Quiz: Can You Identify These Commonly Confused Words From a Definition?
Can You Identify These Commonly Confused Words From a Definition?
By: Becky Stigall
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Think you could be an English major (hey, maybe you are)? Then this quiz is for you!

Nothing annoys an English teacher more than the person who can't distinguish between 'there,'' their,' or 'they're.' Nothing gets an editor's goat more than the misuse of 'to,' 'too,' and 'two.' And, nothing will get a tutor in a tizzy more than the student who thinks 'it's' is possessive. Argh!

Let's be honest... sometimes we learn the realities of using words incorrectly the hard way. After all, it's hard to remember all of the ins and outs of the English language. But, if you're one of those web surfers who can't stand reading content and comments that don't come close to approaching the proper use of the language, then we bet you'll do well on this quiz.

So, if you know that 'their' is a possessive form of they, 'they're' is a contraction of they and are, and 'there' refers to a place or location; if you know that 'two' is the written form of the number 2, 'to' is a preposition, and 'too' means also; and if you know that 'it's' is a contraction formed by the words it and is, and 'its' is actually the possessive form of it; then you can brag to your English teacher that you got an A.

Let's get started!

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