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The holistic aspect of crystals and gems means that those things can break down spiritual blockages, enable the free flow of thought and focus on certain parts of the body to heal pain. This is in part because our bodies share a bit of the same mineral makeup, with certain gemstones and crystals. This forms a connection like no other and one that people rely on to feel better, to feel more like themselves in times of uncertainty.

Then, there is the scientific side of gemstones and crystals. Where do they come from? How do they grow? Why are they here? Most of what people know as gemstones and crystals are really just minerals in one form or another. The makeup of the minerals, other elements that are present, and temperature all play in a part in what the crystal or gemstone looks like. The colors can be different, and the clarity will vary as will the hardness.

Some crystals and gemstones, whether you are using them for healing purposes, because they look pretty or to add to your collection, can be very identifiable. Think you can name all of the gems and crystals in this quiz? Take it now to find out!

With its iridescent coloring and ocean-themed name, what stone is shown above?

The abalone shell protects the abalone, and when it gets smoothed out and shiny by the roughing of ocean waves, its multicolored shell can also protect and heal your spirit. The Native Americans also believe that this shell is sacred and use it to carry messages to Heaven.

Which crystal, with its relaxing purple hues, is pictured?

Amethyst is the most spa-like crystal, as its relaxing qualities bring zen to any room. It is also commonly used for decor, but the healing qualities include soothing away stress and helping your body give in to innate desires.

The gemstone above, which shares a name with a popular dog for firemen, is what?

Spotted Jasper is mustard yellow in color with black spots all over it, hence the name. This stone can be used to lift spirits and ward off negativity. It gets its name from the Greek word for "spotted stone," which makes sense when you lookout it.

Almost see through, what stone is above?

Clear quartz really lives up to its name and can show you clarity in life. It's a universal healer as it links to all Chakras. Basically what that means is no matter you feel like you're going through, having clear quartz around could really make a difference.

This stone, also known as fairy dust, might have magical powers. Which is it?

Fuchsite is an emotional healer, so if you feel like you can't get in touch with your emotions, this is the stone for you. Tapping into this healing power can restore spiritual health and will infuse you with a sense of independence.

What is the iceberg-looking crystal shown above?

Anhydrite has a calming energy so it's perfect for when you feel like things in your life are a little out of control. This crystal is also a variety of garnet and can come in so many colors! Anhydrite enhances and balances your male energy.

The crystal shown above, which might not look like one, comes from molten earth.

Black lava is another emotional healer. It has grounding qualities and becomes it comes from raw energy, it is considered the stone of rebirth and reinvention of oneself. Being that lava is brought from the depths of the earth to the surface, it makes perfect sense.

Which stone, that won't actually bring the force of Zeus upon you, is featured above?

Blue storm belongs to the agate family. This is the kind of stone that is best used directly on the body. Place in your palm or on another part of the body, and let the gentle feeling of peace wash over you.

This candy-looking stone, shown above, is great with kids. Which one is it?

This soothes fretful children because it instills peace and is known as the "teacher" crystal. It is often used by those who are just starting out on their path in life, or have seemingly lost their way.

You might be surprised by this pictured mineral. What is it?

Most people do not expect coral to be in the same category as the other crystals and stones. It lives on the seabed and works the base chakra as it has connections to the earth, and bring peace to all beings.

What is the somewhat hard to pronounce gemstone shown above?

If you need to heft up your spiritual strength, this is the stone for you. This will guide you and help you stay true to yourself. It will be patient with you, but will not tolerate complacency.

This stone is said to bring good luck. What's its name?

Jade is a good luck charm and will become your trusty sidekick. If you need an awakening or an introduction to a new outlook on life, jade can open you up to prosperity and abundance.

Transform yourself with the help of what gemstone, shown above?

This gemstone will help you get through uneasy stages in life and guide you toward times of calm and consistency. If you're going through a rough time, this stone will provide tranquility.

The gemstone above, which looks like gold, is called what?

Pyrite is often mistaken for gold since it looks so similar. It should come as no surprise that this gemstone can bring you wealth and abundance, as well as showing you behaviors that might be holding you back and making you more self-aware.

What is the black and blue stone seen above?

This stone brings harmony to your life and can help your body release fears and tensions. It can also help bring strength to every part of your life. The royal blue color of this stone is soothing enough in itself.

This gemstone, which is actually dyed Magnesite, is pictured above. What is it?

While this gemstone looks like turquoise, it is not. It does share the similar color and can help you achieve mindfulness, relaxation and help you visualize your dreams. Did you know that the blue color is fake and the real color is most likely white?

Healing of the heart is what this stone is known for. Know what it is?

It also works on the mind, as it resonates with love, compassion and kindness. Due to its makeup, it can balance the emotional body. Think of it as reuniting your body with your emotions.

Want to release your alter ego? Do so with which gemstone, pictured above?

Varisite is incredible for your mental health. It is good for your whole body, and it is recommended to run the stone through the air up and down your whole being so that it can cleanse your aura.

Which stone, shown above, shares its name with a popular jewelry store?

