troops and will only be used in specific emergency situations, for example civil unrest within a city.

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