This is the stone of humility and you should carry it around with you to stimulate spiritual growth. This stone also holds wisdom, courage and good judgment. It might be named the Tiffany stone, but you won't find it at the luxury jewelry store.

Which member of the quartz family, that originates in South Africa, is shown above?

This stone works best when it is carried with you at all times, usually in your pocket. That way, you can swirl it between your fingers in times of stress. It doesn't even matter what is stressing you out. It helps with it all.

Which gemstone, that represents scandal, is seen in the photo above?

If you are looking for a spitfire of a gemstone, super seven has you covered. The little cracks in the stone look like lightening, and that's the kind of energy it brings to your life. It will be your mentor, your therapist and counsellor all in one.

This "Heart of the Ocean" looking stone that is often used in jewelry is shown above. What is it?

Tanzanite was actually given the name by Tiffany & Co. after the country Tanzania, the country in which it was discovered. Tanzania stimulates the throat, which can help you speak you mind, stand up for yourself and improve communication.

Feeling down? The stone featured above can help with that! What is it called?

The reason Sunstone can help with depression is because it has the ability to take you back to the days of your childhood where life was carefree and nothing mattered. It can turn a negative to a positive and channel the sunshine into your life.

A member of the agate family, which stone is showed above?

When you're overcome with your schedule and life seems too busy, Snakeskin can bring some balance to your life. It will bring you inner peace, and hopefully shift that inner peace outward into all aspects of your life.

What stone, which is pictured, feels like a big hug during an existential crisis?

Questioning the meaning of your life is common, especially when you're surrounded by people who seemingly have everything together. Wear this stone, the real one and not the false one, and accept the fact that you don't know what you're doing.

What is the stone shown above, that looks like the ocean in stone form?

The variety of color in this stone makes it look like the sun shining down its sparkles on the surface of the ocean. It is considered a master healer, and has become one of the most popular, and reasonably priced, of the master healers.

The stone shown above, that is almost pure white, is what?

Have you ever dreamed of lucid dreaming? This stone can help! Scolecite can help facilitate your psychic side, if put under your pillow, you can drift off into dreamland and experience such aware dreaming, you might know the difference between the dream and real life.

Want to feel more connected to your guardian angle? Turn to the stone above. What is it?

Goshenite is said to stimulate the crown chakra. If you are one to set intentions instead of resolutions, turn to this stone to help you communicate with the angels and guardians. It's about manifesting what you want.

Grown from seed, this gem derives right from Mother Earth. Can you identify it?

Fossilwood comes from a tree that has lived many lives. It can help tap into memory and recall details of a past life. Keep it close to your skin in order to reap all the benefits of the stone.

Be careful around this one! What shards of ice looking crystal is shown above?

The rapid heating and cooling of this quartz is what gives it its crackling look, and also its name. It can help lift your mental energy, bring balance to your physical body and promote elongated happiness.

Remember your elementary school science fair projects? I'm sure a lot of kids grew crystals that look a lot like the one pictured. What is it?

This is considered the stone of giving and for good reason! It is said that dolomite inspires a charitable quality in people and brings out a feeling of selflessness and original thinking.

A pink-lovers dream, pictured above, is which gemstone?

If you suffer from a racing mind, pink howlite can help to ease those thoughts and being calm to your mind. It can eliminate rage and violent thoughts, and replace them with patience and rationality, especially if kept in your pocket and close to you're being.

Which brown and green swirled stone is featured above?

Gaspeite has been known to help the Aboriginals of Western Australia experience visions, in addition to general healing. It can help clear the clutter in the mind, and bring focus back to the now.

What stone, that oxidizes when exposed to air, is shown above?

Chalcopyrite is a copper iron sulfide mineral, hence its color and proneness to oxidization. It can be used to awaken our inner insight and gut feeling and allow us to easier make decisions based on that.

The relaxing color above belong to what gemstone?

Get rid of toxic negativity with this stone that is sure to please just by looking at it. The pain from our past can block our current ability to be happy, and carrying around Amazonite can help combat that.

Which bright blue crystal is in the photo above?

The name of this crystal is well-associated with what it can accomplish in the body. When in the presence of Apatite energy, your appetite for life, passion and creativity is out of bounds. Apatite can reignite your ambitions and help you work towards them.

The clarity of the crystal shown above can bring out clarity in your life. Which crystal is it?

These aren't actual diamonds, but crystals with diamond-like clarity. Herkimer diamonds are a great introductory crystal as it helps a newcomer communicate with a healer or even their own desires and needs.

Brown like the earth, what is the stone above?

The Revelation stone can open the channel between consciousness of the mind and awareness of the heart. It can help communicate with those who have passed, and can help with the recovery of lost or repressed memories.

Can you identify the unique, futuristic looking crystal above?

Bismuth can help irradiate a feeling of isolation that some can feel on their path to spiritual freedom. It can prepare those for the realization that no one is going to guide us towards enlightenment.

While this stone looks remarkable like granite, it is not. So what is it?

Guardianite is composed of numerous minerals, which give it its marbles appearance. Since it's made up of so many things found in the earth, it is no surprise that this stone can help with grounding and connection to the forces of Mother Earth.

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